Old Navy Shirt Dress + Booties

Happy hump day!! I love a casual dress and this Old Navy shirt dress is perfect for fall. It’s comfortable enough to wear everyday but it would be a great work wear dress too.

Old Navy Shirt Dress + Booties

It’s warm enough here to wear it alone but for cooler days, I could a denim jacket which would give the dress a little more structure.

Old Navy Shirt Dress + BootiesI wear these Vince Camuto booties all the time. They have a heel but they’re comfortable and look good with dress or jeans.

Old Navy Shirt Dress + BootiesOld Navy Shirt Dress + BootiesThis dress is regularly $36.99 but use code thankyou and get 30% off purchase & 40% off when you use your Old Navy Card, GapCard, or BananaCard.

Old Navy Shirt Dress + BootiesOld Navy Dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Tan Booties (size down a half size)//Madwell Handbag//Earrings/ Leopard Print Watch//Bracelet//Necklace

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Beauty For the Heart~~In Isaiah 43:18 (NASB) we’re reminded to not ponder on past things, “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past.”

Do you ever dwell on past mistakes or hurts? God is reminding us to not spend a great deal of time looking back. Today is a new day! Rejoice in His grace and mercy!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. First I had to laugh when I see you posing in the middle of the street. My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) always gives me a hard time when I have her stand in the street!!
    I love these shirt dresses, but I do struggle with the straightness of them. And then when I try a belt, it makes it a little short. But I like seeing it like this, and it makes me realize that I can wear it straight and still look nice!!
    Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration and positive words.

    1. Jodie, thanks for your great words to Cyndi! I love BOTH of your blogs so much. You girls have a great grasp of those of us “ livin’ in the real world.” And I love your “Ageless Style” groupn with your Mom & Stepmom. I just got back from a weekend in Wisconsin with my parents and sister. Our Mom came down every morning to breakfast with a great combo down to earrings & necklace… and she is 81!!! Keep up the amazing encouraging positive work you two!!! I LOVE it that the gal in Iowa can share this with the two fashionistas from Colorado & Kentucky!!! Be blessed and be a blessing today, ladies!’ Rochelle from Iowa

        1. Have a great weekend!! Fall colors starting tompop and the combines are whirling away in the cornfields here in Iowa. I live right next to the Mississippi so my morning g walks are pretty spectacular this time of year. Blessings to you, Jodi!!!! Rochelle

  2. Nice dress! The link will not allow me to use the ‘thankyou’ promo code. Indicates it will only apply to the use of their credit card.

  3. Cute dress and yes with a jean jacket and boots it would be very “transitional”….I always wonder when I see you posing in the street! Always takes my breath away……and really hope someone is watching out for you!
    The Crown……..good to know! Might have to start watching it!
    Keeping my eyes off the past is hard especially when I’ve been wronged but I am trying…..thanks for the reminder!

  4. Cute outfit! I loved watching “The Crown” and I’m looking forward to the second season starting in December. Last night I began watching “The House of Windsor” which is a documentary about the British royals. It was very interesting! It is sometimes hard to find clean shows to watch that don’t have a lot of bad language. Have you watched “Downton Abby”?

  5. My husband and I started watching The Crown last season. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Very seldom, do we both like the same thing, but he’s a history buff and I love anything “Royal”. Can’t wait for Season 2 to start Friday, December 8 on Netflix. I recently watched an interview with Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Matt Smith (Prince Philip), where they said the entire cast will be changing after Season 2, so they can bring in a more mature cast.

  6. Love the style dress and its so cute on you. 🙂 Great price. 🙂 Thanks Cyndi for the suggestion of a good show to watch. I too am so picky on TV and movies. I agree with what you said. I’ve always been strict with my kids and think we get use to stuff shown and then don’t’ realize what we or others are watching. My husband and I went to the movies the other night and were just shocked on the previews to what was coming to the theaters. What minds are thinking of this awful stuff? I hate this time of year for movies, as they seem to cater to the HALLOWEEN celebrating people. I was just sick about it. Anyway, I haven’t heard of The Crown. I don’t have Netflicks but it sounds good. Have a great day. So happy you get to be in Colts life more. 🙂 Fun

  7. Thanks for the recommendation on The Crown. I will need to check it out. Another good historical fiction you can find is Poldark on Amazon Primr. They have seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 is currently airing on PBS Masterpiece Theatre Sunday nights. The music and scenery are fantastic!

