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My Skin Care Routine

Since I shared my makeup routine on Tuesday, today I thought I would share my skin care routine. You all are so good about sharing products that I’m sure we can learn from each other!

My Skin Care Routine
First, let me say that if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m attempting to eat healthier and use products that are better for my skin. I’m taking steps to get there but I’m not there yet.

This is a close up picture with no airbrushing. I wish I didn’t have that scarf on because I do have wrinkles on my neck too. But you’re going to have to trust me. I’m obviously wearing makeup and that helps a lot. I’m 48 years old and I’m trying to grow old gracefully and embrace this season of life!

My Skin Care Routine
I decided several months ago to give my Young Living beauty products a try and to be honest, I did not think I would like them.

At my age, I need “hard core” products. But, I have been pleasantly surprised with how these products have made my skin feel and look.

As a matter of fact, my sister asked me what eye cream I was using because she thought my eyes looked good. I told her it was this little jar of Wolfberry eye cream and she ordered it immediately!

My Skin Care Routine
Here’s my Beauty Tip with eye cream. I put a generous amount of eye cream under my eyes at night before I go to bed. I go to bed with white under my eyes (poor Wayne) but in the morning when I shower my eyes are super soft and moisturized.

You DO NOT want the area under your eyes to be dry because that will accentuate your lines and wrinkles. I use a very small amount in the morning because they are all ready moisturized.

I cleanse, tone and moisturize with these three products.

My Skin Care Routine
Before I put my moisturizer on in the morning and at night I use this serum.

My Skin Care Routine
I have been wanting to try this product and just ordered it this week. I will let you know if I like it, but I have heard great things about it.

My Skin Care Routine
Skin care is one area that I’m willing to spend a little more money on because I feel like it’s important at my age.

Before I went with a healthier skin care line, I used Alpha Hydrox skin care line. It’s reasonably priced and it worked well.

Many of you use Young Living essential oils so I would highly recommend you trying their skin care line.

Okay, so what do you use for your skin care? Are you willing to spend a little bit more on skin care?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I truly believe stress is one of the worst things for our body. Stress can cause premature aging, and health problems.

WE ALL HAVE STRESS. But I try my best to alleviate it when I can.

Proverbs 14:30a says, A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; 

Peace in our lives is healthy. We can’t have it all the time and stressful situations always arise but I’m trying to give my stress to the Lord. He can handle it much better than I can!

Have a blessed day! 


**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. I am 43 years old, and for all of my adult life I’ve used either Estee Lauder or Mary Kay. EL from about age 20 to 28 or 29. Then MK for a while. Have been back with EL the last few years. I like it fine, but as one who does use the YL oils, I’d be willing to give that line a try and see if I get better results. My hubby and I are on a new journey of healthy eating and living.

  2. I’m glad to hear about what you think of YL’s skincare line. I haven’t used it yet, but I think I may try the eye cream. I’ve recently discovered a skincare routine that is very interesting and VERY inexpensive! Google “oil cleansing method”…. I know – sounds crazy to cleanse your face with oil – but I’ve used nothing but oil on my skin since Dec 1st and it seems to be getting good results! I guess time will tell….. 🙂

  3. Last year I fell in love with the Melaluca skin care line, Bella Lucca! OMG I simly LOVE their night cream! It is what I started with because I loved my face cleanser that I was using at the time. Shortly after the night cream I bought the Day cream (great for winter) but too much for me in the summer months in TX. I then tried the Day Lotion which I like as well. The products are reasonable priced if you have a whollesale account but they last a really long time. I kept up my membership but found it hard to meet the minimum monthly requirement because it is just my son and I at home so I was not flying through the household products enough to justify keeping it for the face products! BUT I cannot say enough good things about this product line! LOVE IT!

    1. I too could not meet the monthly requirements. However, if you know a member then you can be an authorized user on their account. I order whenever I want and however much I need by calling them and using the authorized user option. My son will only use their kids toothpaste so thank goodness for the option!

  4. Since turning 60 I have also been trying to eat clean and exercise. Sometimes there are aches and pains but love getting older. The Spirit gets stronger as the body gets weaker. I use the Obagi products and RetinA and am so happy with the results. The dead skin is gone and the new skin immerges leaving your face looking young and shiny. Thank you for your blog and for always leading your readers back to God’s perspective on our beauty.

