My Favorite Essential Oil + Join Me For A Winter Wellness Class

Happy hump day! Last week I shared 5 Winter Wellness Oils with you and I said I would share my favorite essential oil with you this week. I have so many oils I love but this oil is the one that I’m NEVER without and I use it everyday.

The essential oil  is called Progessence Plus and it is a great oil for women.

Here are some questions you might have about this oil and the answers:

  • Is Progessence Plus® safe to take? Yes. It’s just that simple. It contains a tiny amount of a biologically identical (to humans) hormone called progesterone that is not only safe, but incredibly beneficial to women. Natural progesterone has no long-term problems associated with it –even at high doses.
  • Are natural hormones safe to take? Yes, they are very safe to take. Studies have shown that synthetic hormones may have health risks that may exceed the benefits of HRT. A woman’s body has trouble assimilating synthetic hormones effectively and the side effects that result are often much worse than the problems being treated.

Human progesterone (even the compounded version like in Progessence PlusR by Young Living) actually reduces breast and ovarian cancer risk (and reduces a lot of other risks such as CAD, stroke, DVT, etc). This can all be verified by searching on PubMed.

Progessence Plus is also great for your skin with ingredients like wild yam extract and vitamin E, while Frankincense smooths the look of fine lines.

I can’t say enough good stuff about this essential oil!! You can order the oil at the retail price but if you become a wholesale member when you sign up you’ll get the 24% discount. All you have to do is purchase a Premium Starter kit and you become a wholesale member. (If you just choose “Customer” then the prices are retail prices).

Now, I know many of you had questions about the Wellness Bomb I shared last week so my sister and I are joining forces again to help you Get Well and Stay Well this winter with essential oils.We love doing these classes and we can’t wait to meet you online so save your spot today! We will talk wellness but we will also laugh and have some fun.

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Beauty For the Heart~~For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

The world in this passage is talking about worldly things like money, pride, success (if it becomes the most important thing). Why do we need to overcome the world? Because if we aren’t careful it will overcome us and pull us away from our relationship with Jesus.

Be on guard and don’t let the world pull you in the wrong direction.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. We’ve started diffusing oils lately in our office. Right now we are using lemongrass, but we’ve also tried lemon.
    Do you put this on your body, or do you usually diffuse it??
    Thanks for being so health conscious—it’s so refreshing to see others interested in these areas too!

    1. Agree,Jodie. My son is a chiropractor and has a 3 year old with some allergy issues. They have a diffuser in their himr running continuously.

  2. Giggle….. I saw the typo but didn’t think a thing about it, shows your human and yes that is what proof readers are for! Oils are very intriguing and I do need to look into them…..just find it a bit intimidating! So I will sign up for your webinar……thanks!

  3. I started with Young Living a few months ago and am loving it! Thanks for this recommendation!! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Definitely my favorite oil!! If I run out I’m in a mad dash to find someone that has it. You don’t realize how much of a difference it makes until you don’t have it!!

  5. I would love to be your proofreader. That is something I always thought of doing in my spare time (other than my full-time job.) Since I love to read, I always thought I would love proofreading.

    You are so right that we don’t know what others are going through; we are not in their shoes, so we don’t know what they are dealing with.

  6. Cyndi, I do enjoy your blog so much. It’s the perfect dose of faith and fashion! I’d very much like to attend the webinar but am afraid I will miss the beginning (my kiddos have a swim meet). Will there be another opportunity or perhaps will this one be saved that I may login at a later time?

  7. Cyndi, I enjoy your posts very much. And I am enjoying learning more about essential oils. However, many, and perhaps the majority, are poisonous to dogs and cats, especially when used in a diffuser. You do not want your pets to breathe in essential oils so could you please add a warning on your posts about the danger to pets? Thanks!!

    1. This is such important added verbiage! Yes pets and certainly babies and small children. I’m so certain Cyndi has done the appropriate research and takes all of the proper precautions- still a great observation for “newbies” considering beginning an essential oil regimen.

      1. I wasn’t unaware of any harmful effects until I saw a friends post on FB that her dog became very ill but fortunately took the dog to the vet who recognized the symptoms . I have 4 dogs so I have to be careful. My kids are all grown.

      2. For clarification, I am a Medical Professional- a Registered Nurse. My statement above certainly was not prompted by a viral social media post. Honestly, I had no idea the discussion was occurring on social media! My reference is knowledge based and supported in professionally respected medical literature.
        Indeed, applied knowledge is power!

        1. Thank you Kimberly for clarifying. There are many doctors and nurses who do not support essential oils and I completely understand. It is definitely a personal preference.

          Young Living oils are safe for animals because they are pure essential oils. They even have a line of oils for pets to use.

          Thanks again!!

          1. I use Young Living oils exclusively, but there are exceptions to what oils are safe for pets. If you have cats, Tea Tree oil is deadly to them – do not use it or anything with Tea Tree oil in it. Please people use your heads and educate yourselves – FB is not knowledge – it is gossip and stories full of falsehoods quite frequently. Read labels and visit the Young Living website. When in doubt – the Young Living Customer Service is exceptional and will answer any of your questions. And, as Cyndi has stated, Young Living does have an entire pet line!

  8. I must be missing something. I’ve never seen anything about a book or life behind the blog. Not sure what you are all commenting about.

  9. Progessence Plus is one of my favorites too and I love endoflex also . I am learning more everyday from you , Traci and the hangout . Can’t wait until tomorrow for the Winter Wellness class

  10. I am a newbie to your blog and essential oils and am looking forward to your seminar tomorrow night. While researching oils, I have come across information that diffusing some oils (or just using them) can be toxic to animals. If you have any insight to share on this, I would appreciate it. I just got a diffuser, but am now afraid to use it! I enjoy your blog!

  11. I love essential oils, and was disappointed to discover today that some essential oils that are popular are harmful to our pets. Just wanted to let you know that since Cyndi and so many of us have fur babies!

  12. Write the book Cyndi… I’ll definitely read it. I wish I could write one too. As a hairstylist for over 35 years, I’ve heard and seen so many different people’s life stories. It’s such an appreciation to know we’re not alone in this world.

  13. I registered for your oils class, and received the confirmation that my registration went through. I didn’t receive the actual link to the class. 🙁 Did you record the class so people can listen to it if they missed it?
    Thanks for all your great encouragement and information.

  14. Cyndi,
    Love your articles.. I am post breast cancer patient. I am not allowed to have any hormones at all and taking a hormone blocker for 5 yrs which is causing a lot of joint, neuropathy pain., severe hot flashes , is their an essential oil that you would recommend safe for cancer patients? I am using some , cooling sprays and hot flash roller balls that my oncologist ok’d but I was wondering if their is anything out their to help with the joint and neuropathy issues? It would help so many of us!
    Many blessings