  8. Cyndi,

    I read your blog faithfully! Thank you for all of your inspiration! Many days, you make my day and give me something very positive to think about! You have such a kindness…I’m sure blogging is time consuming.

    I have watched the Crown 3 times! Loved it. Another one I found interesting is Prison Break…actually about family ties and two brothers.

  9. Super cute Cyndi, I purchased an olive green jersey dress this year and with the denim jacket its quite cute and brings it in in all the right places…. Do you wear your booties in the spring as well? I’ve purchased a pair but feel I wont get much time to wear them this fall before we are into the winter months(mine have the open back), and since you can’t put a tight with them pretty limited season. I agree with what we watch. My husband and I had always used the term with our kids growing up “garbage in , garbage out”… We have Netflix so I will have to give this show a try.

  10. Cyndi, VidAngel is an AWESOME filtering service that allows Christians to be very specific in the edits they choose to filter for every scene in many Amazon and Netflix TV shows and movies! Our family would likely never get to enjoy a family movie night without VidAngel. There is a free trial offer you can try! http://Www.vidangel.com

  11. great look. i have liked the shirtdresssince i was a teenager BUT when it isi on me i just feel so sad at the results. Regardless of wheat my weight has been it just dooes not happen for me. this makes me quite sad because the clean look is so great and what a timeless style it has been.

    What a great scripture today. this is a challenge for my husband whose childhood and early adult life within his immediate family was not so great at all. Hard to know how to deal with the stories he remembers and be supportive but also how to put them to bed.

    1. Brenda – recently I heard a sermon about forgiveness and how we need to learn to forgive someone even if they haven’t apologized or asked for forgiveness. I had a situation where I had someone in my past I needed to forgive. I prayed about it and once I truly turned it over to God and forgave them – wow – the freedom and peace I felt was wonderful! I don’t know if your husband has done that or not but if not encourage him to do so. It will change his life. Blessings ….

  12. Cute cute as always…If you havent seen the movie A Question of Faith its a must…nut don’t forget your kleenex!!

  13. Cute dress! I loved “The Crown” and can’t wait for the next season.

    I just discovered “Hart of Dixie”. It’s cute. Alot like Gilmore Girls, in that it’s about several characters in a small town.

  14. Everything looks great on you! And thank you for the recommendation on a clean show to watch!! I’m the same way and don’t watch a lot of TV because of this.

  15. Can you suggest a way to wear this through winter? I want to wear dresses to church through the winter but end up wearing pants every week because I don’t like to freeze and I find most dresses stick to tights or nylons… Would love some suggestion!

    1. I know I’m not Cindy, but I bought this dress in burgundy as well. I’m planning on adding leggings and a jean jacket OR a long sleeve tee under it. This dress could handle a blanket scarf as well for warmth.

      1. I hate that nobody wears pantyhose and slips any more. Clothes just hang better and the bulgy bits are more camouflaged. Hope they come back into style.

  16. Cute shirt Dress! You just can’t beat that price. But, then you look fantastic in everything you wear.

    Colt Allen will have the cutest, best dressed gramma picking him up. How fortunate you are to live so close.

  17. I bought this same dress, but in burgundy. I really like it and am so thrilled to see you styling it here. I agree that it’s really versitile – have a blessed day as well.

  18. I too am sensitive about what I watch and have a hard time finding shows I really like. I enjoyed The Crown on netflix and have found a couple other Netflix shows I really liked. Escape To The Country and The Great British Baking Show and When Calls The Heart were hits for me. Netflix is great for recommending things based on what you have watched, and sometimes I find good programs that way once I watched a little more. I Always enjoy your blog!

  19. This dress is so cute on you! I just ordered the green and the burgundy, can’t wait to get them!

    I loved The Crown, waiting for the next season! My husband and I enjoy watching Doc Martin, it’s very quirky, has beautiful scenery, and is clean!

  20. Darling dress Cyndi! You’re not weird at all about being careful with the movies you watch, you are wise. What we take in affects our minds and words and actions more than I think we realize. My husband and I are careful also with the movies/entertainment, etc. God bless you!

  21. I love “The Crown” on Netflix!! I also love the dress. Will probably be buying one for myself. I would love it if you would style some booties with a heel no higher than 2 inches. I love the ones you are wearing, but I am on my feet a lot during the day, so I just can’t wear anything higher than 2, and that’s pushing it a little!! Love your blog.