    1. Robin, It’s all about endurance, day after day working out and eating healthy! Cheers to you for making a healthy lifestyle change and keeping it up!


  5. I am 38, and have been using Paula’s Choice skin care products for several months. My skin has never looked better! The products are effective, and the price point is a lot less than high end department store brands. The company also offers a fantastic returns policy.

    1. I also use Paula’s Choice skin care products and am very happy with them and the price. They have great customer service and love the reviews they share on all skin care products. That website is called Beautypedia for anyone interested.

        1. This reply is in response to Mary W.’s post on February 20th at 8:17 a.m. You stated that you are discouraged with pump bottles of cosmetics and the amount of product that remains in the bottle when it is discarded. I, too, used to think the way that you do until I read an article about that very topic. By public demand, many companies changed to the pump bottles from jars due to hygiene reasons. If you have a cream, oil, lotion, etc. in a jar, there will most likely be no waste of the product. However, putting your finger in the jar twice a day, every day is not sanitary. I have jar products, but I use a cotton swab to remove the product. I hope this reply is helpful.

  6. Cyndi – and others – I have been using the Nerium day and night cream since last October and LOVE them. Nerium lifts and firms and removes wrinkles – seriously! (No, I don’t sell Nerium, so you’ll need to find a Nerium representative to purchase them.) I have had several people say, “Your hair looks so nice” but I haven’t changed my hair – I’ve changed my skin care products, and it shows.

  7. love this post, Cyndi. I have been working on a more natural lifestyle for a long time. I can’t always afford to eat organic, but I try to buy more and more when I can. I also pretty much have found natural substitutes for skin and hair care. I started subscribing to the yuzen box (which comes out quarterly) and have already found a couple of holy grail things. it sounds really weird, but cowgirl extreme vitamin c serum is one of them. also acure skin brightening scrub (or something like that) is another. I have ordered both of them, love them and will continue to use. there are a couple things that I haven’t been able to replace – toothpaste and whitener is one. natural deodorant in the hotter months is another. I also have found natural makeup and use it often, but honestly still like the look I get from my regular makeup. God bless.

  8. I’m overwhelmed. So many options. I’m 55 and need something for my eye bags and WANT something light to trap in moisture and smell good after showers – any ideas? Neutrogena Body Oil is the kind of thing I want but my husband doesn’t like the smell.

  9. I am familiar with the skin products you are now using. I also enjoy many of Youngliving oils / products. However, their skin care line is expensive! All the items you listed are well on their way to $200 dollars. They may be great products / “natural” but for me… I cannot spend that much on wrinkles:) Even as a “distributor” (only to save money) and signed up for their award program, their skin care is a stretch for me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have used Mary Kay since I was 19 and I am 57. I just recently purchased my first essential oils and I am loving them. I may try the skin care line soon.

  11. I have used Mary Kay for 13 years, with 10 of those being a consultant. Love all the products and how my skin looks as I continue to do this “aging” thing! But, I still like to hear about other products & their results. Cyndi, I am so ready for some spring fashions from you! Getting cabin fever here in NC. Out of school all week, so far, due to the big winter storm that hit late Mon. & now the single digit temps.

  12. Like many other ladies who commented, I used Mary Kay for many years but I have been using Rodan & Fields for the past two years. I agree with Cyndi, keeping those eyes moisturized is key to the dreaded wrinkles.

    Cyndi, I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am addicted to everything you do here! I look forward to seeing that email notification of your posts each day.

    Keep us posted on your new skin care products.

    Thank you!

      1. Cyndi-I’m 60 and feel like I tend to wear most things that you model..will have to get some new…what I’m most concerts out is my eyes-I don’t put anything on at night as I’m having so much trouble finding eyeliners, and mascara that make me look like a raccoon…I have used very expensive and cheap waterproof even tried loose powder w/out! Talc! I’m so anxious to look good! I’m 30 in my heart😊also-my eyebrows are so hard for me to put on-they always look horrid! Help? I’m thrilled your heart is for others to know Christ!!

