This Is My Story

One of the sweetest things about telling my story last week was all the emails and comments from each of you.

I was overwhelmed with your stories of past failures and sin that had left you feeling guilt and shame for years.

The thread that was weaved in all of our stories was Jesus, he has been faithful and our past no longer defines us.

I was reminded of the song by Big Daddy Weave called “This is my Story”. The words are powerful!

This Is My Story

Oh to tell you my story is to tell of Him. I can’t speak or stop sharing about the grace that is greater than all my sin!

I also can hardly watch this video without tearing up. I think it represents us, writing our stories, sharing about Him.

Can you share your story without sharing about Him?

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Love this song and the story it shares of God’s grace!! SO beautiful… the Love HE has for each of us!! To Him be the glory forever and ever amen!!

  2. I saw the link to your story on another blog just last week, and listened to your story. While I have my own sins, my biggest struggle has been overcoming sexual abuse. I have blamed myself for so long and taken it out on myself through suicide attempts and cutting. Thank you for your transparency and reminding me that healing can come through grace.

    1. Your comments grabbed at my heartstrings. I don’t know if you are familiar with Joyce Meyer, but she lived through terrible abuse growing up. She has a wonderful testimony about grace and healing with the Lord’s help. She has a lot of books that may speak to you where you are. counseling with a trusted Christian professional counselor is a great idea is well. You are a precious soul that has been wonderfully made. God’s grace is greater than ALL of our sin….. May you find hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

    2. Joyce Meyer is a wonderful speaker who could help you. She is on TV every morning and has lots of books and a Great ministry

  3. I live out in the boonies so Internet service is hit or miss. So I’ve got part way through last weeks talk . Thank you for sharing.

    1. Same here I have watched it six times. I never get passed the first half hour. I have heard the children’s choir sing two songs but never get passed that point in the video. Is there any way to forward through the first 30 minutes?

  4. I hlave such a challenge with being able to listen to your videos and even being able to comment. So, I pushed that little button to send it to for listening later. oh my I just was not able to properly navigate that website but will try it again. I have also sent lessons from my church there and am really challenged

  5. This songs on my playlist for my workouts on my ipod! This is an amazing song and I love it when you add a song to your Sunday blog. So much alike in those ways; however, you have a gift for putting it to words! I am sharing this with some of my friends as I know they will be renewed by this blog. Thank you so much Cindi! You are a blessing!

  6. You are so special!! God has given you a story to tell and in your obedience to Him… You shared it. What a testimony!! You are loved and appreciated by all who know you and even us who only know you because if your fashion blogs. God has blessed you!!

  7. I loved watching your Testimony on Mother’s Day…. Thank you for being so transparent. God is using you in a mighty way…. Thank you for all that you share with your followers on this blog, you help with being beautiful on the outside and even more important how to be beautiful on the inside. Blessings to you and happy moving day…..

  8. I love that song by Big Daddy Weave, and also their song “Overwhelmed”. When I think of the sacrifice that Jesus made to cleanse me from my sin and save me….that is why my worship to Him often has me in tears, because I am in awe of what He did for me, and every sinner on this earth! I can never thank him enough. He is worthy, thank you Jesus🙏

  9. I loved our mothers day testimony. You are an inspiration. I also love your blog and all your fashion style.
    You look so cute in everything you put on.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing; I’m sure your story touched many lives. Your husband is an amazing man of God. He listened to God instead of man and you have this beautiful life together. Wonderful things can be made out of our lives if we surrender to Him. Our church is doing a series called DDIY (Don’t do it yourself). We have an advocate. Sometimes things in our life bring Godly sorrow but never shame. That comes from our enemy. We are the beloved of God. Blessings to you. Love your blog and appreciate your ministry.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I could feel how hard it was for you and wanted to reach through the screen and hug you. You are a strong person and keep working at making your mind go towards God’s love for you when the enemy tries to lead you down a sad path. You are beautiful, you are lived, you are here for a reason and you are very strong. Hugs dear.

  12. I would like to order but can’t figure out how this works! Can we order your clothes on line? And do you tell what the fabrics are? I can only wear cotton and a few cotton blends. Love your message! Praise God!

    1. I finally got to watch your testimony of your past and all I can tell you is I just love you !your such a sweet person and I am so glad I found your blog !thank you I know that was really hard for you !I know u will b so busy moving hope all goes well 😄

  13. Cyndi,
    Oh my goodness, I had not had time to watch your Mother’s Day post until this evening. The Lord knew I needed to hear your message today, We had just finished cleaning up from my daughter’s graduation party and I was feeling a little emotional. She is graduating from high school tomorrow night and our son just graduated last weekend from college. I was feeling overwhelmed and worried about both of them as they set out on their journeys. Your message helped me to remember that as The mom”, it is my job just to pray for them. The Lord has it under control and even though I too would love to control everything they do, say and experience…He’s got this! Thanks for reminding me to always pray and to keep praying for them. Happy Mother’s Day Cyndi….I know it’s a little late, but celebrating motherhood should not come just once a year !!!!

  14. You are adorable Cyndi! I love your style and have copied some of your looks ;). I just watched your testimony and wanted to thank you for sharing it. You look so perfect in your blog, thanks for being so real. We all have our trials and struggles. So grateful for Christian women and fellowship to help get us through. Love your blog!

  15. Love this song 🙂 My radio never changes off of Christian music in my car. It helps me get through my day! If God didn’t forgive sinners.. heaven would be empty. xoxo

  16. Oh Cyndi, I just watched the video of your Mother’s Day message and boy, does God know when to place a message on my heart! Your message came at the exact day that I needed to hear it most- today! There are certainly no coincidences in life- God is in control!!!! I also copied your written message about control and I, too, will be writing it in my Bible as well as on my kitchen chalkboard as a daily reminder of who is in control- our sweet Lord! Thank you for all your inspiring ways!

  17. I’ve followed your blog for a couple years and it was refreshing to see you speak. I loved your talk. Lived in the south growing up but now I live in Utah and I sure miss those accents. I was touched by your words. Thanks. Oh and keep the fashions coming 😀