New Activewear for the New Year

Tremendous thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

The number one New Year’s resolution for most people is to exercise more every year. It’s so important as we age to keep our bodies moving. Even the smallest step in the right direction helps. Experts agree that just five minutes a day exercising is better than no minutes.

New activewear always motivates me, and I’ve got some new pieces to share with you from Walmart.

New Activewear for the New Year

Sofia Active by Sofia Vergara is one of my favorite brands at Walmart. She has lots of great pieces to choose from, whether you need leggings, tops, or sports bras.

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I grabbed this ruched tank top when I saw it. It comes in several different colors, including black and white.

My Reebok sneakers work well for strength training.

These leggings are high-waisted and buttery soft. They are selling out quickly, but these are similar.

I like wearing a lightweight jacket, and this one zips up the front, has front pockets, and thumbholes at the cuffs.

This is me, extremely excited that my workout is done! I always dread going in, but when I leave, I’m so glad I did it, and I know I’ll feel better all day.

Lux Zip-Up Jacket (small, another option here) • Ruched Tank Top (small) • High Waisted Leggings (small) • Reebok Sneakers (TTS) • White SocksSports Bra (small)

Walmart has a workout shop with everything you need for the New Year! Let’s make sure we’re active in 2023.

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Beauty for the Heart™Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Truth: What is worry? It’s allowing our mind to dwell on difficulties or troubles, whether from the past or the future. We spend a lot of time worrying!

The beginning of that verse starts with the word, therefore, which means for that reason. What reason? The verse before tells us the reason, But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

Therefore, don’t worry but seek Jesus. When you start to worry, shift your focus and fill your thoughts with His desires.

What are you worried about today? Lay it down and give it to Jesus. Let’s shift our focus in 2023!

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. I have been considering invisalign and was wondering how it is going for you and maybe before, during and after pics?

  2. I would appreciate advice on having a closer relationship with Christ. I want to be excited about reading my Bible or praying but it is more of a chore.
    Thank you!

    1. Susan…. For me the key is being in a woman’s bible study. The Bible comes alive. Our group does studies with a study book for homework and videos to watch each week. We’ve done all the Beth Moore studies, most of the Pricilla Shirer ones, and many other authors. If you can’t meet with other woman you can also order the study book and rent the videos online. When Covid first hit I did this before we started meeting up again. Bible study is my lifeline and you will grow to love reading and learning. Tell God your desire of your heart and He will help you. I’m sure Cyndi has other advice too.

  3. Cute workout clothes! It seems whenever clothes are highlighted from Walmart they are never in stock. I’ve found this with lots of bloggers & know you have no control over that. Just wish everything wasn’t sold out.

  4. I pray everyday but there are things that I keep asking helped doors to be opened that God wants me to go thru. But I don’t feel that I know when he is talking to me so I can do things that he wants me to do. Please let me know how you know when God is talking to you and what else I need yo do.

  5. Are you still doing your Beauty for the Heart blog/ instagram? I haven’t seen many posts or else I’m just not getting them.

  6. I am looking for a tinted moisturizer to use each day for my arms, legs and face. Do you have any suggestions? I do not like the sunless tanner smell. I really enjoy your posts each day. My daughter is tired of hearing ‘well Cyndi says’ LOL
    Thank you,

  7. Have you had any procedures? You look so young. I’m thinking of starting to incorporate facials & others into my routine. Some procedures scare me and others I wonder if worth the money. Would you please address this in your Question & Answers, if not too intrusive?

  8. Hi Cyndi!
    I was wondering about your cute puppy and also if you still do yl oils. You and u you our sister were so invested in them and now neither one of you mention them?

  9. I started FWTFL years ago when you mentioned you were trying it. I had good results but over past year with lots of travel put on some pounds and would like to go back to it with a coach who is really good at coaching you. Who is your coach?

    Thanks for this post on good, inexpensive workout gear. Will be purchasing some items.

  10. Same! Been wondering about the dog, I searched two months ago about the dog but didn’t see anything.

    Also searched for an update to the bangs. Just wondering, Cyndi, if you still like them and plan to keep them. I had cut mine three days before yours, and still really like having them. I feel that they make me look younger, and I’m saving money by not having botox. 😉


  11. I have a few potential questions for tomorrow’s post. What is the best way to store and display shorter necklaces? I got several updated shorter necklaces for Christmas and don’t want to hang them all together on the few hooks I have in my jewelry armoire.
    My second question is have you tried the T3 hot rollers and are they worth the money?

  12. Hi Cyndi, do you have suggestions for preventing and helping crepe skin? I’ve tried Crepe Erase but it’s kind of pricey. Just wondering if there’s other alternatives. Thank you!!!🙂

    1. Teresa….. I’ve always wanted to try crepe erase? Does it work? You said it was expensive but does it work?

    2. I use Gold Bond crepe corrector lotion. I’m 68. It hasn’t gotten rid of the crepe skin but I see a lot of improvement. My skin looks more hydrated. I use it twice a day. It’s almost $12 at Walmart and at my local grocery store. I think on someone younger it probably will work better. I wished I had tried it a few years ago.

      1. Yes Terri, I have used gold bond for crepe erase and also love that product. However, because it is cheaper the tube is smaller. So I then go through a tube quickly than I want. In my “experience” with trying different hydration types of lotions I think it is to each its own. We need to find our own!! Coconut oil? Essential oils? Olive oil? 🤷‍♀️

  13. Wrote this once but didn’t post. My question is, What do you do for your out of the house workout and how often? AND do you do your hair and make up before you head out to work out?

  14. I am petite. Do you know where I can buy leggings to fit for petite person. I have capri style, but in the winter, I don’t like to where them to the gym. Any healthy tips, let me know.

    1. I think it does work as long as you are using it consistently. Once you order from a promotion or ad you are agreeing to an auto shipment that you can manage by declining or changing. In my experience the promotion price is a good value. But when you reorder a product (in my experience) it is then full price. However, they may offer a discount compared to if you were to buy from a store like Ulta.