My Must-Have Hair Products

Happy Friday, ladies! I hope you had a good 4th of July! We went to the lake during the day and then spent the evening watching fireworks at a friends house. It was a beautiful summer day to celebrate and be thankful for our country.

It has been a while since I’ve shared my must-have hair products. They do change over time, so I thought I would update you on what I’m using right now.

There are two products that I would say are must-have hair products and that’s my L’ange Curling Wand and my Conair Pink Rollers.

While I love all the products, these two are the ones I use to get a wavy hairstyle and a straight hairstyle. I typically wash my hair every two to three days.

On the first and second days, I wear it straight and then when it’s good and dirty (haha!), I use my curling wand and style it wavy.

I often get asked about my bangs. I do a deep side part and blow dry them to the side. That’s about it. Of course, I do spray them with my Kenra hairspray.

My Must-Have Hair ProductsHere are all the products I’m using right now.

My Must-Have Hair Products1. ghd Professional Styler– I use this flat iron on the days I wear it straight. I run it through each piece that I put in the pink rollers, and it helps get rid of frizz.

2. Conair Mega Self Holding Rollers- I use these on the days I wear it straight. They give added volume. I put them in my hair and leave them for around 15 minutes.

3. L’ange Hair Curling Wand– I was using a T3 wand at one time, and it was damaging my hair. I have been using this for around six months, and it’s amazing! It doesn’t damage my hair, and it easily creates soft waves.

4. Davines OI Oil– I use this on my dry and wet hair on the ends. It helps with damage, and it creates shine. (This bottle will last a year.)

5. ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray– I ordered this by accident several months ago. I thought I was ordering the dry shampoo, but when I tried, I really liked it.

6. Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Rinse combo– My stylist recommends this shampoo and conditioner. I use it most of the time, and it lasts several months. I use a very small amount, and I don’t wash my hair every day, so that helps.

7. Kenra Volume Spray– This holds well, and it isn’t heavy.

8. Davines OI All In One Milk– Softens, detangles and controls frizz. Yes, please! (This bottle lasts at least 6 months.)

9. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer– I love my Dyson. I shared about it here. It is an investment, and not everyone wants to invest in a hairdryer, but if you do, this one is really good.

I wish I could get to where I only use “clean” beauty products on my hair, but I’m not there yet. I’m still looking for products that are clean and work well on my hair.

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  1. I use all Lange products now on my hair, plus I have several of their tools. Have you seen their heated hair brush. It’s a great one for straightening for sure.

    Lange has every product for hair you mentioned..so if you ever want a change…give them a try. I’m sold on all their products.

    Have a great day

    1. Oh my goodness! I’ve never been on their website before and their products look amazing! Thank you!

  2. Hi there, Thanks for this post! I’m in my 50’s and decided to take the time to grow my hair out – even though people say if you over 50 your hair should be short. Darn! Anyway, I want to keep it for a bit longer and am wondering, Cyndi, if you ever style your hair up (messy bun, pony tail, “updo”). I’d love to learn how to do some of those things.

    1. I’m 55 and have medium- long hair. I think when you are close to 50 you think you have to follow the short/shorter hair rule. Nope – I rebelled and love my hair. Of course, keeping it cut and colored helps. Rock it girl!!

  3. I would love to see you do a video on how you style your hair using the products. That is always so helpful !!

  4. Hi Cindi,
    I also use Velcro rollers and would like to see your placement of them. I usually only do the top 1/3 of my head mainly. Would love to see a hair tutorial also.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend 🇺🇸

  5. Thank you for the recommendations. I would love to see you do a hair tutorial, as your hair always looks beautiful . I would also love to see how your stylist cuts and styles your hair. I just love those types of videos. Have a great day, Cyndi!

    1. I have requested a tutorial on her bangs several times and although she says she just dries them to the side it’s helpful for me to see how that’s done. Hopefully she’ll do a full hair tutorial including drying the bangs from start to finish.

  6. I would love to see a video or tutorial of what you do styling your hair. I loaned my elchim hair dryer to my daughter while I was doing the natural curly look with diffuser on another hair dryer last year. She fell in love with it and won’t give it back……LOL! I really believe in good dryers also. Look forward to seeing your helpful tips on styling when you have time to do us a video. thanks!

  7. I get you when you say you want to use clean beauty products for your hair – I’m on a mission to do the same. I am growing my hair out to one length – no more texturizing for my hair as it was damaging on the ends and it thinned it out as well. It took me a long time to figure this out but here we are…

    I love Olaplex and silk pillowcases. My bathroom looks like a mini-Sephora store because I’m always on the lookout for new products. I also love their app. I love to read people’s comments on what works for them and the ingredients list helps me make decisions for chemical free hair products. Discovered recently Keratase reshapable blow dry lotion which helps immensely with the frizz. Along with Briogeo frizz shampoo and conditioner I’m not ballooning as much! I also wash my hair 1-2 times per week. I would never have done that years ago but one length helps with that.

    1. I use L’anza hair trauma treatment as conditioner (when doing straight look) but rinse out after a few minutes. It helps keep color too. I also have silk pillowcase as when I do curly it helps keep your curls nice. I do curly & straight. Just more products for you to try. ha! Ulta has it.

  8. Thank you for presenting good hair products in your blog. When I read the comment about on hair texturizing, I wanted to add some information for the women that live in the Dallas area. There is a salon there called Clive and Co. The stylists are all good, but the owner, Clive is amazing. He does not like texturizing and is all about hair health. He gives an awesome haircut that lasts months and does what is right for your hair and features — not just what is in style.

    His haircut prices are higher than most, but I am driving almost three hours to get one of his haircuts. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. I am in the Dallas area and this is good to know! I am very happy with Lacey Ives as she is very talented with scissors and I’ve used her for years but always good to have a backup plan!

  9. Loved this post Cyndi. I have hair much like your just not as long and wear it curly some days and straight some days. I am going to get the Lange hair curling wand, thanks for sharing that it can be bought on Amazon. My stylist has told me to be sure to use a hair protectant spray before blow drying. Does one of the products you use accomplish that? Would love to see you do a video.

  10. Clean beauty products are a hard area i have tried a few and looked like a rats nest was on my head. my stylist than informed me to try sulfate free which seems to help. im going to have to that all in one milk. i have short curl/wavy hair and this humid and stormy summer is making mepoofy thanks for the tip

  11. Cyndi, Thanks for all your tips. I find them very helpful. I’m curious about something…I know you do YL and so do I. What are your thoughts on their shampoo and conditioners. I purchased the lavender mint, but haven’t made the leap to try it yet. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews and suggestions for diluting and adding baking soda. Have you tried them? Thanks 😊

    1. Diane I haven’t tried them so I can’t give you an opinion. At one time I had heard it wasn’t great but that was a long time ago so hopefully, they’re improved.

  12. I think the crowd has spoken! Tutorials please! One starting from wet with product application andand how you achieve your straight look and then one from dry on how you achieve your wavy look with 2nd day hair. Also wondering what size barrel your wand is?