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My Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

I have to say I love beauty products! I’m always trying new ones and while I try to stick to products that have fewer chemicals, I still use some that aren’t completely chemical free.

Today I’m sharing my favorite beauty products of 2016. Most of these products I have used consistently and even bought them over and over again.

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

Here are my favorite beauty products of 2016. (The pictures below are all clickable, in case you want to shop.)

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I have dark circles under my eyes, I’ve always had them but as I have aged, they have gotten worse. So I use several under eye products. I’m just forewarning you! Haha!

Nars (I use the custard color)-By far, this is my favorite under eye concealer. If I used one product this would be the product.

Bobbi Brown Corrector (I use bisque)-Before I use my concealer, I use this eye corrector.

Bye Bye under eye concealer (I use medium)– I like this one mixed with my Nars. It’s a little light by itself but mixed with Nars, it is the perfect color.

Tartelette in bloom eyeshadow– I use this palette as an eye shadow but I use the activist brown color as my eyeliner on both the top an bottom of my eyes.

Hourglass eyebrow pencil-I love this for my eyebrows. It goes on easy and looks natural.

all over powder brush-I love this brush and use it with my Bye Bye Pores powder.

Colleen Rothschild Retinol cream-I use all of Colleen Rothschild skincare but I really like this retinol cream and use it at nighttime.

Natural Pretty Eyeshadow-I recently started using this eyeshadow and I love it! Beautiful matte colors.

Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder-I think this is a must have if you’re going to use the it CC cream foundation. This gives it the flawless finished look and helps if you have oily skin.

CC cream foundation (I use the tan color)-I started using this foundation this year and I still love it. It’s anti-aging but also has SPF 50+!!

Chanel Blush in Rose Ecrin (#68)-Recently I went to a Chanel event at Dillard’s. I purchased this blush and I really like the color and it lasts all day.

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm-This cleansing balm is amazing! It’s been sold out since Cyber Monday and I’m starting to run low on mine so I hope it comes back in stock soon. It feels so good when you put it on your face at night and removes all my makeup including my mascara.

Superhero Mascara-I also stared using this mascara and I really like it. There’s a lot of good mascara’s but I’ve been pleased with this one.

Monat Hair Care-I also started using Monat hair products. They are a little pricey but they last a loooong time. They have made a huge difference in my hair. My favorite is the Balance system and I typically use the Tousled Texturing Mist. You can get them cheaper by becoming a VIP member or a Market Partner.

Did you try any beauty products this year that you love?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love it Cosmetics. They have the best products for under ,your eyes. Bye bye under eye is the best. I never leave the house without it on.

  2. I discovered IT cosmetics last year and LOVE them! Their foundation products are the best fit for me too! I am in my mid-fifty’s and their products are so kind to my skin. I am grateful for the validation of you liking them too.
    Thank you for sharing your regime! It is so very helpful!

  3. So happy to see that many of the items that I currently use made this list. I LOVE all of my It Cosmetics products!

  4. I’ve recently been looking at some of the it products, specifically eye shadows. I may just have to give them a try. I started using one of the Naked eye shadow palettes about a month ago and like it and it comes with a great brush. I also use a “brightener” under my eyes so I feel ya’ on the dark circles and age does add to those little boogers. Thanks for sharing your favs!

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I’m curious about Monat. I’ve been using the volume shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now. I really like them and I think I can already tell a difference in my hair. Did you decide to become a market partner? I’m interested in doing this for the discount. I really enjoy your blog and get lots of great ideas from you.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Pamela! My name is Emily Hostetler and I am Cyndi’s upline in Monat. I’m so glad you are enjoying your Monat products. I have also experienced great results with Monat products. My fine hair is healthier, easier to style, and has more volume. I would love for you to consider joining Monat as a market partner! The 30% discount on products makes joining so worth it. The great thing about Monat is there is no monthly sales requirement. There is a one time fee of $99 for joining as a market partner. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions at all about Monat.
      Emily Hostetler (ehostetl75@gmail.com)

  6. I recently started using the Urban Decay anti-aging eyeshadow primer potion and I love it! My eyelids can be dry and crepe-y and this is a creamy primer with a slight skin tone that balances out any redness on my eyes. I highly recommend it!

