Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and Misses

Hello weekend! I’m all about getting organized this weekend. It. is. time. I want to get my blogging stuff in place because once August gets here, things get super busy.

Wayne and I are trying to get a room organized for me with clothes I’m going to style and clothes (like white shirts, shoes, handbags, etc.) I wear over and over again on the blog.

Since we’re talking about organizing I’m putting together clothes I’ll be styling in September and the clothes I ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have been coming in slowly but surely.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI thought I would share with you what I have so far, some I’m keeping and some are going right back!

This outfit is one of my favorites. The cardigan is so soft and of course it’s out of stock. I’m hoping they will restock it soon.

I like the white t-shirt but whenI style it, I will wear a cami underneath it because it’a little low for me.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI ordered these Joe jeans and I love them. Let me say, the legs are snug but for fall and winter, I like that because I’ll be wearing boots. I ordered a size 28.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesThese lace up flats are adorable, the leopard print is sold out but they have more colors. They are selling out fast! These are perfect for fall!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and Misses

These booties are Vince Camuto but I’m not a fan of these. They are too big around the ankle and I ordered my usual size and they feel snug. These are going back.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesThese peep toe booties will be perfect for early fall when it’s still warm.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI purchased the v-neck blouse in black and olive (it’s called grape leaf on the Nordstrom site). I love both of them and will wear a cami when I style it in the fall. These are basic pieces that can be worn with a lot of different outfits.

The jeans I have on are Paige skinny jeans. I like them but I like the Joe jeans better so these are going back.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesOkay, the over the knee black boots I’m not sure about. They’re comfortable I’m not sure I like the way they look. You definitely have to wear these with very skinny jeans or leggings. These are probably going to go back.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI wanted to like this striped shirt, it’s soft but too long for me. It’s going back.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI’m also not sure about this cardigan. I like it a lot but I wish I had ordered one size down. It feels a little big. They are out of this color so if I send it back I can’t replace it.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and MissesI did purchase one handbag and I love it. Of course this is out of stock too. I can’t believe how quickly items sell out!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Hits and Misses

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I think I might have had more misses than hits but thankfully I can send it all back. The closest Nordstrom to me is 2 hours away and I haven’t had time to get there so I have had to order everything.

I still have a few more things ordered so I’ll let you know how they work out.

Have you ordered anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I just placed my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order yesterday. I’m especially excited about the Kate Spade bag I scored. They were already out of the color I wanted online, but fortunately my personal sales associate found it in her store and had it shipped to me. I also love their new rewards program that allows you to enroll without a credit or debit card. 😊 PS very much enjoy your blog Cyndi.

  2. You got some really great pieces, Cyndi! Funny, my orders were so similar to yours (although I had to repeatedly talk myself out of both the handbag and the giraffe print flats!). I’m relieved they’re sold out so the temptation is gone! 😉

  3. Love the anniversary sale. My daughter got some great pieces by BP and free people for her college wardrobe. I got a gorgeous Kate Spade purse and watch, some Trish McAvoy products and shoes and boots for both of us. Lift is also having a great sale now with pieces that will transition simmer to fall. Happy shopping and styling!

  4. I purchased a few of these pieces too kid some other basics I’ve been wanting. I am still waiting for my pieces to arrive! I am probably going to regret that I didn’t buy any booties.

  5. I have to tell you, that I really like my pair of OTK boots—and I wore them much more than I had anticipated (especially with dresses & skirts to keep me warm in the cold months).
    I absolutely love those flats—interesting yet will go with everything! (can you tell I’m a shoe girl?)

  6. Thanks for the post Cyndi. From what I’m seeing on EVERY blogs I”my afraid that everyone in the country will be wearing the exact same outfits this fall!

    1. Ha!! You are probably right but we will each style them differently and with different accessories. That will help! Plus we will mix and match these pieces with pieces from other stores.

  7. Hi Cyndi , I love all your pieces and they look fabulous on you. Don’t send the Over The Knee Boots back, I think they look perfect on you and I think you will regret it. I have I’m ashamed to say about 5.pairs of Over the knee boots and they are my favourite to wear

  8. Cyndi-I am going against the other people who commented that you should keep the OTK boots because I remember the pair you styled last winter and between the two the ones from last year are better. Also, if you don’t feel good about the look, it is more likely you won’t enjoy wearing them.

    I have ordered some things from the sale, but, so far am sending most of it back. The OTK boots I ordered will be here today. I can’t wait to try them. I have never worn any over the knee. Hopefully they won’t be too tall for me.

  9. Love, love, love Fall!! I can not waist for it to get here!!
    I personally love the striped top on you and the long cardigan. I have a couple of cardigans similar to the one styled today and LOVE them.

    I have to go against the grain on the OTK boots. I like others that you have styles a lot better.

    Thank you for sharing your fall finds!

  10. I really think the stripe tunic is cute on you, but if you don’t like it that is what counts. I LOVE long tops to cover me up!

