My New Favorite Accessory

Hey friends! I have a new favorite accessory and I had to share it with you! Can you guess by looking at this close up picture?

My New Favorite Accessory

It’s contact lenses!! I’m soooo excited! I had tried them before but I could never wear them. I recently went to a new eye doctor, Dr. Jeff Klosterman, so if you live anywhere close, I highly recommend him.

I don’t know about you but after turning 40 my eye sight started getting bad. I’m farsighted but I was having trouble seeing at a distance too. I had to wear my glasses all the time if I wanted to see. Ugh!

The contacts I had tried before would help me see at a distance but I still needed reading glasses. I didn’t like that.

Dr. Klosterman had multifocal contacts which helps you see up close and at a distance. He felt sure he could get me wearing contacts.

My New Favorite Accessory

He has a large selection of different brands but felt Air Optix would be a good fit for me. He put me in the first pair and said we’d start with them. He compared it to riding a bike with training wheels. If I liked them we’d move up to the next pair.

I loved them! But the next week, we tweaked my prescription just a little and now they’re even better! I don’t have to wear glasses at all.

I can see my iphone (I can’t believe it!) and I can see at a distance. No more saying, “Hold on let me put my glasses on so I can read that.”

I put my contacts in first thing in the morning and they’re the last thing I take out at night. I couldn’t be happier!!

So if you are looking for a great eye doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Klosterman. He has a beautiful new office located at 125 Collin Drive, Harrodsburg, Ky., and you can tell him I sent you! (Office #859-734-2020)

My New Favorite Accessory
Do you wear glasses? Have you tried contacts?

Have a blessed day!

***I was given contacts and contact solution for writing this post but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I have worn contacts for, ahem!, 40 years now. My first pair was those little bitty hard lenses before they came out with RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses. Somewhere in there, I tried disposable soft lenses, but they weren’t as visually acute. Around 47, I switched to bifocal RGPs and now I’m in multifocal RGPs. I love them. I cannot tolerate my bifocal glasses – they make me dizzy! I’ll undergo LASIK surgery before I go back to glasses!

  2. I have been trying all brands of multifocal contacts which have not been working for me. I’m near-sighted and the multifocals I’ve tried either work for distance or near, but not both. One of the 2 is always compromised. I’m on my 3rd brand of multifocals and still haven’t found one that works. I’m going to try this brand and hope it works for me!!

  3. I haven’t worn contacts since I was in my 20’s but I’ve noticed since I turned 49 that my vision is changing. I’ve had my bifocals for a year now and was wondering if the contacts your showing help with the need to have the bifocals or are you finding you still need to wear glasses too (especially in front of the computer)?

  4. Hey Cyndi! I wore multi- focal lenses for years. When I went in for my yearly checkup we would sometimes tweak the prescription, but I loved them. Unfortunately, the difference between my near and far eyesight and astigmatism made it increasingly hard to get a prescription that did not leave me with a “no-man’s land” of blurring. I finally gave up and now strictly wear glasses. I am so glad you are having success with yours!

  5. That’s awesome Cyndi! I have wondered if there were such a thing as contacts for far and near vision both. Good to know.

  6. I have worn multi-focal contacts for years, for the same reason, near as well as far. I love them, mine however i wear for 30 days (sleep in them too) then replace with a new one. I only wear one in my left eye, right eye is 20/20. Best money ever spent

  7. I have only worn glasses for 3 years (started at 40) but I only need it for one eye. I’ve really wanted to try contact(a) but have concerns about cost and how if like them.

  8. I also wore contact lenses and had to start wearing reading glasses. Two years ago I switched to multifocal lenses and have not wore reading glasses since. Mine are Biofinity 30 day. However, I take them out at night and replace them in the morning. Keeping them in nonstop was causing astigmatism. Love them like everyone else!

  9. I’ve worn glasses/ contacts nearly all my life! I just wanted you to urge your readers to get their eye exams…. especially after 40. I have always been consistent simply because I need a contact Rx! however, this past year, they found I have GLAUCOMA… I’m very young to have it… but, with lots of follow ups, a great eye doctor, and taking my eye drops, I shouldn’t have a significant loss of vision!
    I’m not a fan of the eye doctors you find in chain stores… a real eye clinic will have the equipment they need to make a good diagnosis without lots of referrals! I’m so thankful that I went to one (by the way, my eye doctor is a friend of mine–she reads your blog, too!!)

  10. Hi Cyndi, I used to wear contacts. When my eyes started changing my eye Dr did not recommend wearing contacts any more. I am so happy you told us about your new accessory

  11. On e I turned 42, I started to need reading glasses. I can still manage without them, but it’s better with them ;-). Does it make sense to wear contacts if I only need them to read?

