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My Top Posts from 2022

2022 is winding down, but I love taking a look back over the year and seeing the top posts. Spring posts were definitely some of your favorites. I wonder if it’s because spring is always hard to know what to wear. The weather is constantly changing.

But it’s a great time of year because we know warm weather is coming!

Here are my tops post of 2022:

1. 5 Easy Ways to Look Put Together

We can still look polished and put together whether we’re going to work, church, brunch, or even the supermarket.

2. 5 Tips for Wearing Shorts Over 40

This is always a popular post when the weather starts to warm up.

3. 6 Early Spring Outfits

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s nice to have some early spring options.

4. Spring Fashion With Walmart

Shared a spring dress and a casual outfit from Walmart.

5. Amazon Home Finds with Courtney

This was a new addition to my blog and I’m hoping she’ll do some of these in the new year.

6. 6 Spring Shoes I’ll Wear On Repeat

I’m a shoe girl so I love these type of posts.

7. 10 Must Have Spring Wardrobe Essentials

These are great options for early spring.

8. 20 Spring Outfits You Can Wear Now

This denim jumpsuit was one of my favorite spring finds.

9. 3 Vacation Dresses from Amazon

If you’re going to a warm destination Amazon has some great dresses.

10. Spring Try-On

Shared lots of spring blouses in this post.

Well, that’s a wrap! My top 10 posts of 2022.

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Beauty For the Heart™No one lights a lamp only to place it under a basket or under the bed. It is meant to be placed on a lampstand. Mar4:21 (TPT)

Truth: Jesus is using a parable (a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson) about a lamp to teach us how we need to be a light in our world. We use our lamp to light a room; we don’t hide the lamp. As believers, we need to let our light shine too!

As you prepare for the New Year, how can you shine your light this year?

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Cyndi, thanks so much for mentioning and posting the recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl! I just made it for our visiting family and it was a hit! So easy. I used ground chicken and it was all delicious!

  2. I missed the egg roll in a bowl recipe. Could you please link again or let me know what post you shared it in. I’m alittle behind reading with being gone for Christmas. I don’t have Instagram if it was on there. Always happy to get new recipe ideas.