    1. Paul Green has a cute pair with a lower heel called Lois Slingback and also State Iddah Perforated Bootie. I bought these due to their lower heel. Very comfortable,

  22. I’m glad you finally wore something in the cheaper range. I cannot afford the expensive clothes you wear. They are beautiful I must admit.

  23. Super cute dress. I love olive colored clothes this time of the year. I love your blog and look forward to it everyday. One question. What color is your toe polish? Really nice looking!

  24. I love this look! I’m pretty picky about what I watch as well and will keep
    The Crown in mind. We’ve been watching our way through Monk on Comcast/Xfiniti On Demand/Streampix and are really enjoying it. Never saw it back when it aired.

  25. I’m like you and a bit picky about what I will watch and yes, I loved The Crown. I watched the whole first season on my iPad while my husband watched football. Also like the dress and it comes in petite! Thanks for sharing 💕

  26. Cute dress! I’m picky about what I watch also, with 2 kids in the house. I watch a lot of Hallmark & FETV (which has a lot of classic shows, Father Knows Best, etc). Christmas movies start on Hallmark October 27, yay!!!

    1. You sound just like me. I can never get enough of Christmas movies… I hear there are a bunch of new hallmarks too.

  27. You always look so cute. The clothes always look better on you than the models on the websites. I just got the Gap camo pants and they are so cute and different!

    I like The Crown, too. I watched the first season last spring. I don’t have television, only an iPad, and I haven’t watched anything since i finished that series.

    Looking forward to your take on CoolSculpting. I had it done a couple years ago Meh.

    Have a great day.

    1. Yeah, I almost went for it, then we had a budget shock, and I put the idea on the backburner. Later on, talked to two women who had it done and both said it was not worth the money. Then, later one had a fat bubble pup out on her back, which can happen – well a fat bubble can pop out anywhere. She had to have lypo, and more money spent. Maybe they’ve perfected the process, by now. I was looking at it in 2013.

  28. Great outfit and great price!! I know you must be in heaven being closer to Colt! Nothing is better then spending time with grandchildren!!!

  29. I love that color and the dress. I should probably just break down and buy those shoes they are so cute. I’ve actually ordered a super similar pair of VC’s from Macy’s. I’ll see how they do first. Love the band on that watch. Super cute!

  30. Darling dress Cyndi. I am with you on being selective on what I watch. I watch the Hallmark movies and have a large collection of my favourite movies from the 50’s & 60’s on DVD. I am not familiar with Netflix, but will check it out. Do you know any good scripture on loneliness? Have fun rest of the week!

  31. Cyndi, thanks for the Netflix recommendation. I am picky as well about the shows i watch. There is so much trash in the media today. I watched the first episode of The Crown but didn’t keep it going, so I will pick it back up! Thanks for being a great example of good!

  32. Have you checked out “Designated Survivor” season one on Netflix ? If is about government, intrigue, international espionage.

  33. Have you seen When Calls the Heart? It’s a Hallmark series, and it’s wonderful! My mother-in-law gave me the first two seasons of it on DVD for Christmas last year. My husband and I got hooked on it this summer. We were able to catch the third season on Netflix. The fourth season is not out yet, so we may order it on Amazon. I would not mind watching The Crown. It sounds interesting! Have a happy Thursday. God bless!

  34. Hi Cyndi,

    Enjoy your posts so much! I’m not sure if this Netflix show is still there… but Lie to Me is a good series. My husband and I both enjoyed watching it together. If you have Amazon Prime Video – Downton Abbey is a great watch!! My husband enjoyed it with me — I once heard Dave Ramsey talking all about it, so i convinced my husband to watch it too. He really enjoyed it! One tip for Downton – use the Closed Captioning. It is hard to understand the brogue at times. Enjoy!!

  35. Cindi, that outfit is a winner! So pulled together. I adore all of your booties and boots. I am terribly hard to fit with a small but wide foot and high instep-6W. Any suggestions?

  36. Thank you for saying this about television. There is very little on tv that I feel is worth watching because of the language or content. Thank you for sharing your stand. I really enjoy your blog.

  37. Have you washed it yet? It looks like there are quite a few reviews saying that it was unwearable after being washed. I like the look of it, but don’t want to waste my money if it doesn’t wash well.