  12. I have had the same problem. I have tried three or 4 different ones including the air optic without success. They tweak the prescription and it works for awhile, but very quickly I was back to wearing the reader glasses. I finally decided to go back to the single focus. Fortunately I can get away with reading a bit but need the readers for very fine print and reading in poor lighting.

  13. I got my first pair of contacts at age 14 (glasses @ 12) and I’m nearing 50, so contacts (and poor vision) are part of my daily life. I did have LASIK surgery several years ago. My eyes regressed and I had an enhancement. All was perfect for a short period and they regressed again. There’s a 95% success rate with LASIK……just my luck to fall into that five percent. 🙁 However,my vision is still MUCH better than it was before the surgery, but I’m back to corrective lenses. I am currently wearing one contact to enhance my distance and use the other eye for closer objects such as my dashboard, cooking, etc., but still need readers for most computer work, reading, etc. I’m not familiar with the multi-focal lenses but am going to ask my eye doctor and do a little research. Are they anything like the progressive lenses in glasses? I got a pair of those and absolutely hate them. I cannot see anything. I did ask about bifocal contacts and the optometrist said a lot of his patients were dissatisfied with them during night driving. As the pupils dialate in the darkness, they lose the field of vision for their distance. So anyway, all in all, my vision is actually better than it’s ever been but it’s increasingly more difficult to find the right lenses. Lol. Glad to hear you have found some that you are having success with! 🙂

  14. wow I am glad you have a solution for your vision. I fall into the area some of the others do. wore glasses for many years, tried unsuccessfully with contacts (ophth insisted I must be pg as he had never had a pt. with my challenges-turned out to be my first thyroid episode)wore glasses quite a while before being introduced to a new ophth that insisted that things had improved. He was right and wore them for another lengthy period of time before having several episodes with severe dry eye and corneal abrasions. Received a Mothers day gift of Lasik surgery. Oh happy day being able to see everything in the am without struggling to find contacts etc.Enjoyed that for another year with beautiful 20/20 eyesight. Drastic weight loss and severe thyroid episode(storm with all the ugly issues) that causes ugly issues with eyes, cauterization of ducts, corners of eyelids sewn shut to accommodate the inability to close ones eyes. I just have to be thankful or the wonderful ophth that went through this journey with me.
    Finally no longer have all those painful abrasions on my eye surface. And just like the other reader, early signs of Glaucoma which I am using drops for also. But I can still see and thank our Lord for putting just the right caring ophth into my life.

  15. I’ve been wearing contacts for a few years now and love them too! Mine are air optic also and they are great! I usually wear my glasses at night and some on the weekends to give my eyes a rest but much better than wearing them all the time!

  16. I am in the same boat. I need some distance correction now after having to wear readers for the past 5ish years now. I would really love to wear contacts because I’m constantly changing from my readers to my loupes at work, which I hate!! (Hygienist). Anyway, did you have trouble putting them in your eyes? I have always been very sensitive to anything in my eyes so I’m concerned I just won’t tolerate them!

  17. Hi Cindy, I too am a contact wearer. Like you I got tired of having to wear readers. And not to forget, the small fortune spent to have an endless supply,for every part of my house were I might need them. Lol. I just switched to Air Optics Night and day. WOW!!!! Can leave in for 30 days before having to change them. I found I was ripping the others (quite often) when I took them in and out everyday. They are safe too. I seemed to see better with mono vision . That is one eye wears a reader the other wears the distance. Hey… Some how your brain figures it out…..but anyway it works great! Welcome to the aging club…The excesseries only get better!

  18. I wore contacts for probably 10 years, then my eyes started to get really dry when wearing them. I had stopped working to be a Full-Time Mom, and really didn’t need to sit at a computer all day. My Rx is -.25, so really slight. Contact manufacturers don’t make a correction that slight, so I was over-correcting, which was about the same as not wearing them.
    My eye doc prescribed an optional bifocal, as a nice gift when I turned 38 years old. I put off getting the bifocal until I was 40. It’s slight, but makes a huge difference when I’m handstitching quilts.

  19. Just love my contact lenses! Feel terribly lost without them, although I do have a funky pair of Ray Bans that I wear on days I give my eyes a breather – which is really important for keeping the eyes healthy!

  20. I’ve worn contacts for many years. I tried the bifocal ones with no success so I’m stuck using readers. I’m glad they are working for you!

  21. Hey Debbie,
    There’s a difference between the bifocal contacts and the multifocal. I could not wear the bifocal. But the multifocal is amazing!! Just thought I’d share that, you might want to check into it.

  22. Laura, it took a little getting use to but now I have no trouble at all! I do wear glasses when I clean teeth. I use a 1.25 reader.
    I love the contacts!!

  23. I’m so glad your contacts are working well! I’ve worn soft lenses since I was 20 and just a few weeks ago had to buy a pair of readers. I haven’t had to use them much yet, but really need them with my iPhone. I will definitely be checking into the multifocal contacts as my vision changes!