Oversized Turtleneck for Winter Fashion

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionWell it’s cold, windy, and snowy and this oversized turtleneck from Macy’s was perfect for our weather.

Wayne and I had to psych ourselves up to even venture out in the 19 degree temperatures to take these pictures. It was so cold!!

I purchased this sweater when it was on sale right after Christmas but it’s now an even better price. It started out at $119. Yikes!

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionWhen the temperatures drop I love wearing an oversized turtleneck especially when I’m doing some shopping. I don’t have to drag my coat on and off. Although I have to say in these temperatures a coat would feel good!

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionThis is a great quality sweater that I’ll keep for years and pull it out on these cold winter days!

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionI purchased this crossbody handbag at Kohl’s but it’s not online. I use it when I’m shopping because it’s convenient. I can put my phone and debit card in it and go.

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionThis is what most of my pictures looked like! Ha!

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionThe crazy windblown look.

Oversized Turtleneck for Winter FashionOutfit details: Turtleneck sweater I’m wearing a small)//Skinny jeans//Boots (similar and same brand)//Earrings//Ahhmazing tank (Use code Spivey837 for $10 off) 

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One of the reviews on this sweater said it was itchy. I don’t think it’s itchy, I’m wearing a tank under it and the sweater feels great!

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” -John Wesley

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  1. I love this sweater Cyndi!! I wear turtlenecks frequently in the winter. They are just so warm! I hope you have a blessed week! Susan

  2. Oh I really like this sweater!!!!!!! I feel like I’m going to end up with the exact same wardrobe as you because so often I buy what you’ve styled lol. But you always look so cute. 🙂

  3. As always……..your fashion style is adorable and you absolutely look amazing in anything you wear…..not many people have that quality 🙂

    Your beauty from the heart always speaks to me, so thank you again for your encouraging words. ~Lisa~

  4. Cyndi, living in the South, we don ‘t have much opportunity to wear such a beautiful sweater, but the thing about any itchiness is that you really need some cold weather to wear a sweater with any wool in it.

  5. I read in a comment on another item that your height is 5’6″. I find many of your looks very appealing and without trying to be too nosey: I see most of your tops are purchased in a size small and your jeans are small also (to a woman my size). I don’t buy pants online; but I would like to purchase some of the tops that you model online. My question is: are you small in stature? My bust is 36D and am unsure if I would need L or XL in this sweater.

      1. Leslie I think it’s true to size. Maybe a little bit on the bigger side. I probably could have worn an xs but I wanted the oversized look.

    1. Johanna, I am 5’6″ and I’m smallest in my top area. My bust is a 34 B and I have very slim shoulders which means everything falls off of my shoulders. Drives me crazy!!
      I hope that helps!! I am wearing a size small and it’s plenty big on me. I could have wore an xs but i wanted a little bit of an oversized look.

  6. I love the sweater. IHAV e to be careful wearing turtlenecks. I can not wear them but yours ooks like the neck is roomy enough. We have temps in the low teens in Michigan with a couple inches of snow and ice under it.

  7. Just ordered this sweater and have purchased many things that you post. I hope no one else in my town follows you because it is obvious that I’m a copycat! You are my personal shopper. I plan to be out this weekend in this outfit!!!

  8. Great outfit. Love your sweater 🙂 I like to carry a cross body bag, too, because you can have your hands free, but your purse is always with you.

  9. The snow just makes it fun. Love that sweater. Would make a good UGA sweater. Right colors. It is even cold in Savannah, GA. today. Loving it.

  10. I Love Love Love this sweater!! Great colors!! I too would love to see home pics 🙂
    Great snow pics!! You are much braver than I would be…I would have been bundled head to toe! Stay warm

  11. Hi Cyndi,
    Love your sweater!! Here in South East KY we saw a slight dusting of snow but nothing on Sunday like London, Ky had. Today is bitter cold… I’m hibernating!

  12. Cute sweater! Love the snow pictures! I’m on the coast of AL. It was 37 this morning when I went to the gym! Burrrrrrrr shiver

  13. I love the sweater! This might be scary, but would you do some type of swimsuit and coverup post this spring? I’m in my 50’s and will be going on a cruise this summer. I’d love your input. Perhaps you could do the post with pictures of the products and links as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to pose in swimwear. (Neither would I)

    Love you, Cyndi. I follow your sister also.

    1. Susan that’s a great idea. I struggle with swimsuits!! There are very few I look good in anymore. Ugh.
      I’ll try to do some research,

  14. Great look! I just discovered your blog and love it! I am 47 and have similar taste in clothing and makeup as you do. It is refreshing to find a 40+ fashion-forward blogger who also provides inspiration and Christian testimony. I look forward to perusing past posts and reading future posts. Thank you Cyndi!

  15. Great look! I just found your blog and love it! I am 47 and have similar taste in fashion and makeup as you. It is so refreshing to find a 40+ fashion-forward blogger who shares inspiration and Christian testimony. I look forward to perusing your previous posts and reading future ones. I would also be interested in joining your Bible study. Thank you, Cyndi!

    1. Hey Mary! Thanks so much for stopping by! Here is the information on my Bible study>>>https://www.cyndispivey.com/everyday-hope-bible-study/

  16. Hi Cyndi Girl! I love this sweater and you look darling in it! I think the entire outfit is just perfect for you. I love the look of oversized turtlenecks. I just bought one in a solid periwinkle, it is so pretty but after getting it home I can’t think of how to accessorize it! I almost always wear silver jewelry, but I’m finding most of what I have is not substantial enough to enhance the sweater. Do you or any readers have any ideas? Be blessed !

  17. Love your outfit today, Cyndi. Interesting way to turn the turtleneck. Unfortunately, the sweater is out of stock.😢

  18. everything about this outfit including the snow was great. I am hoping when Traci can finally let us in on the secret of her trips out here that my suspicions are right. would be a real blessing

  19. The sweater is perfect!!! And, I adore the windblown pictures. You can tell it was cold. I always worry about my camera lens when it goes from the house to outside on days like that.

  20. Another person here who bought the sweater! I’ve been wanting something with red/burgundy in it so this fit the bill. Ordered my usual XS (i’m smaller on top) – hoping it does have a looser look to it, but felt I’d be swimming in a small.

  21. The whole outfit is so cute! At first, I wondered if black leggings would have been better but the blue jeans really pull it together very nicely. The boots are awesome! Well done, Cyndi—and Happy New Year!