  7. I like to use BB cream foundation in the summer months. After reading the burb on IT CC, I’m going to try it. It’s the ease of applying one product and go that I love.

  8. I do like the it Cosmetics – at least those I’ve tried. I use the taupe eyebrow pencil, and I also use the bye-bye undereye occasionally, but I think it’s a bit heavy on my skin so I only use it when necessary. I do love Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation…it stays on all day! They had a loose powder I liked but then they discontinued it a couple of years ago so I have been looking for good one. I love the shadows and the blush you shared and may have to give those a try.
    I want to start a new skin care regime, however…I have never had problem skin, but in the past two months i’m having a “pimply rash” that runs across my jaw line and under my ears – it’s weird b/c it appears like whelps, and it is itchy. I visited my dermatologist and she prescribed a medication that is for Rosacea – ugh! I really don’t think this is rosacea. Now I’m afraid to try anything new on my face. So dishearted right now :(. I’ve always had pretty good skin.

  9. I ‘discovered” IT products a few months ago and LOVE everything I’ve tried so far. The superhero mascara is awesome! I’ve actually never tried anything NARS before and will look into that brand. Thanks for sharing your faves!

    1. I’ve used IT Cosmetics for several years now, but just tried the SuperHero Mascara around October and I’m sold. I’ve used all kinds of Mascara and this is by far my favorite.

  10. I’ve been using the same concealer, foundation and eye brightener along with powder(bye bye pores). Absolutely love them all! Thank you Cyndi for all your advice and encouragement.

  11. I’m in my mid-50’s and I have hardly ever worn makeup. I was going to start (you know getting old and aging really shows) but I just can’t bring myself to put all that stuff on my face. It just feels so heavy 🙁 But … I really need to do something about the dark circles. So since I don’t use makeup I don’t know — can you use the under eye concealers without foundation, etc.? Or will it show so you must use foundation? Any ideas from you or any of your followers would be appreciated.

    1. Gina, I am 60 and started using the IT foundation about a year ago. I do not like heavy makeup and this can be applied as light or heavy as you like with a makeup sponge. The cool thing is you can add a bit more if you do have a spot you want to conceal. It really helps to even out skin tone but still has a natural look. The SPF is great, too.

    2. Gina, I get the heavy-makeup feel with foundation too. I have been using tinted moisturizer (I live in a really really dry climate and have really really dry skin!). It’s been an ideal fit for me and it helps to blend the varying colors and makes the lines less noticeable. I too am 55… 55 and fab! 😉

    3. I use concealer and don’t use a foundation. If you find a color that matches your skin tone nicely you should be just fine.

  12. I took your advice and ordered some Colleen Rothschild products. I love, love, love them. I really love the Radiant Cleansing Balm. My skin looks great and I notice the lines are not so noticeable. I have seen the It Cosmetics and have been hesitant but I am going to try them now. I love the blush color. I just looked it up and I am going to get it, as I hate blushes that the first thing you notice about a person.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. You’re the best!

  13. LOVE it bye bye, it CC, it Build a Brow gel and brush, it Brush bath is a must with the brow gel brush….!
    Urban Decay ‘perversion’ mascara I prefer to ‘it’ .NARS stick blush are my go to’s… Rodan +Fields skincare.

    Excited to try those shadows and adding the NARS concealer to it bye bye undereye- I need better color too!
    Great column for the winter doldrums.

  14. I’m just like you in that I tend to try new things as they come out.

    I’ve been using the It CC cream undereye version. Wonder if you ever compared that to the It bye bye undereye? So far I’m liking the CC cream undereye.

    I will be trying the Nars concealer as well on your recommendation.

