My Favorite Denim Style

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In the last couple of years, denim styles have changed. Our denim has loosened up a bit, and if you like flared legs, they’re back in a big way.

While I love lots of styles, the straight-leg denim is my go-to style. I think it’s because it’s closest to the skinny jean and I still miss wearing that style.

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These girlfriend jeans have a relaxed fit with straight legs. They’re also a mid-rise which many of you have said you like better than the high-rise.

I paired them with a neutral sweater and cognac booties. The booties have memory foam, so they’re comfortable, and they slip on.

We still have lots of winter weather, so this hooded faux shearling coat is perfect for cold weather. I’m wearing the latte color, but it also comes in a pretty olive color.


This coat is so warm and perfect for a cold January day.

Hooded Coat (Small) / Crewneck Sweater (Small) / Mid Rise Girlfriend Jean (4) / Block Heel Booties 

While denim styles always change, JCPenney has all the styles at great prices! Currently, JCPenney has an Extra 15% off AWYP (any way you pay) and an Extra 20% off if you use your JCPenney credit card.

What is your favorite denim style?

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  1. I’m in Florida also. I was walking the beach looking for shells and shark teeth. The sweetest lady with the biggest smile stopped and talked with me and showed me how to find the shark teeth. She just made my day with her smile!! What a blessing I received 😊

  2. My favorite this season in jeans is like you a slim straight , cropped flare or easy girlfriend. Girlfriend I have to size down on them, but if I had to pick one…….it would be the cropped flare because of length and never having to worry about that at all. Some straights can be long even in petite sizing. I roll up , tuck under, etc.. Flares are always just perfect in the cropped flare. Have fun on your trip!!!

  3. Hi…just wondering if you can still style some outfits with skinny jeans. I’m still not feeling the new denim styles. Plus, I live in an area where it snows all the time, and boots are basically my only option from Nov-April. Skinny jeans work so much better with boots and don’t give you that saggy look. I will never do flares or bootcut.

  4. I do have straight jeans and just ordered a cute pair of flares from American Eagle but I’m still wearing my skinny jeans! I’m at the age I wear what I want!! Lol

  5. I love bootleg and flare jeans. I never thought I would go back. Bootleg jeans make my legs look so much longer. I’m 5’2: with short legs so I don’t like styles that shorten my legs like cuffing them. I never stopped wearing straight leg jeans. I also like a slim leg straight. I never liked the skinny jegging type jeans. They made my hips look bigger and lower legs look skinnier.

    I bought bootleg jeans from Penneys in the fall. They are the perfect length but I made the mistake of sizing up due to the midrise. They stretch out a lot especially around the hips. Don’t size up. My favorites are from Kohl’s Nine West and Macy’s Style and Co. They’re both high waisted bootleg. Now I’m in the mood for wide leg jeans.

  6. I have no skinnies left in my closet. Once I tried straight leg, I found they looked more current and were more flattering on my body shape. I have them in full leg and cropped. Personally, I like the high rise. I’m tall and they sit better on my waist.
    The shearling coat looks cozy.

  7. You look wonderful in the new jean styles! So glad you were blessed by Bonnie and her stories. Meeting people and actually sharing and talking about life is truly a blessing! Keep enjoying your trip! 🙂

  8. Bootleg and straight are my go to styles now. I still own one pair of my favorite skinnies (Levi’s) for wearing tucked into boots. Like you I still prefer that slim silhouette. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. I’m like you, I miss wearing skinny. I still do wear mine that aren’t as skinny and tight. Still struggling with the new denim styles to find the right fit and length I feel good in. I have two different styles of the Wit and Wisdom that I like the best, but not as easy for pairing with boots. I like them best with mules, sandals or sneakers and that’s not so good in the Winter. Do you ever wear skinny now? They still sell them in stores.

  10. I’m really liking the crop straight style but I’m also still wearing a skinny Jean but not the skin tight ones that are like a jegging! I just make sure to wear a chunky boot like a Chelsea and a baggier top or sweater to keep looking current! I will say when you wear both the skinny and straight the skinny seems to feel tighter once you’ve been wearing the straight style!

  11. I also love the straight-leg jeans, as switching to something new has been rough- – for many of us, it seems. I don’t know why exactly-at our age, we’ve about worn it all, right?! Haha. 🤪 But we get so used to a style, don’t we? I love the jeans you shared-they look perfect. So glad you’re enjoying your trip! Soak up that warm sunshine! We just went to Florida also, the week after Christmas. We visited Perdido Key & the Sarasota area. I have a hard time leaving the ocean/beach. That area has white sand beaches and it was such a neat area! So, I’m loving hearing about your trip. Blessings, fun & safe travels to you!

  12. My favorite jeans are Yummie jeans. They are flattering and easy to wear. Their straight leg
    jeans come in lots of shades and are
    my go to jean. In fact, I have them on right now!

  13. Interesting! I’ve decided that “itty bitty bootcut” is the closest to skinny jeans! Yes, they’re looser at the bottom, but they are more fitted at the top (down to about the knee) like skinny jeans are! I bought both straight and bootcut, and I find the bootcut to be a lot more flattering than straight. With straight jeans, I also get a swish-swish sound when I walk because the knees are baggier! I recommend trying Democracy’s “itty bitty bootcut” and seeing what you think! I also recently ordered these from ON and like them too. https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=449782002&vid=1&searchText=High-Waisted+Kicker+Boot-Cut+Jeans+For+Women#pdp-page-content I’m findng that bootcut (especially the “itty bitty”) is not that much wider than straight at the bottom, but the more fitted top is more like the fit of skinny jeans.

  14. I know you said that those JCPenney jeans are mid rise, do you know what the actual rise is in inches? It does not tell on the site.