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Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017

You all know I love to look at trends for the coming year. I can’t wait to see the trends we might wear in 2017. But, before we get there I think it’s fun to look at some out of style fashion trends.

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017Let me start by saying to not look at this as black and white. These are just trends I found online that are going out of style or some people would like to see go out of style.

I have noticed over the years that typically trends hit large cities first and then they trickle down to the rest of us. Same rule applies to out of style fashion.

And to be clear if somethings out of style and you’re still wearing it, it’s not the end of the world. Life is too short to take fashion too (or is to??) seriously.

Here we go!

1. The tulip flare look is moving on to a more structured look-I am happy to see this trend fading out. I’m ready for a more structured look.

The tunic below has the tulip flare. I think we will still wear tunics but they will not be so flowy. If that makes sense!

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 20172. Heels four to five inches or higher-I love me a heel! But I’m not sure many of us are wearing 4 or 5 inch high heels. Good to know they’re fading out!

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017

3. Overly distressed skinny jeans-Okay I said this last year but they are still hanging on. Kim Kardashian is still wearing them so they may not be going anywhere soon. (I know we all look to her for fashion, right?? 🙂 )

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017


Everyone seems to have an opinion on distressed jeans, you either love them or you hate them. While distressed jeans are still popular, they’re taming them down a bit!

I do think we are going to see some changes in denim. The hemline seems to be the area they are concentrating on with slits and the frayed hem.

4. Hippie Chic (I think it’s the boho style)-Again I’m not sure I was ever hippie or chic but it’s fading in the fashion industry. Hippie chic is ready to peace out.

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017


5. Fringe-Well, I have to admit I like a little fringe but supposedly it had it’s day. Time to retire the fringe-y bag and other embellished accessories and opt for a more sleek silhouette as you enter 2017.

Out of Style Fashion Trends in 2017Lastly, I’m on the fence about the cut out shoulder trend. I know some of you dislike it and some of you love it but right now I see it still hanging around this spring and summer.

What trends would you like to see go in 2017?

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Beauty for the Heart~~So thankful my identity is not in what I’m wearing whether it is “in style” or “our of style”.  My confidence and my hope is in Jesus.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand -Edward Mote

Have a blessed day!

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  1. It is interesting to read what is supposedly “out”—but I’m with the team that we shouldn’t take it all too seriously!! We all know that it’s what is on the inside that is way more important!
    That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s important to look nice—heck, that’s what my blog is all about! But sometimes I think we get too concerned about all the details!!
    I have never been huge in the hippie chick look, but I do love the fringe for some reason. But I figure when the fringe is silly, I can just cut it off the item, and have the item be normal! Maybe?
    Thanks for updating us, Cyndi!

  2. Glad to see all of these going out of style. I never liked any of them personally. Looking forward to seeing what is new although I mostly stick to the more conservative looks. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  3. Thanks for the post! What about the fringed booties I purchased for the fall/winter? Are they out as well?

    Also, did I miss your post about the Cleanse product you are using?

    Thanks so much for your encouraging (and stylish) posts!

    1. I have been wondering about the cleanse you were going to start, as well… would love to know how that is going and what it is called.. Thank you

    2. I had the same thought! I think a cute bootie with a tassle will be relevant at least one more season. Do you agree, Cyndi?

  4. Oh MAN, I love the flowy look! It is great for some of us gals that are a little older with a little more middle to hide. This makes me sad!

  5. I was kind of afraid to read this post…thought I might see the loss of ankle boots and long shirts.

    Heaven help me if the crop top ever comes back 🙂

  6. This is an AWESOME post! THANK YOU!
    I think it’s easier to keep up with the latest trend, but knowing when to let it go, especially if you loved it, is another story. Thank you for the update!

  7. I think I’m the only one I know that never loved the cold shoulder tops. I don’t think I’ll be too sad to see these go. I do think it will be awhile around here though because they are seriously every.where!

      1. I don’t like them either, at all. Seems to make bodies look out of balance, and also they look so contrived, like you tried too hard.