    Thanks for the tips!

  15. I love IT cosmetics and their brushes. I also use Chanel products as well ! My daughter sells Rodan and Fields ,so I use most of their regimes and love how they make my skin feel and look ! Thanks for sharing your favorites with us and always look forward to your blog !

      1. Sheri, you can see all the products on my daughter’s page…kwhitley@randf.com I have used most of the products and I will say I love how they make my skin look and feel ! My daughter could answer all your questions better than I can,should you have them. Thanks for asking ! Have a great week !

      2. Sheri, you can see the products on my daughter’s page…. kwhitley@randf.com She can answer all your questions ,should you have them. I love how Rand F products make my skin look and feel ! Thanks for asking. Have a great week !

  16. Having been a make up artist and beauty adviser for years, I see you have chosen some great products. I would like to add a few more:
    Dior show brow styler. The precision point never needs sharpening and it goes on smoothly and lasts all day.

    Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara. Love the fullness it gives my minimal lashes with no flaking or clumping
    Chanel skincare is amazing and I love their eye shadows and blush which can last a very long time. A little hint, is to make sure you use great brushes (Chanels are the best and worth the investment), when you apply your makeup and wash your brushes once a week with any gentle soap. Air dry by lying brush flat on counter over paper towel or with bristles hanging over the edge. Never let dry in a cup standing up. Air drying flat keeps brushes from shedding and keeps bacteria from product and you.

    Laura Mercier Eye basics is great for eye primer. Comes in a few colors and evens tonal quality of skin and eye shadow goes on smotthly and last all day, or no need for eye shadow depending on the color tone you choose.

    Laura Mercier Tightline cake eye liner, appled with the Flat Eye Liner Brush just at your lash line, gives a fullness and definition to your lashes. It’s awesome!

    Another tip, when applying pencil eyeliner, set with a corresponding shadow color (use an eye liner brush) and it will last all day and not go in your creases.

    1. Thanks for this addition to Cyndi’s post! Is there any chance you could add links for your recommendations?

        1. The Eye Primer and Eyeliner by Laura Mercier would be most appreciated. I have an issue keeping any eyeliner on for more than an hour or two. Also, which brushes would be the best basics to start with.

          Thank you.

      1. Denise, I always like to get the best deals, and Macy’s has a gift with purchase now, so I would recommend there if you plan to purchase the qualifying amount. If you email me your address, I can send you info there 🙂

  17. I wanted to share my experience with a product that I have been very happy with! I turned 50 this summer and have always used an eye cream to fight/prevent fine lines under and around my eyes. I’ve tried many different creams (from the very expensive to the not so expensive) over the past 10 years. BUT, I started using Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream over the past two months and I really have noticed a difference! Fine lines are diminishing and are less noticeable! Great product. Just thought I’d share. Thank you, Cyndi for everything. You’re truly a blessing

  18. Good products! I have an “it” primer oil serum that was sold to me at Ulta when asking for a primer. It is very oily & on me in the summertime months , much too slick. When my best friend & I were in Ulta the other day getting her eyebrows done by a girl that worked with “It”, she said to use a half drop……….ha! I am currently using Estee Lauder Illuminating primer & like it very much. I do have mature skin being over 60 but in the summer it gets oily in a hurry & I have trouble keeping makeup on so am using Double Wear by Estee Lauder. Their serum makeup didn’t work for me either but half day , then gone in the summer. I am currently trying out a sample of Chanel also. It is hard as we get older to find a kind not too heavy, not too greasy or too matte, the right shade & will enhance, etc. I usually use Jane Ireland liquid mineral makeup in summer..since very light. Keep on throwing the different kinds & brands my way……love the suggestions!

  19. Having always had oily skin and living in the Texas heat, I’ve always had to use powder. Then I read “Toss the Gloss,” and she is adamant that women “my age” should use no powder products, even blush(!). I am trying it–I’m using It Cosmetics CC Cream with Illumination and NO POWDER–but I have not thrown out my powder blushes yet (I have too many, for one thing). Not sure how this will work this spring and summer.