  13. I have been using Nerium since October and absolutely Love it. It has visibly improved the sagging skin on my jaw line, getting rid of fine wrinkles on my forehead and improved my overall skin complexion. My skin is soft and feels great! The added plus is how easy it is to use! My daughter is a distributed. Its a little more expensive but I’m not spending money on products that aren’t as effective and I’m worth it! An added benefit is that it is possible to get your product free!

  14. Love this post! I use Dermalogica Age Smart products but I’m always interested in other skin care products and like that YL eye cream. I am trying to eat healthier too. Bad habits are hard to break but I’m hanging in there! One thing to add… drink plenty of water! Really noticing a difference in my skin when I am hydrated too!

  15. Morning-Timeless serum (vitamin C & E), Olay Regenerist
    Evening- Retin A & Olay Regenerist
    48 years old – always searching for the most effective products

  16. I am so glad to see that others find these products EXPENSIVE. It’s hard to justify and still live budget conscious. I am concerned over looking and feeling good about myself but I’ve found other products that work well but are not as expensive. I love your site Cyndi, but sometimes your clothing is so out of my budget! I was embarrassed to say anything and also for fear of retribution from others that may find that spending that kind of money is reasonable. I believe in the way my mom and grandmother taught me that if it’s trendy, don’t spend expensively, but if it’s a good piece of clothing meant for wearing quite a while, then spend the money. I.E. a nice trench coat – traditional and won’t go out of style.

    1. Hi Lisa!!
      I did say I was willing to spend a little more on my skin care. But I do think there are cheaper products that work well too. I just prefer a more organic line and you do pay more for that.
      As far as clothes, I try to suggest clothes at all different price points. I also try to give ideas and you can find similar looks cheaper if you want.
      As far as basic pieces if you have been reading my blog for a while, I always stress purchasing quality basic pieces and not spending a lot of money on trends.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion. It’s always welcome and I appreciate your honesty.

  17. I use a lot of different things, but always inclue Retin A, Curel, Dermarest and some sort of Alph/BetaHydroxy lotion. I just put a straight vitamin E capsule around my eyes at night. I’ll also use concha de Nacar night cream and the lightening mask. The latter are great products with natural ingredients and very reasonably priced. I also sometimes use a DMAE,C-ester, alph-lipoic acid combo. For cleansing I make my own soap and ey-makeup remover that’s very gentle. Witch hazel is my toner. Lastly, SUNSCREEN in at LEAST spf 30. My dermatolgist said spf 50 is really the minimum. Neutrogena makes a great one that only sunscreen, no greasy lotion, that I really like. I bought all they had at TJMaxx!
    It’s fun reading what others use!

  18. Cyndi

    You are a beautiful woman inside and out but I wish you would not worry so much about wrinkles on the neck or around the eyes and embrace them. I am 51 and have used every product out there (except the YL skin care) and I still have some wrinkles, it’s going to happen. I stopped worrying about it but still take good care of my skin and try to eat healthy. I focus more on the confidence I have gained with age, enjoying life and the people around me. I love your Blog and enjoy product recommendations and have tried many. Keep up the good work but don’t be afraid to get wrinkles or show them. Amy

  19. I am relatively new to your blog and read about YL…EO have been calling me for a while now. My neighbor loves them, I have dabbled with store bought oils etc. But I finally jumped in when my kennel said they helped my dog and my sister started selling them. So all that to say, I finally got to order the Wolfberry eye cream today and I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES IN!!! What is your suggestion for a good place to start with how to use my EOs? I have found some things on Pinterest but one person will say they put EO directly on face and others say they use a carrier oil. I am getting overwhelmed and confused. 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  20. Hi Cindy,
    I love your posts and look forward to seeing your Style Suggestions 🙂 I have used a Multitude of products….yes, I was a product junkie…. I tried Rodan and Fields one year ago and have not looked back. It’s the first time I have actually seen results!! The price is reasonable and they last for a least 2 months. I became a consultant so that I could enjoy a better price. The eye cream is a MUST!!

  21. Hi. I really enjoy seeing your fashion and style. I was looking at your skincare routine. I use Tata Harper Skincare products. They are organic, nontoxic products and work great!! Everything from face and body to hand and muscle. Thank you for sharing your posts.