  8. The only thing I’d miss are the flowy tops, I just find them feminine. I can easily say goodbye to the res, especially the distressed jeans. My basics are classics, and seem to stand the test of time. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt and straight leg dark wash jeans, the classic white shirt, etc. I love all the pink accessories in your opening picture! : )

  9. I just wear what I like and what works well for my lifestyle, body size and shape, and I like well-made items….I am not one to care about trends, I prefer to have my own style and not look like a clone of every other woman 🙂

    1. Agree! Wear what is comfortable to yourself….we need to stop worrying about what other’s think. I personally like a nice tunic that covers my bottom. I’m not overr weight just prefer it. Who makes up trends any way? Kim K? I love to follow Cyndi…I get some good ideas from her, but do not conform to trends. Wear what I feel good in 😉 Have a blessed day y’all.

  10. Happy with the distressed jeans. I hate to buy something with holes already in them😳 Have a fantastic day

  11. I will be glad to see the cold/cutout shoulder go. I would also like to see the over the knee boots move out! Just not a fan. Thanks for another fun post!!

  12. The tulip/flowy blouse – gladly saying “bye-bye”, not a fan. I always appear to have on maternity clothes which is why I don’t own any of these – as a “bustier” woman these just aren’t flattering. Fringe – I only purchased one pair of ankle boots with a little fringe on the back, so not too bothered by that, and I’m not a fan of the bo-ho (hippie-dippie) look either. Distressed jeans – I like a little distressing, but too much looks like, well, too much. And the heels – more power to the women who can walk in those, and advice to those who can’t – stop it, just stop it. I for one like about a 3 inch heel max.
    I will be in trouble for numerous reasons if the crop tops return, and I hope the “high waisted” jeans/pants don’t make a comeback…they’ve been trying for a couple of years – I think they’re awful!
    Okay, enough of that :). Looking forward to what is in, and hoping I don’t need a total rehaul of my closet.
    Love that Beauty today…I couldn’t read it without singing it, sort of like the A B C song.

    1. Sharon, you can cut the fringe off leather boots, purses or gloves. I cut them off a pair of gloves because I found it annoying. You would never know they ever had fringe.

  13. I’m so over cold shoulder tops/dresses. I really didn’t like this or the flared tunic tops. So ready to see those go!

  14. Great post! I’m sorry to see the fringe go because I didn’t use my fringe accessories nearly enough. I wouldn’t miss Hi-low anything or super thin material on tops/blouses. I like material that doesn’t require multiple layers just to hide undergarments.

    1. I agree with you. I already have enough on top, I don’t need extra layers. They just make me look bigger over all.

  15. Ooooh, fun post idea! So yeah, I’m ready to say buh-bye to boho and fringe, and voluminous tops! Bye! I love structure, and it is much more flattering on most of us than the loose, flowy stuff. I am also glad super distressed jeans are on their way out. I like a rip or two but the ones like you’re picturing on KK drive me nuts. I would love to see more options in a 3 or 3.5 inch heel. That’s as high as I can go. When they hit 4, I’m out.

  16. Thank you for the up date some things I don’t mind. Glad boots are still in style. I wore some tops that were fuller but not a lot I did like you could cover up the muffin maybe there’s some hope coming soon for that. Lol.

  17. I’m totally with Charmaine….I actually super love distressed jeans! Most of my jeans are distressed, so I’ll be in trouble when the trend is over.

    I’ can’t do the super high heels. I love a kitten to 3″ heel. That’s all my back and ankles will allow. Ha!

    The fringe on everything and cold shoulder I can let go, but I love the feminine tulip, peasant and boho tops.

  18. Wish the Cold Shoulder look would hurry up and go away, to me it’s worse than the distressed jean look. I like distressed jeans to a point. Cold Shoulder looks like someone took a pair of scissors and cut a hole in in the shoulders and I find myself asking “why?” To me it’s just silly, but it does give me a good giggle when I see women trying to pull that look off, especially in cold weather. It reminds me of the old Adadge, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should!” Of course you look good in everything 🙂

    1. I agree with saying goodbye to the cold shoulder look– makes me think the top/sweater/whatever piece can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to be.

  19. Cyndi, thank you so much for doing this post! I loved learning what is on the way out so I won’t keep looking out-dated! Sadly, I love the cut-out shoulder tops & I do also have quite a few tulip tops! Very informative & appreciated, beautiful lady! Happy New Year!

  20. Well, as a shorter lady with a thicker middle area, I tend to like the tunic/flowy tops that hide my middle, but they can look like maternity tops! In 2016 I saw a few posts with the blouses that tie at the neck…I’m hoping those do not make a comeback! lol Thank you Cyndi for keeping us trendy!

