Our Road Trip To Maine

Hi friends! As promised, I’m sharing our road trip to Maine with you. For starters, we have a Keystone Alpine fifth wheel. It’s almost 43 feet long, so let’s just say it was an adventurous trip.

I always get asked if I like traveling in our R.V., and the answer is yes! I have all my “things” with me, including as many shoes as I want to take.

With that being said, rving is not always glamorous. Nothing goes exactly as planned, and we always like to be somewhere with full hookups because we don’t have a generator. This means we want electricity, water, and sewer.

I also learned a lot on this trip about the Maine area, and when we go back, there are more places I would like to visit.

For those of you who camp, I’ll tell you the campgrounds we stayed in and if I would stay again.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1 Camped in West Virginia.

Stayed at a Flatwoods KOA Journey Campground. Perfect for an overnight stay.

Day 2 Camped in Pennsylvania.

Stayed at Bellefonte/State College KOA Holiday Campground. Nice campground! We got there early enough to do some sightseeing and went to Talleyrand Park. It was beautiful!

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Day 3 Camped in New York

Stayed at Crazy Acres Campground. This campground was too far from the interstate, and I didn’t like it. It was junky, and I wouldn’t recommend it. It had sites for a big R.V., which is why I chose it.

We did get in a quick bike ride, and we visited the downtown area of Oneonta and ate at Tino’s pizza. It was delicious!

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Day 4 Maine

We finally made it to Maine! (Portland). We stayed at Powder Horn Family Camping Resort, and I loved this campground. We will stay there again if we visit Portland.

We ate dinner at The Porthole. It’s casual and fun with some live music.

Day 5

We went to Portland Head Lighthouse for sunrise. This was the highlight of our trip! Beautiful with few people there. I highly recommend going here!

We ate dinner at Scales restaurant. We loved this restaurant, the food was amazing, and the atmosphere was perfect. You need to make reservations several weeks in advance unless you want to eat at 9:30 at night.

Day 6

Traveled to West Bay Acadia R.V. Campground. We stayed at this campground for six nights, and we loved it. The only downside was that it took us almost an hour to get to some parts of Acadia National Park, so we drove a lot.

Day 7 

Went to Acadia National Park and drove the Park Loop Road.

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After driving through the park, we headed to Mount Desert Island (MDI). We visited Bass Harbor Lighthouse and ate at Midi Lobster Co. This Midi Lobster Co. is a small local place. Very casual outside dining, but very fresh seafood.

We loved visiting this lighthouse and felt it was worth seeing. It wasn’t overly crowded, and it was a beautiful area.

Day 8

Went to Bar Harbor and ate at Stewman’s Lobster Pound. We had a great time visiting Bar Harbor!

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Day 9

We stayed at our campground and did some laundry on this day. We went to Jordan Pond House for dinner, which was so good. This is where we tried the popovers, and they are delicious!

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Day 10

We hiked the Beehive trail at Acadia National Park. If you don’t like heights and struggle with vertical climbing, this trail is not for you!

We, of course, documented it with a selfie.

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Day 11

We rode our bikes on a  trail in Acadia National Park and ate at a local restaurant on our way home (I can’t remember the name).

Day 12

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. This was beautiful, and I’m so glad we went. You need reservations which you can get on the Acadia website.

While we loved visiting Cadillac Mountain, we both liked the Portland Head Lighthouse sunrise better. It was much more private with fewer people. Both are worth going to!

After we watched the sunrise, we headed to Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast which was so good!

Day 13

We traveled to Freeport and stayed at Freeport/Durham KOA Holiday Campground. Went to L.L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, Maine.

We only stayed one night, but I would have liked to have visited for a little longer. The town is so cute!

Day 14

We headed home! We drove back in 2 1/2 days which is challenging in an R.V.

Places I want to visit when we go back:


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      1. My husband and I have been RVing for forty years. We live in TX. We spend our summers in Mi.we stay in our motor home in the summer.
        I love hearing about your vacation. It sounds like you had a great time.
        I follow you everyday. I also save your site.So if I don’t have time to read it right that moment I can read it later.

  1. Thank you for sharing this! My husband and I will have our 35th wedding anniversary in two years, and this might be the trip we take that year! We like to celebrate big anniversaries by taking a long road trip, and from Iowa, this would be a doozy!

  2. Loved your post this morning. Thank you for sharing your trip highlights. The RV mishaps made me lol 🙂 So glad you guys had a safe trip.

  3. Can you do a post on pajamas? We travel quite a bit with family. Looking for something that would be appropriate for playing with grandkids and having coffee with inlaws and son inlaw! Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have great respect for anyone that can backup a large vehicle especially an RV. I have trouble backing up my car. I’ve had a fender bender that way. I can’t imagine backing up on a bridge! Maine is beautiful and quaint. I always enjoyed my visits there.

  5. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip!! Maine is on my bucket list! I love how one can reflect on a trip and laught about the “OOPS” that happens! Beautiful photos!

