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Most Popular Sneakers and Tennis Shoes for Women Over 40

I know most of us have been in a sandal state of mind with the arrival of spring, but I wanted to talk about another popular type of shoe today. I try to move my body often to stay healthy and prevent diseases, so when I’m not wearing a stylish pair of heels or sandals, you can often find me wearing tennis shoes or sneakers. Today, we are chatting about the most popular sneakers and tennis shoes for women over 40. If you have a favorite tennis shoe or sneaker style, let me know in the comments!

If you aren’t in the market for a new pair of sneakers, check out this post for a list of my favorite affordable sandals for spring and summer.

Most Popular Sneakers for Women

Tennis Shoes

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Every woman needs a great pair of tennis shoes. Whether you are looking for a new training shoe to assist you in your fitness journey or just shopping for a comfortable shoe to wear with your leggings, ON shoes are my absolute favorite! I work out several times a week, and they keep my feet pain-free and comfortable. I work out in the Cloudgo Running Shoe. They have great support, and they’re comfortable. I also love the On Cloud 5 running shoe for walking, and they also have a waterproof version. 

Hokas are another very popular brand of tennis shoes. They are so lightweight while still offering ample support. I have tried this brand before, and they are very comfortable. Plus, they come in so many fun colors! The Clifton is one of their best-selling styles, and also the style I’m wearing in the photo above. This color is no longer available, but I love this pink pair!

White Sneakers

If you follow fashion trends, you will know that white sneakers are still hot in 2023. You’ll see them everywhere, and you can wear them with jeans and a top or a feminine, flirty dress. This trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. I like white sneakers for an everyday casual look and have several different styles and brands.

With shoes, I find you often get what you pay for in terms of longevity. If you are looking for a pair of white sneakers that you can keep in your rotation year after year, you can splurge on a more expensive pair like these from Sam Edelman or these Grand Court sneakers like I’m wearing in the photo above from Adidas.

However, if you are shopping on a budget, there are so many wonderful, affordable options available. Walmart has really upped their shoe game over the last few years, and I love these white tennis shoes from their Time and Tru line. Target also has some super cute options, like these Maddison sneakers and these Masha sneakers.

Fashion Sneakers

If you love the casual vibe that a sneaker brings to an outfit but you’d like to find a shoe with a little more personality, there are a lot of cute fashion sneakers available. Some of these shoes have a unique quality, like a platform or a unique color or print. I also like finding shoes with a fun texture, like these crochet sneakers from Walmart that I’m wearing in the photo.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of retro sneakers lately. These shoes remind me of the sneakers from my younger years. They make me feel a bit nostalgic when I see them. How about you? If you want to try this trend, check out these chunky joggers from Walmart or these beige sneakers by New Balance.

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W‌hich style of tennis shoe or sneaker is your favorite? Do you have a favorite tennis shoe or sneaker?

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  1. I needed several pairs of tennis shoes and got tired of ordering them online and having to send them back. I went to Academy and tried on about 20 pairs trying to find something that fit and had good forefoot padding. Surprisingly, the best shoe I found was the Academy brand Freely, the Allie Slip-on. I highly recommend it for good support and easy on and off fit. I also got a pair of New Balance and Nike.

  2. I’ve been going over bible readings for Holy Week. Today’s was Maundy Thursday and just what you shared in BFTH. I love picturing the disciples with Jesus getting their feet washed and listening to what he has to say. I also read that Maundy translated today means “mandates or commands” which Jesus was giving his disciples before he was to leave them.
    Great post. I love sneakers. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of ONClouds but they’ve been out of my size, but see some now in the links you posted. Did you size up 1/2 in yours or stay true to size? I’m always a size 7 but size 7 1/2 in Nike. Didn’t know how the clouds run.

  3. Thank you for this athletic shoe review. Personally, I’m not a fan of all the tennis shoes with such cute dresses I see. There are so many darling sandals and flats and wedge shoes that would compliment dresses so much better than tennis shoes. It’s a trend for sure that I hope passes soon. 😉

  4. I love my Keds sneakers. I have a pair of Kate Spade white sneakers that have a leopard print patch on the back and the gold signature spade. I also have a pair of medium platform black Keds with a copper patch on the back.
    I love Hokas for the gym and walking. I have had plantar fasciitis and the Hokas support my arches and my heel. I have the medium platform.

    1. Tried to order the crochet sneakers. I think they are so cute. The are still out of stock from the last time you shared them

  5. Unfortunately I have to stop wearing sneakers unless I am working out. I have a corn on one of my toes. It goes away when I wear sandals. It starts hurting around March after wearing closed shoes and socks during winter months. It’s a result of bunion surgery and over correction of the big toe.

    I discovered that the best sneaker for me is a running sneaker because they are so light. I bought Sketchers running shoes and love them. My feet get tired wearing the Walmart fashion sneakers. I bought a pair of New Balance retro running sneakers because I felt nostalgic about them too. I won’t get much wear out of them for a few months. It’s sandals for me till late fall.

  6. New Balance are my favorite. I wanted to try Tretorn, but did not have good reviews. I’m big on checking out reviews
    My ladies class went to a Seda passover dinner las tnight and enjoyed it very much. I’ve never participated in one .

  7. Hey Friend!
    I have Hokas, New Balance and OC brands but my fav are Nikes. I have a wild patterned style with a sorta wedge that I love with athletic wear clothes. I love the look of the Golden Goose style but way too pricey so I now have 3 Dolce Vita brand tennies that look cute with leggings and jeans. There are so many cute colors but my fav are white with neon green laces and hot pink on the heel. I also got the raffia look ones you listed and they are so cute! Very comfy right out of the box. I got my normal size in the DV brand except in the raffia ones. I had to go up 1/2 size.
    Happy Easter weekend! Safe travels home!

  8. I have a great tip for keeping the soles of a white tennis shoe looking bright and white! I use a damp Mr Clean cleaning sponge. Takes those scuffs right off.

  9. I had a difficult time finding a pair of sneakers that I could wear for my daily walking routine. Every pair I purchased online hurt or rubbed my feet in some way causing discomfort.
    I finally went to a running store and was fitted properly for a pair of Brooks running shoes. They were pricey but it was the best money I ever spent for a pair of sneakers. I absolutely love the shoes and the brand.
    As it turned out the amount of money I spent on the Brooks shoes was considerably less than all of the failed tries I purchased online. Who Knew?? Happy Easter to Everyone. Lets not forget the reason for this Easter season.

  10. I’m loving the sneaker trend and hope it comes to be considered a classic look. I have owned several pairs of Superga for years in both white and black.I wear those with jeans, shorts and casual skirts and dresses. My only other pair are Skechers that I wear for walking with leggings or yoga pants. I’m considering a new pair for walking and thinking about Nike. I’ve had some in the past and they were very comfortable. This was a great post.

    1. Nancy B, I’ve been wearing Superga sneakers for many years. Just wondering, have you seen any differences in quality in the last few years? I have purchased many pairs and loved them all until 2 years ago….
      they squeak- LOUDLY! I thought it might get better but never did.

  11. Cyndi have you tried Allbirds or Kizik? They’re both newer brands I’ve been looking to try but haven’t yet. I love the idea of being able to step into the Kiziks. I think Skechers has a similar technology in one of their styles, although I’ve found their shoes don’t last as long. You definitely get what you pay for in tennis shoes! Thanks also for the Beauty for the Heart post, so fitting! Happy (early) Easter!