  21. I live near the coast and I love cold shoulder tops. They give a little flair to a regular old t-shirt. I love wearing a variety of classic and trendy leaning more on the conservative side of trendy. I love how you style the trends and classics Cyndi!!! I always get such good ideas and I also love your beauty for the heart. Fashion is fun but it shouldn’t define us.

  22. The distressed jeans remind me of the story about the Emporer’s new clothes. Someone said they were “the look” and everyone else is afraid to refute it. I can understand teens jumping on the bandwagon as it is their nature to want to wear what everyone else is wearing but I don’t understand grown women paying big bucks for something my grandmother called “more wholly than righteous.” I can’t see leaving the house looking like you forgot to change clothes after mopping the floor. Just my take on “the look.” To each his own.

  23. i am happy to be rid of the high heels and super distressed jeans. I do like to have a few trendy pieces. I really like the cold shoulder tops you have modeled Cyndi. I think they are flattering. I like that they cover up the under arm that giggles. Home and Family did a segment on them last week and said they are still in for a while. What about the 70s style? Is it still in?

  24. Some of the trends that I’d like to see exit the fashion scene… blanket scarves, tassel trimmed blouses, lace up flats or sandals, ponchos, cargo pants and tie neck or bow blouses!

  25. Sad to know I will be out of style with some fringe!
    And, I do love a bit of a flowy top with a skinny jean
    hides the tummy area on the 55yr old body.
    I agree with many of yall where what you feel good in.
    Blessing for a wonderful day.

    PS As always you look wonderful Cyndi!

  26. I really don’t like the distressed jeans. I prefer a “classier” look with darker denim. I do love the cold shoulder tops, though. I’d like to see the super skinny jeans go by the wayside–I don’t think they are flattering on most body types. I saw that the 80s look is supposedly coming back–not sure about that either! Kinda been there and done that! lol

  27. Hi Cyndi- thanks for the updates. Also good to know what is in and not. I do have a question – are printed leggings still in with a tunic or sweater. I am over 40 and just wondered. My daughter and I were discussing, and she does not think they are anymore or she says she does not see a lot of printed leggings. Thanks again for all the wealth of information you share. 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

  28. Living in south/central alabama, I can probably still wear my flowy tops another year!! LOL I totally love them, and they are flattering on us thick in the middle girls. Cold sholder is my new love, and hope it last thru the summer!!! I don’t like the neck tie blouses too much, so not so sad to see that go!! I would love to see the structured blazer make a come back. Almost every woman can wear that successfully!!! I loved the look you shared a few years ago with a blazer, white button-down and jeans!!! Thanks for the update!!!!

    1. I’m in the same area and you Bonnie! And I agree, trends (whethercoming and going) are a year or two behind here! haha! And we southern girls LOVE those flowy tops!!!

  29. I love these posts although I do take them with a grain of salt. I don’t wear flowy tops. I think they look super cute on the young though. I can’t see paying good money for ripped jeans but don’t care if they’re in or out. Those super high heels, while looking very sexy, are terrible for your back & feet. So, I passed anyway. i didn’t buy into the seventies vibe. Did it then.
    I like my skinnies and booties, so as long as they’re still current, I’m happy.

  30. The cold shoulder looked like it was in on the Golden Globes red carpet;) I saw the bow neck ties too 😉

  31. Hi Cyndi,

    Been following you for about 14 months now. I like your posts and always look forward to reading them. Question: Are you still using an Erin Condren Planner? Haven’t heard you talk about it. If so, can you tell me you favorite things about the planner?

    God Bless You!


  32. I won’t miss most of these trends, except fringe, I will just have to be out of style…lol. And the cold shoulder tops, they are so flattering. I love that I can show a little skin, still be covered includung old lady arm. Thanks for keeping us updated!!

  33. I love the cold shoulder tops!! Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect bra that remains hidden but still…I love them.

    I’m so glad all the flowy clothes are going away. They really aren’t extremely flattering on anyone. We were made with girlish figures so why hide them under so much fabric? Bring back belts!

  34. Quick question Cyndi…do you think over the knee boots will stay in for next year and do you think they’re cute on short people? (5’1″). Thanks! 😊

  35. I really didn’t think scarves were going to stay around so long, but they have, and I still love them. I also like the trend of longer necklaces. Think those are in style for 2017? In Austin, we love our long Kendra Scott necklaces!