  11. Cyndi, what is it that makes you prefer the Joe’s Jeans over the Paige Jeans? It would be helpful for those of us who do not live close to a Nordstroms to have someone give us particulars on the fit and comfort levels of the brands. I have a smaller waist and it’s hard to find jeans that do not gape at the waist.

    1. These particular Paige jeans were a low rise and I also felt they were too short on me. I might not mind that length for summer but for fall I like my jeans longer. Overall I didn’t think they were as comfortable.
      The Joe jeans were very skinny and at first I wasn’t sure about them but they relaxed and they will work great with oversized sweaters and boots this fall.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Cute items. You look great and I love to see what’s new for fall. I have to say though and please don’t take this the wrong way but all these pieces look like so many of the the clothes that you already have – jeans, cardigans. Are yours worn out? I look at these items and think “oh, I’d love that cardigan” and then think “you already have one in black, grey, blue etc…” so talk myself out of buying new things. I buy classic items that are decent quality (and most of the Nordstrom clothes aren’t cheap perse like something from Target or Forever 21) so don’t’ need to replace that often.

    1. Hi Gina!! I do have similar items, but many from last year I have already given away. This blog is my business and I constantly style new items. If I styled everything from last year I would not be able to link to any of those items (and many of my readers count on my clothes being online, they don’t like to shop). These items will hopefully be restocked for fall.

      Some items are given to me and many of the posts I do are sponsored posts and they ask me to style certain items from the current season.

      If you already have the items I style then hopefully you can get ideas on how to style them different ways.
      I hope that makes sense. If you’re not a blogger, it’s sometimes hard to figure it all out.


      1. Thanks Cyndi! I get it now. I won’t feel like I’m missing out on buying new things now. I’ll just get ideas on how to style them.

  13. It’s interesting how everyone’s tastes differ. I think the striped shirt looks good on you, and the only thing I’m not a fan of are the peep toe booties. Perhaps it’s just seeing them in a photo, but they look clunky.

  14. I love Nordstrom but I’m kind of disappointed in the sale merchandise this time around, Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t ordered one thing!

  15. What size would you suggest in the cardigans you styled? Also, I am only 5’2- can I still pull off the long ones? They seem overpowering . Thank you!!

    1. I’m styling a small and I think I might like the XS better. If you’re going to wear this type of cardigan, you might try adding a heel or wedge heel to give you some height. Otherwise it could be overpowering.
      Hope that helps!!

  16. My daughter and I went to Nordstrom a few days ago and we were disappointed. They had most of the anniversary sale items all in one section but we couldn’t believe how little was left. I was hoping to buy some Tory Burch sunglasses but they dint have many left and the ones I liked weren’t on sale 🙁
    My daughter did fine a very cute Nike skort and its part of their higher end line so she knew it was a good deal. I was glad we didn’t leave empty handed and we had fun!
    Oh I got some samples of 2 really good eye creams, so I can try them because they are both expensive.

  17. Hey Cyndi! I’ve taken most of my Nordstrom items back to Nordstrom Rack. I didn’t realize you could return there also! Wish we had the actual store in OKC! I did keep a pr of cute cut out booties and a pr of Wit and Wisdom jeans. They open the anniversary sale to card holders 8 days before the public so I think that’s why all the sizes sell out so fast!

  18. I really love that you showed the “misses” as well as the “hits”. I always feel bad that I have so many things I need to return when I order online. It was a relief to see a “professional” does too!

  19. Ordered early, thanks to you and Jolynne! I ordered the rust cocoon cardigan, and BP booties. But I haven’t been able to find tall boots to fit me yet, thank goodness for free shipping and returns! I do like the simple black top, I may have to give that a try! But the two jeans you showed are sold out of my size! 😔

  20. I already placed an order but I really like the vneck blouse that you are wearing. I purchased a similar one last year from Nordstrom that was more an extreme hi-lo that I absolutely love but ordered a junior size after I read all the reviews. Can I ask what size did you get and how does it fit? Thanks for all your ideas! Just so you know I had never bought anything from them before I read your blog!

  21. Wow, I love your Fall collection so far… but I think I agree with each preference you had.. I’m not a fan of too long of blouses, and I love booties, but those were a little wider at the bottom then I prefer. I think the black OTK boots are cute, but too slim in the leg and then too long in the foot, looks funny. 🙂 LOVED the lace up pointed tow flats, as I also went and picked out 2 pair of pointed toe flats for Fall. I picked out a gold pair, which I know will be my favorite pair this Fall. I do need jeans though…. and I love those Joe jeans. I hope they are true to size.
    God Bless and just a note to say, you are beautiful in all your selection!! Wise choices…

  22. I hope you kept that cardigan – I think it looks great on you 🙂 I think the size was good, I think it’s suppose to fit “boyfriend” style…………..and love those jeans too………thanks for sharing your picks.