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My Presidents Day Sales Picks

Happy Presidents Day ladies! Since today is a holiday, some of you might have the day off. If you do, I hope you get to enjoy it!

Along with the holiday, comes lots of sales. Obviously, a lot of stores want to clear out their winter items to get ready for all the spring arrivals.

I have to admit; I have spring on my mind! Since we start 26 Days of Spring Fashion on March 1st and we are leaving for our vacation March 3rd, I’m ready for spring fashion.

But, if you want to get some great deals, you might want to check out some of these sales. Many of the items are great items to wear in early spring when the weather is still chilly.

Here are some of my favorite sales going on right now.


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This plaid coat finally went on sale.

This sweater is a nice in-between sweater because the colors are springy.

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Sole Society

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Everything I have added here from Wayfair, I have in my home.

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Beauty For The Heart~~You suspect you’re unlovable? He loves you. You wonder, deep down, if anyone could really truly know you and still want you? He knows you better than you know you. And He wants you.

You’ve given up on yourself? He hasn’t given up on you. This isn’t feel good talk; it’s the rightful conclusion we can draw from the cross itself.

He still loves us because He’s a Father….the one we’ve always wanted. -Brant Hansen from the book Unoffendable

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi there! I love the book, Unoffendable. I am making my way through it slowly and I think the Lord is showing me that I take offense much more often than I thought .
    I love his humorous, conversational style of writing. I truly want to be a woman of God who forgives easily and not hold on to things.
    Thank you for all your inspiration today and for putting this round up of sales together !
    God bless!

    1. this book sounds like a must read. I am going to do a search for this. I do know that prayer is a huge assist with this and that our Father will be a major help with this and even help the memory of these things being wiped away.

  2. The weather is so crazy here you need two wardrobes down. I usually put Spring summer up while my fall winter clothes are down hanging in the closet but this year it goes from one extreme to the other in a matter of a day. I did buy some on sale things Saturday ….one for Spring Summer & other a winter plaid kinda in the same colors as your jacket you have on . You are so right about it brightening but still be something we can wear now. Thanks for all the links to sales!

  3. 34° and spitting snow. I have on sweats and there is a fire in the fireplace. Spring seems VERY far away…(sigh).

  4. Thanks for all your work on the sales post. I had two of your LOFT picks in my hands at the store on Sat. while stopping in with my husband outside the store waiting :)…….. but then decided I didn’t really NEED them and would rather wait to spend money on new Spring items once you style your series. 🙂 This transition season is my least favorite. I am tired of Winter items but I get too cold in Spring stuff if I try to transition too early(NW Oregon) weather. We are having low 40’s and freezing nights right now. We just had our first snow last week that stuck around for a few days. Hope you are going to share your March vacation trip with us. 🙂 Have fun.

  5. I went to the Evereve store at our nearby Mall and found the drop gold earrings you wear often. I couldn’t believe they were on sale for only $7.99! I love them!