  36. Wow, We just got the cold shoulder look going here in Iowa, Got each of my girls one for Christmas. They look very cute in them! Thankfully`, they were not expensive. So I could use a pair of jeans. Whats safest to buy. How about embellished pockets? Are they out?

  37. I like the cold shoulder and never really found one that fit me well, so I hope it hangs on for the spring at least. I’d like to see more on the criss cross tops. I see them out and about, but never in the stores. Where are people getting these?

  38. Yes, we need to wear what we’re most comfortable wearing. We’re all different sizes and shapes so what looks good on some can look awful on others. Personally I hate distressed jeans – only teenagers and 20 somethings look good in them in my opinion. Cold shoulder tops are also awful and don’t flatter anyone. I find high heels impractical and anything fitted just looks ridiculous on me with my shape figure (which is slim but thick waisted) Just far too dressed up. I love comfy, baggy tops, big scarves and flat boots – but I do live in England so they’re probably a lot more practical over here with our almost constantly dreadful weather!

  39. I love today’s and yesterday’s blog posts Cyndi, thanks so much! Happy to see some trends go by the wayside, I don’t think the flowy tunics are all that flattering on me and I can only do a 2.5 inch heel max or else I wobble like a baby gazelle. As for the highly distressed jeans, I never was a fan and less so since learning that they are horribly detrimental to the health of the worker creating each one separately by hand. I purchased two pairs cheaply to cut off into shorts since I knew I wouldn’t wear them as jeans and was ashamed of myself after learning about their cost to other’s health so I donated and swore to never ever buy again.

  40. I am glad to see these trends go too! My daughter loves a high heel, but maybe she will acquire a new love for 2-3 inch heels instead(:

  41. I am so glad to see these “trends” go! I am over sixty and I still find the classics are timeless and never go out of style. A blazer and pearls are always staples in my closet and it’s stylish and classy!

  42. Choosing a classic style saves you from trends. A crisp white button down blouse, Simple trousers, a pencil skirt, a beautiful blazer. an a-line dress, these things never go out of style and they always look great.

  43. Never liked the distressed jeans…so they can go anytime! I’m hoping skinny jeans, leggings worn with high and short boots are still in.

  44. I have every heel height from flat to 5″ CLs (those are my “car-to-door” shoes — you put them right on before you get out of the car – LOL) . Even though I work in a casual industry (TV) I try to wear heels ever day to work — at least 3-4″. I think wearing flat shoes with certain outfits can make women look frumpy, so I bite the bullet. You can get away with shorter heels that still look hip when they are kitten heels, and pointier toes, but flats with rounded toes make me look (and feel) frumpy and old lady.

  45. I’ve never seen anyone look “put together” in distressed jeans! My biggest pet peeve is seeing someone wear a short shirt with leggings and all that they reveal. Lol

  46. I will be thrilled to see the cold shoulder tops go. I never liked them and I don’t think they look good on anybody, regardless of age or body type. But that’s just my opinion. I f you love ’em, go ahead and wear ’em! When I started reading the comments, I thought “oh no – I am seriously the odd woman out here – everyone else loves the cold shoulder tops.” But after reading further, I can see I’m not alone. Too each his or her own!

    As for heels, I don’t wear them often because I’m 5’9″ and I hate being taller than men, especially my own husband. He is only 6’0 – so it doesn’t take much for me to look like a giant while standing next to him. It makes it hard because some dresses look SO much cuter with a heel – but I have to be REALLY careful or I’ll stand out – and NOT in a good way. :o) But I don’t care if heels come or go. Most women look cute in heels, unless they wobble, in which case I say – go a little shorter and please be careful! Fashion is not worth injury! :o)

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    1. I’m with you! Broad shoulders and slim hips are great if you’re tall. Unfortunately’ I am not. Most of my dresses and some of my tops are flowy. I love it. Hmm. I’m in MN so that trend will probably be around for a while longer! 😊

    1. Hahahahahaha…and I can’t stand straight leg jeans on myself- especially the skinnies. Give me a slight boot cut and I am good. If I want straight, I am going to wear leggings and a tunic. Skinnies are too tight to be comfy for me.