    One of my favorite products for years has been Milani Luminoso blush.

  20. I just started using Superhero mascara by IT. LOVE IT!

    What do you use to remove your mascara? Oil based liquid removers make my eyes blurry, non-oily removers don’t’ work. I tried a Mary Kay remover but wasn’t satisfied.

    Plain old Vaseline to remove my mascara is the only thing I’ve ever found that actually does a good job at getting it COMPLETELY off. But with with awareness of chemicals and what I ‘m putting on my skin, I’m concerned.

    1. I use organic virgin coconut oil. I keep a jar in the bathroom and use it as a makeup remover all over my face and neck before I use my cleanser.

  21. Omg what a great post! I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas and I just bought the CC foundation. So far so good and I use several of the it cosmetics as well as the Bobbi Brown concealer. I have also been looking for a new blush but don’t know if I want to pay $45 ~ but it looks beautiful. I tend to get overwhelmed with skin creams and really like hearing what works before spending the money. So thank you all so much for the recommendations 😀

  22. I love all of the Colleen Rothschild products. I started using them around 3-4 months ago. As we age, its so important to use good quality moisturizers daily unlike when we were in our 20’s and reckless with our beauty routines. Youth and beauty are fleeting but I’m still chasing after mine with break speed! 😊

  23. I just had a talk on my fashion site about cosmetics for the winter… I had a lot of responses about all natural items like cold pressed coconut oil, I am thinking of trying out. I started using baby oil and love it but only once or twice a week on my face…. I have never used anything on my face ever before except water only… but I’m thinking of using something organic and natural instead of the baby oil I started using about 2-3 weeks ago. God Bless and looking forward to a Spring fashion show from you soon !!!

  24. I’m 49 and my keepers so far are: Diorskin Nude foundation, Ponds cucumber cleanser (removes all eye makeup easily with no irritation), Maybelline Falsies mascara (best I’ve tried and can’t beat the price), Benefit Amazing primer (though I haven’t tried any other brands), and Smashbox eyeshadow palette. It’s hard to find a matte palette with no metallics and highly pigmented colors. Also, Smashbox has dropped certain lines before and I’ve had to make adjustments, but I do like the eyeshadows and also use a mixture of brown and gray to fill in brows. I like the Buxom glosses and my favorite lip color is Maybelline’s Crazy for Coffee. I’ve tried many creams and serums but so far, no noticeable changes. Have been just using pure coconut oil as a facial moisturizer at night.
    One of my problems is finding an eyeliner that will stay put. As I get older, I still feel I need some definition to my eyes as they are small and easily look tired with little makeup, but will not leak into the fine lines and crepey skin I’m now getting. Any solutions for me?

  25. I forgot to mention that I love the Caviar hair products. I have dry, frizzy hair and this has been the best!

  26. Hi Cyndi….so timely on this blog with your favorite beauty picks. I have been needing something to brighten up older, aging skin etc. I have a few questions. I was wondering if you find the Retinol treatment complex drying at all and what moisturizer do you use over it at night and does the Radiant Cleansing Balm have a strong smell? I read the reviews and it says it has a rosemary, clove smell and they all say they love the smell, but I have to be careful with smells, so hated to order it if the smell is strong. I noticed its still out of stock. Thank you also for the recommendation for the CC cream with SPF 50. I’ve been wanting to try it and now will for sure. Also thinking of trying the Bye Bye Pores pressed finishing powder with the brush, also. I’ve always been a little hesitant to use finishing powder with aging skin, but like the reviews on it. I use an IT mascara now I like, but thinking of trying the brand you recommended for a change. Thanks again.