  6. My husband and I have visited Maine twice. We live in New Orleans but my favorite place on earth is the coast of Maine. We have been to Bar Harbor and to Acadia National Park both times we were in Maine. The four places you mentioned you want to visit on you next trip are a MUST. we have been to Boothbay, Camden, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. You must walk Marginal Way in Ogunquit and you must see the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport. You won’t be disappointed visiting any of these quaint little towns. Safe travels.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your travel experiences in Maine. I am saving this to my travel board. It’s great that you included your opinion on the restaurants you visited. Finding good restaurants can be challenging!

  8. Hi Cyndi, thanks so much for sharing your trip! Beautiful photos and love that you shared info. on what you wore as well. Sorry to hear that the campground in NY didn’t work out. I live in the Catskill Mts. but I’m not a camper. I do know many people who do camp throughout our state. I’ll ask around and pass the info. on to you. So glad you’re both home safe.

  9. Loved hearing about your RV trip to Maine. We have been campers/RVer’s for 40 years, starting in a pop-up, next a trailer, and now a 32′ Class C motorhome. For first time RVer’s a 43′ 5th wheel is quite ambitious and adventurous. A little too big for us, but soooo nice when you get where you’re going. We’ve done the same Maine trip as you & Wayne and agree it is so beautiful. We love RVing and like you say, it’s great to have be able to have your own things around you and sleep on your own sheets. We do eat out frequently though, after all it is a vacation. Hope to see more about your RV adventures!

  10. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for such a detailed recap.
    I haven’t been to Maine in years, but when I was younger, Camden, ME was where we would travel to with my parents. It was beautiful and I see it’s on your list for “next time.” Great trip! Lucky you!

  11. Enjoyed reading about your trip. We RV but haven’t been to the East coast yet. Before we leave a campsite we use a checklist to make sure we’re ready to hit the road. Also we signed up for RVTrip wizard to map out the roads to travel for the size of our rig. We got this info from watching You, Me & the RV and Changing Lanes YouTube channels. Just wanted to pass on the info. Have a great day.

  12. What a great trip!!! I had to laugh at some of the things in the email and read them to Katie. What metal images! You’re making me wish we had an RV. XO

  13. Sounds like a fabulous trip. My husband and I are so excited to visit Maine the last week of September. Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I had many of the same activities on my list but didn’t have lunch/dinners planned out. Definitely want to get lobster rolls and popovers!!!

  14. Cyndi,
    What a wonderful trip you&Wayne had! You packed a lot of sites in! So glad you were able to go. Lots of fun and good memories! I’ve been there and it is beautiful! Now like they say, “Back to the Old Grind.” Thanks for sharing the pictures, absolutely beautiful!

  15. Loved that you shared the details about your RV trip! We just recently bought an RV so it’s great to have someone else’s trip to pattern after! Loved the mishaps story, too! We can relate!

  16. Cyndi, thanks so much for sharing your trip itinerary with us and what you wore during your trip. I’ve been struggling some trying to figure out what to pack (in one suitcase!) for this trip. You’ve helped me decide.
    We leave Texas for Maine (flying and renting car) on September 18. We have come up with an itinerary for the 9 days we’ll be staying near Bar Harbor, but you’ve given me some additional places to consider and definitely will look for the places where you ate. We have Camden and Rockland on the places to visit this trip as well as a day driving north to Lubec near the Canadian border to visit the state park and lighthouse up there. Of course, we’re spending several days hiking and exploring Acadia National Park. Can’t wait!!

  17. We just ate at Scales when we were visiting up north. My husband’s brother and sister in law invited us. What a great meal! Loved the food, of course, but also the atmosphere and waitstaff.

  18. Great post. You saw lots of great areas. You did good coordinating Wayne and your outfits for selfy. Don’t you just love Vouri? The Performance joggers are one of my favorites. I have two pair.

  19. I’ve already sent you messages about maine I know!!😁 I just love that place so much! Glad y’all had fun and thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    Put Wells on your list , too ! It’s a little beach place between Kennebunkport ( which is fabulous) and Ogunquit. The beaches are like none I’ve ever seen ..the black rocks are just amazing …
    And, York, which I mentioned before has the Nubble lighthouse.. it’s a cool little town but the lighthouse is amazing with so much history.. it’s a little fishing village.. so quaint .
    And, Stone wall kitchen is around this area , too!! Huge.. check it out next time!!
    We went in September and it was warm during the day but chilly at night and in the mornings.. we loved it!!
    Thanks again for sharing!! I love all your post!!

  20. From a fellow rv’er posts like this are so enjoyable to read not to mention very helpful. We are also in a big rig and while my husband is very comfortable (and good) driving it I tend to be a nervous passenger. Can you share what route you took and if you encountered any steep mountain passes. I have been all over Colorado and other western states and they have some serious mountains out there so now I have some anxiety in driving them.

  21. We are going in September. Im lookingat the Cloude5 shoes, do they provide much support? going to be on my feet alot!