  47. Wow, so many opinions. I loved reading the comments. It kind of felt like a book club discussion. Well, here are my two cents. I think you can make a potato sack look great Cyndi. You have really helped me along with my clothing choices. I will be honest and say that I will not go out and purchase something just because it is in style or discard something that is not in style. That is just not me. If I like it I keep it, read your blog, then try to update it as much as possible when I mix it with something new. I appreciate the styles on others, but if I am uncomfortable wearing something I pass it by. I love the OTK boot, think they look great, but would feel strange wearing them. Just me. I love fringe. I will attempt to tone it down a little, but life is short and it makes me happy.

  48. I love the cold shouldered tops! Don’t really love the distressed jeans ripped. – makes me feel poor :). The overly loose flowing tops I couldn’t wear being petite . Hippie chic was fun but didn’t do the overly fringe thing as that pulled me down and like so many always have a heel on . Tall ones have an advantage on flats . Things come and go and everyone should adjust the trends to their liking. Have fun with it and smile😀

  49. I am so glad to see the fringe look go!! At 50 I want to be in style not on the verge of oh my gosh look at that old lady who thinks she is trending 🙂
    I am happy with what is out and looking forward to what is in for 2017!

    Have a blessed day

  50. I am not a fan of the cold shoulder look. Your eye goes to the shoulder when don’t we want more attention on our face. Sorry to hear the teen is staying.

  51. I agree with seeing some of this go. The fringe and boho, …I already did as a teenager back when it was a hippie thing. I didn’t repeat when it came back in. Something about it,, hit me wrong. Must be my age! The overly tall heels are bad for everyone’s backs and legs, no matter who you are. never could stand them. I do heels, just not those tall spikes. Opposite of the fringe, I love the distressed jeans and lived in them in my younger days. I do have some now, but they are slightly distressed, I thought the overly distressed was too out there. Especially at my age! As for the big tops, I still like them with slim pants, just not billowy big, they do need some structure or the tops add pounds to a silhouette. Love your posts, even though I’m the opposite body shape from you, …apple (big breasts, no hips), …so a lot of the clothes styles I like on you, I have to be careful to analyze if they would work on my shape.

  52. So thankful that the boho fringe looks is on its way out! I never could pull that look off! Thank you for your keen fashion sense for those of us over 40!

  53. I like a little fringe, always have, always will. The distressed jeans was surprising, they are everywhere! see ya boho!

  54. I just got the cuuutest ankle fringed sueded cowgirl boots. They are amazing! Wow. I wore cowgirl boots last year and during the course of the year I saw more and more of them. If you want compliments get a pair. If you want to stop the show, get fringed ankle boots, wear them peeking out of high waisted dark blue jeans!

  55. I hope you are right about tunic and boho going out of style. But just checked out Lofts spring collection, and its the same frumpy crap. Lopsided shirts, longer in the back, oversized, and wierd sleeves. Im in shape with a slim figure, but I have wide shoulders and those clothes do nothing for me. Its fine if they are still around, I just wish it wasn’t the ONLY style you can find.

    1. Omg girl you took the words out of my mouth. Sad to say a year later it’s all about the same! Just different fabriks and embellishments .

  56. OK. ladies, I had to chime in. First, even when I gain 5 lbs (I’ll take it off ASAP) the tunic look is just so boxy and prego looking. I think it makes 50+ look frumpy. I agree about the classic look, with some fun accessories and some bling thrown in. Lately, I’ve been into theme for spring dressing. I have some elephant tops and accessories, one tangerine, cream and turquoise theme, the other black, red, white. I am a huge fan of nautical, with anchor necklaces to set it off. I have DVF, JNY, Ann Taylor and so forth, but I seem to be into comfy, and I love long linen skirts, cut on the bias w/ a cute top, and some great accessories. I think my career clothes are my “uniforms” and my weekend clothes are my “costumes”. I have fun. I’ll be 60 this month (April 2017) and I am more into my own style than fashion. I can tell what women buy what’s in vs. creating their own look. Just because Pantone throws a color out there, doesn’t mean it is right for me. I’ve always been an original.

    1. I like your style because that is how I feel and dress. If you like it, look good in it, it is comfortable, then wear it. I frequently am complimented on my apparel and laugh when someone asks me where I got it. Will gladly tell them but also inform them that it was purchased ‘cough, cough’ years ago.