New Accessories from Victoria Emerson

This post is sponsored by Victoria Emerson.

Hi ladies! Today I’m sharing some new accessories from Victoria Emerson. I wear Victoria Emerson bracelets all the time,  but now they have Smart watch straps.

New Accessories from Victoria Emerson

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas, and I was excited because it helps me track my exercise goals. I didn’t realize how much fun I was going to have adding cute straps to my watch.

New Accessories from Victoria Emerson

I’m wearing the Midnight Mist Smartwatch Strap and a Mini Boho Cuff. The bracelets pair well with the watch.

New Accessories from Victoria EmersonNew Accessories from Victoria Emerson

New Accessories from Victoria Emerson

A lot of you have asked for a good no show sock to wear with your shoes. I recently tried Sheec no show socks and they are so good and they don’t come off! I’m wearing the Sheec 2.0 Ultra Low Cut Sock.

New Accessories from Victoria Emerson

Midnight Mist Smartwatch Strap//Mini Boho Cuff//Mixed Media Top (I’m wearing a small)//American Eagle Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Leopard Loafer (TTS)//Sheec Ultra Low Cut Sock//Black Belt//Apple Watch

Not only do they have Apple watch straps they also not have headbands

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  1. Love that blue on you. I’m glad to see a cuff on the jeans. I was wondering if that style was still around. Those loafers are cute too . Leopard print seems to go with just about everything. Loafers are on my list for spring..

  2. Love the Sheec socks as well! They actually stay on my feet. Thanks for telling us about the headbands. They are very cute! I have been wearing Victoria Emerson bracelets for a long time and I really like them. You always look great! Have a wonderful day.

  3. I’ve discovered GEKKS. They’re like no-show socks, but they stay in the shoe! They have adhesive on the bottom that keeps them in place, and when you slip on the shoe it feels like you have a sock on. There are different sizes depending on the style of shoe, ballet flat, sneaker, etc. I have a pair in every single one of my shoes except my athletic tennis shoes. It totally solved my problem with no-show socks slipping off my heel. Check ’em out 🙂

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sheec socks. I won some from another blog and that was a perfect way to try them out. I had a pair of skeechers that i use when i walk and we have a pretty steep hill in our neighborhood and my other socks used to fall off inside my shoes which was irritating but then i tried the sole hugger active x low cut and they stayed on which was AWESOME! The company is also very quick to reply to messages both on their website and their facebook page. I do not work for or have any affiliation with them but i’m a big supporter of companies i believe in.

  5. Cute watch straps but I workout with my Apple Watch so I use a water resistant band. Plus the ones I like are already sold out 😔

  6. Seeing the cuff on your jeans, begs the question, “ Is cuffing your jeans still in style? I like to roll mine twice for a smaller cuff. What’s in, what’s out?

  7. So glad to get information on the no slip socks, I order two pair. This has been a big frustration and have several pair I’ll throw out because they didn’t stay up.

    Anxious to see your kitchen cabinet reveal.

  8. Just because 69% DON’T wear headbands doesn’t mean we can’t wear them does it? HaHa. I am 68 years old, i’m growing my hair out from a pixie cut. It’s a long process. Anyway, my hair is somewhat below my chin and no style yet. So I am going to Florida for a month to get out of Pennsylvania winter, I JUST the other day bought a headband. Thought I could get away with wearing just plain dark ones for the beach & pool. You know it is always soooo windy especially at the beach. So I guess I’ll be in that 31% who are to old to wear headbands. I’ll let you know how many people look at me and shake their heads “NO”. Just thought it was so odd for you to just mention them today!
    PS: Marshalls has plain ones for $4.99. They are $9.99 at Target.

  9. I am not a headband person, but I think they look good on the right people. Love the shirt, not so in love with the shipping cost! Oh well!!

  10. I have that same outfit, I mean everything!! Thanks for sharing it …. I will have to wear it now!! Love your posts!!!!

  11. Are you still getting gel nails? And what color do you wear on them? How often do you have them done? They always look so pretty.