No Tie Sneakers

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Since I have a little more time on my hands, I decided to share a video of how I like to tie my sneakers. Well, they aren’t tied.

They’re the slip-on version, and I think they look better than a bow. When I took the below picture, I had one of them as a no tie and the other tied.

My Graphic tee is from Evereve, and it’s sold out. This one is the same brand, and it’s on sale. My jeans are Kut From the Kloth and also sold out, but Evereve has all their Kut From the Kloth jeans on sale.

They have free shipping with no minimum purchase.

My Adidas sneakers can be found HERE. I sized up 1/2 size.

No Tie Sneakers

If you want to watch my video in full screen mode you can go to my Youtube channel HERE. Then click the square in the bottom right corner.


Have you tried no tie sneakers?

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Beauty For the Heart~~ God, we need some defiant joy today. Unreasonable joy. Not joy that denies dire circumstances but joy born of faith, acknowledging Christ as Lord over all, Sustainer, Shelter, Healer, Protector, Intercessor who hears our prayers. Our Hope against hope, well able to defy all odds.

Lord, we know you are at work, but we ask you, out of your tender loving kindness and endless mercy, to grant us this day to hear word of answered prayers and wonders.

We ask you for miraculous protection over all healthcare workers and for all on the front lines in this fierce battle.

We acknowledge from our knees our desperate need of you, and we ask for your mercy. For you, God, so loved this world, you gave your only begotten son & you who loved it, love it still.

This is no God-forsaken world. Lord, we dare ask you, show us your glory. Hide us in the Rock. Amen. -Beth Moore

Have a blessed day!


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    1. The BFTH is great. I love Beth Moore. I’ve done all her bible studies. Some even twice. :). Thanks for video. Love seeing you. Great idea. I don’t have white sneakers but need to find some. My son in law is a Nike employee so I really shouldn’t buy addidas. 🙂 lol. Plus I get the family Nike discount. :). Wish stores were open to try some on. Be safe,

  1. Great idea!! My white leather Nike’s look exactly like the adidas ones you have so I’m going to try this. I’ve seen some of the younger or other bloggers style fashion white sneakers with joggers. Is there a reason you stay away from this look? Thanks and love the BFTH today such encouraging words❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I’ve always wondered how to tie my sneakers like this. I’m sure I could have looked this info up online but I never did and you made it very simple! I appreciate your blog, especially at this time. Stay safe and healthy!

  3. I am 50 years old and a little curvier than I used to be. What are our favorite jeans? I feel like my legs won’t fit into any “skinny” jeans.

  4. Thank you for the video today. I just bought a pair of white Vans and the laces are so long , now I can use your method and tuck them in, much better look. Take care everyone, we’ll get through this.

  5. Hello Cyndi,
    Love the sporty look today!
    I was wondering if you could share more information about your hair. I LOVE the color and cut. How do you style it ? Do you know the EXACT color formula your hairdresser uses? I know you once said it was a 5/6 combo but do they use ASH, COOL, or WARM tones?
    What hair products do you use?
    I’m just OBESSED with you hair! LOL💕

  6. That was a cool little video and I’m going to try it now that I have two pair of casual sneakers. Also loved the BFTH today ~ thank you for sharing 😀

  7. I love reading your inspirational quotes, prayers, thoughts. Keep them coming, Lord knows we need them right now! Thank you for a little uplifting ray of light in our day. And your style, well that goes without saying, love that as well!

  8. My question is the Princess and the Pea syndrome – can’t you feel the bunched up laces under the sole of the shoe?

  9. Cyndi, I just had to check with you- the pics of the tshirts from Sheshow in your post have some pretty unsavory words and phrases. I couldn’t tell if they were like a pop-up ad or not- it appears when I clicked on the word “here” where you told us where to find the shirts. Just wondered if you knew this.

    1. I didn’t see this. If it’s an ad, I can contact my ad company because they don’t allow bad ads. Every once in a while one will get through.

  10. Cyndy, this video was a game-changer for me! I have a pair of pink sneakers that look darling in the closet, but whenever I put them on, I felt frumpy. Switched the laces to no-tie and voila! They look so cute and modern! Thanks for the video!

  11. I watched your video on “no tie” sneakers and I loved it. My question is how do you keep the shoe from being loose after you put it on if the shoe strings pull out a bit in order to get your foot in the shoe?? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

  12. Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for showing this. Totally in love with this look. Definetly chic style. I also like the no socks look. Have you ever wore these adidas without socks?. I occasionally do and are quite comfortable. Difficult to find a good pair of no show socks.

    Keep it up.