Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

If you are blessed to still have your Mama, then by all means, give her something special to let her know you love her! Here are some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I picked out.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
The most important thing to my Mom on Mother’s Day was spending time with her. We all got together after church and had some family time.

We also bought a small gift for Mom. She never wanted us to spend a lot of money so the gifts were usually $50 or less. I picked out some gifts this year that I think my Mom would have loved.

These gifts would also be great if you have a daughter that’s a Mommy and you want to give her something! (Hover over the pictures for prices and click the picture to go to the website to purchase.)

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One last gift idea, is from a company I met this past week at the Rewardstyle Conference. The company is called Framebridge and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas
This company makes framing pictures so easy! If you’re like me, you have pictures you want to get framed but you never get around to getting them done.

Framebridge can take pictures off of your Instagram feed and frame them. As a surprise, they had taken a picture of each one of us from our Instagram feed and framed it.

Here’s what they did for me, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get this pictured framed.

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas
Pictures off of your Instagram feed are only $39 total!! (shipping is free) and they have a special Mother’s Day packaging for you to add to your order when you check out.

You can also use pictures from your computer or if you have one you want to send in, they send you a prepaid envelope or tube to send your artwork to them.

This would make such a great Mother’s Day gift for your Mom or your daughter, if you’ve captured a special picture on your phone or with your camera. (To ensure delivery by May 10th, all orders must be placed and art must be received by Framebridge by Monday, May 4th.)

Which one of these gifts are your favorite?

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  1. Thanks for the ideas Cyndi! My mom is almost 88, with no hobbies or interests, does not need any clothes, cand is pretty much a recluse. So, I bought her a very pretty night light from The National Wildlife Federation. That is something she can use daily and my purchase will help preserve wildlife.

    God bless!

    1. That is a wonderful idea Ginger. We just moved my 85 year old mother into a retirement home. I had enough problems coming up with idea when she was still living at her home. A night light for her bathroom is an excellent idea. For some reason, the light switch is in the middle of the room instead of right inside the door. Plus a week before she moved, her house was broken into and all her jewelry was stolen. Lived in the house 47 years and the week before she moves, on Easter Sunday no less, someone breaks in. Thank the Lord she wasn’t home. So I’m thinking a single pearl necklace that will go with everything would be nice for someone her age. Now I have two ideas!

  2. My 8 year old son loves buying me jewelry. Thank goodness, because daddy does not do so good in the gift department. My little guy is so sweet! I will have to show him your post.

    1. I have a similar tote I love, I purchased it online from my favorite online botique– Mine is robin egg’s blue/cognac. They have another color also.

  3. Cyndi I have been having a great time with shopping for new fashions and combining things I own with new pieces. Do you ever feel guilty for spending money on clothes, shoes,and jewelry? Am I being selfish? Please advise

    1. Ellen I definitely think it’s an individual thing and it always goes to our heart. Obviously, we don’t want to be hoarders and we shouldn’t have anything that we couldn’t easily give up.
      I hope I honor God not only with my heart but with my giving.
      This blog is my job now so buying clothes is part of what I do, but I do tithe, and I sponsor a child through Compassion and I sponsor a missionary family.
      I know I can’t out give God!!

  4. Cyndi – I started following you after losing 60 pounds and wanting to create a fresh look. You are a true inspiration and I look forward to your posts and daily quotes. I, like you, no longer have my beautiful mother with me. Miss her every single minute and wish I could be worrying about what to get her ? The circle of life continues and now my daughter is a beautiful Mom to two wonderful children and I will celebrate with her. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Ginny nice job losing 60 pounds! You rock. It takes hard work and commitment. Have fun buying outfits for the new you. God bless and have a great day

  5. I love these ideas Cyndi! My favorite gift would be a picture of my family! We have just returned from vacation in Florida with our grown daughters and their guys and we hired a photographer to take some family pictures on the beach. I am one blessed momma to have these special memories. I have started giving my mom gift certificates from her utility company. She absolutely loved that.