  27. Catching up and have enjoyed reading all the beauty comments. I’ll throw in two of my own: I use a light amount of baby oil to remove foundation and eye make up. And each night after washing my face, I apply pure Vitamin E oil around my eyes and top off with any Lancôme night cream. I have used the Vitamine E oil since I was 24 and I will be 45 next month. I think it does great in the battle against wrinkles and fine lines. One small bottle will last 2 years! Thanks Cyndi for reaching out to so many.

  28. This is a great post and I’ve also read all the comments – some great tips there too! I’m 48 and over the last few years have noticed the under eye shadows are so much darker. I’ve tried concealer but I feel like it just makes the wrinkles worse and everything more noticeable. I don’t want that obvious make up look that I see on other people! So, I’ve used tinted moisturizer and sometimes a foundation stick to try and make them less noticeable. Do you have any suggestions about concealers or products to use? Is that what the primer is for? I think I tried one I bought at a beauty counter and still couldn’t get the hang of it. I’m sort of a natural girl – not a ton of make up but I find I do need some or I get comments like “oh honey, are you okay? You look so tired!” 🙂

  29. I use Le Mieux skincare products faithfully. Have you tried them? I also just started using Jane iredale PureLash extender & conditioner extra step before masacra but I love tit.

    Thanks for the ideas, what about body washes and lotions?

  30. Cyndi, are you still using the timeless serum along with the Colleen Rothschild? Also, have you tried using Retin A instead of a retinol? I will be turning 49 this month and am starting to notice the changes in my skin tone and elasticity and have been watching Hot and Flashy on YouTube. She highly recommends Retin A so I was wondering if you have tried that or not? Thanks!

    1. I would definitely agree with the NARS concealer-I love the stick version, the new matte cream version-but one very versatile product that I’ve loved in the beginning of this year is Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sensual Skin Enhancer-there is now a new primer for it, the Sensual Skin Primer-I’m in my mid thirties but it would be great in your 40’s too-you can mix the Sensual Skin Enhancer on the mixing tray on top of the Sensual Skin Primer to your desired coverage-a product that has the coverage of a tinted moisturizer-you can use it on it’s own(over the primer) where you need more coverage. And for the undereye it’s fantastic…You can use it with the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, the RCMA No Color Powder(one of my favorites) There is also a new foundation in the brand for drier skin called the Etherealist. RE: Retin A-I just wanted to make a note based on what my dermatologist recommends using a Retinoi rather than a Retinol. I would definitely consult with a dermatologist if you can-and there are many new products that have been released, both RX and cosmetic-that are superior to Retin A. Retinols are found only in cosmetics, Retinoids on the other hand are more efficacious yet a lot more tolerable-they are RX only as Retin A was-or is(it may be otc now) it really depends on your needs. My dermatologist prescribed a Retinoid for me called Differin Gel-that product is something that I used for texture..Retinoids work within the pore, but like I was saying they are more effective, more tolerable. You may see Differin in your local CVS because as of this year it’s now available without a prescription-and they do advertise it for acne because it definitely works on that too-but I would NOT recommend it without consulting a doctor-that product may work well for her and it’s not that it’s a bad product-but it’s definitely not what a dermatologist is going to recommend for anti-aging,-Retinoids can smooth the skin because the work within the pore, but my point is there is likely a better option. If you are looking for a cosmetic product, there is a newer brand that I love and that is sold at Beautylish(they are amazing and super knowledgable and very kind, it’s an amazing site to shop) anyway it’s called The Ordinary-it was created by skincare experts, and I’ve tried many of their treatment products and hydrating products(they have a Retinoid 2% that I use and love-I’m 35 but I have tiny texture bumps called milia and it helps for that…I use their Hyaloronic Acid, their Matrixyl 10-the latter and the combo are an anti aging powerhouse. Anyway, they can help you. Sorry for the length, I just wanted to share my thoughts about Retinoids…

  31. You mention no dark lipsticks. I am a young 60, blond, fair. I just discovered Clinique Pink Chocolate lipstick and LOVE it! My 30’s daughter even said I look good, and it matches my red glasses. Is this too dark for my age?