My Favorite Hair Products

Hi ladies! Today I’m sharing the hair products I love (tomorrow a video on how I use them), and what I’m using right now. I have used all of these for quite a while, and they work great.

I love Kevin Murphy hair products because they are full of ingredients that are good for you. I was using their shampoo and conditioner, but they’re pricey, so I’ve switched to Beauty Counter

While they are still a little pricey, they work, and my hair feels great when I use them.

My stylist uses Kevin Murphy’s hair color, which is PPD free, ammonia-free, and has naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Shea Butter, and Pomegranate.

1. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair | This is a lightweight finishing spray that adds texture to your hair. I use it when I style my hair straight or with loose waves. It smells amazing!

2. Wet Brush Original Detangler | Great to brush damp hair, which is delicate and can break easily when wet.

3. L’Oreal Magic Root Cover Up | I use this when I start seeing any grays showing up before my next color.

4. Davines OI Oil | Adds shine and softness to hair while also detangling and fighting frizz, working especially well on coarse or dry hair. I add this after I’ve styled my hair to the ends of my hair.

5. ghd Gold Professional Styler | This is the flat iron that I use to straighten my hair.

6. Beauty Counter Shampoo |  Purifying daily shampoo, and it’s so good!

7. HOT TOOLS Signature Series Gold Curling Iron |  This is a great curling iron to create loose curls.

8. Beauty Counter Conditioner | Nourishes hair with marula and mongongo oils, and it’s good!

9. Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Thermal Vent Brush | I use this brush to straighten my hair while blow-drying.

10. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer | This is a really good blow dryer. My Dyson quit on me, and I decided not to purchase another one. But honestly, I miss my Dyson blow dryer.

11.ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray | I love this spray for adding volume to my hair. I don’t use it every day, but I love using this when I need a little extra body in my hair.

12. Davines OI All In One Milk | A multi-function leave-in hair milk spray that softens, detangles, controls frizz, and protects the hair from heat. I spray this on my wet hair before blow-drying.

All the hair products last for months because I only use a small amount. I have the larger bottles of Davines oil and milk.

Have you tried any of these products?

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Beauty For the Heart~~  We are all in the same boat. We are not all in the same storm.

For some people, it’s sprinkling. This is a break. It’s a breather. It’s a pause in the “normal.” It’s a time to reconnect with family and slow down. Honestly, it’s kind of peaceful.

For some, it’s a storm. It’s a bit scary. It’s disruptive. It’s enough to make you stay up and watch the news and worry.

For some, it’s a hurricane. It’s tearing at the boards and pulling off the roof. It’s washing them out to sea. It’s dark and unknown. It’s life-changing.

It’s not wrong to be enjoying the sprinkles or enduring the storm, but please don’t negate the difference.

Rest with family, but don’t minimize the hurricane engulfing your neighbor.

Laugh at a meme, but get on your knees for your friends. Get in someone else’s storm. -Author Unknown

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I am ordering the root touch up today! I have Paul Mitchell dry shampoo which is colored so it does cover the gray but I would like to try this root touch up. Do you purchase Davines products from your salon or Amazon?Can’t wait for the video!

  2. Hi Cyndi – loves this segment on hair products. I too use most Kevin Murphy products and love them . However i have never used their shampoos or conditioners because i have course hair and found a product i love called LOVE by davines. I am looking forward to your video tomorrow on bang styling. Thank you for your blog

  3. Wow that’s too bad about your Dyson Hair Dryer… I had it on my Christmas wish list, and my husband said after he did some investigating that they normally do great until the warranty is up and that’s when they tend to break.. Plus the parts are quite expensive to replace. Most places he inquired through said save your money.. I am very interested in trying the beauty counter shampoo and conditioner we have a rep for them in our subdivision so after all this is over I am going to contact her .. I want to also try the all in one milk, and the oil. I just ordered on line my Moroccan oil so I will have to wait for that to be finished. Is it just Amazon that carries those?

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Just wanted to pass on a word of caution. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly after using L’Oreal root touch up before having your hair colored. I have blonde hair and unfortunately didn’t do that and the color did not take and turned my roots pink.

  5. Hi Cyndi! You have the BEST hair and you style is so nicely. I’m in need of a good round brush and I noticed you included one but wondered what size yours is.

  6. I have used the L’Oréal root touch up for a couple of years. I love it. I don’t wash my hair everyday. I have been pleased that it stays in until it’s washed out. I will probably be purchasing a new can tomorrow since I am due for a color On April 25, which will need rescheduled.

  7. Hi Cyndi! Have you ever used products by Surface? They’re a bit pricey, but the hairspray is AMAZING!!!!

  8. I had an Elchim hair dryer and loved. While doing curly one summer I gave it to my daughter as I bought a new hairdryer for my curly do with diffuser. When I quit do curly my daughter wouldn’t give it back, ha! She seriously loved it and I offered to buy her one and she said no, she liked that particular one. So I need to buy another one….I just picked up a Rusk at the beauty shop but it isn’t the wonderful Elchim!

  9. I have a dyson hair dryer and wouldn’t mind if it did quit. It tangles my fine hair which causes breakage when drying. Also it seems to really dry out my hair. (Leaves it feeling like straw) I also own an Olivia Garden blow dryer that I like much better. I guess paying more isn’t necessarily better..

  10. I really enjoyed this post, and am looking forward to “seeing” you tomorrow.
    Your blog is part of my evening routine. I don’t have facebook, Instagram, but do love the blog and pinterest.
    Please keep them coming..I know I am not the only one who looks forward to seeing them. Your kind words are uplifting, and seeing what is new and trendy is nice…Nice to see your kitchen update too.
    You truly do have a following, and we look forward to hearing from you.
    Be well.

  11. Your beauty for the heart says it exactly right. I’m in the storm…not a hurricane, but challenging for sure. I am not bored at home- I’m at work at hoping to stay there but my hours are getting shorter and shorter. So many posts I have read feel like Pollyanna wrote them. Your post acknowledges the spectrum we are facing in our society and world right now. What we all need is to be on our knees, seeking God and lifting each other up in prayer. Thanks for sharing-I loved the perspective.

  12. Today’s Beauty for the Heart metaphor about “The Storm” was so perfect. It brought to mind how Jesus calmed the storm…
    Thank you.

  13. Thank you for sharing. And I have to say, a $400 hair dryer should not quit on you. Now knowing that, I would never purchase one of those!

  14. I look forward each day for your email. I love how you show us different things but mostly the beauty from the heart. It touches me so much. Thank you for caring about others. Have a blest Good Friday.