Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024

Step aside neutrals, there’s a new hue in town, and it’s anything but bland. 2024 is all about the comforting warmth of Pantone’s Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz. It’s not your average peach; it’s a velvety, soft, pinkish-orange color.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 reflects our collective yearning for comfort, connection, and a touch of fuzzy warmth. Studies have shown that peach hues can promote feelings of calmness and optimism.

We should see it showing up in fashion and home decor throughout this year.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024

Dress // Sweater // Hoka Sneakers // Wailuku Sneaker // Rib Sweater // Satin Blouse // Sequin Puff Sleeve Sheath Gown  // Terry Cloth Top // Golden Goose Sneakers // Stretch Terry Overshirt // Stitch Cable Sweater

What do you think about Pantone’s Color of the Year? 

I’m a winter, so this color doesn’t look great on me, but I can definitely wear the sneakers!

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Beauty For the Heart™I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. Psalm 16:8

Truth: This verse expresses a deep trust and dependence on God. We must keep the Lord in our thoughts and acknowledge He is with us throughout our day. Knowing God is beside us, we can have confidence and remain unshaken no matter what our day holds.

Deeper Study: Read Psalm 16

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. I like the color of the year just because it is fresh looking! Thank you for sharing about the movie. I have seen it advertised and was thinking it sounded good. I am anxious to watch it now. There are so few movies out there that are “clean.”

  2. Happy Friday!!
    I like the color, unfortunately not a good color for my skin tone. I like the Wailuku sneaker, may have to check those out!

  3. Oh I LOVE this color, it makes me feel so good when I wear it, because I frequently get compliments. Who doesn’t love a nice compliment, especially when it’s that eh hem, that time of the month I will wear it, and the compliments get me through a less than stellar experience. I can do Spring and Summer…I had my colors done long ago with a Color Me Beautiful rep., and I still carry my little booklet when I go shopping, to match color swatches. I think bringing that process back would be fun for the young adults who may not have ever had a well seasoned woman in their life to help them with their wardrobe.

  4. I love the new “Color of the Year! It reminds me of sunshine and boy am I ready for nothing but sunshine!
    My husband and I watched the movie last weekend and we loved it. It was very touching. Loved the ending!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. As a fellow winter, this color definitely washes me out as well. Remember when peach was EVERYWHERE in the mid/late 80s? I compromised with a peach clutch purse (so not functional in high school haha) instead of the sweaters all of the other girls were wearing so I agree the shoes might work!

    1. I too wore this peachy color 50 years ago in highschool. We just called it sweet peach. A fun color for spring and summer! Thank you for the memory! Ya’ll have a Blessed day.

  6. I’m with you Cyndi. That color doesn’t look good on me but it’s pretty. I used that color in my wedding scheme 46 years ago! 🥰

  7. I’m an Autumn, and although I tend to look the best in the most deep and saturated autumn hues, I can wear peaches, apricots, and corals very well. I have this color in my closet already!

  8. I don’t look good in this color either. I’m a vivid Summer. Means I can wear Summer and Winter hues. This is too warm and peachy. I like the more pink tone. Cute selection though. Have a good time with your dad. Lost mine in 1998. He was two years from retiring and fell off a ladder. I miss him dearly. He is with the Lord.

  9. I’m an autumn and I can wear this color depending on the tone and saturation. If it’s too pastel I can’t wear it. I’ve always preferred peachy pink because it has warmth to it. If the pink is too cool it doesn’t look good on me. I wear colors that suit me close to my face. I really don’t follow color trends.

  10. This color would probably look good on spring ladies but not the rest of the color seasons. If I incorporate it at all, it’ll probably be in small jewelry details. I personally don’t love this shade as much as other pastels in its color family, so I may just skip it altogether.

  11. Cute color, but it can wash me out. I think i’ll shop for sandals in this color when it warms up! The Hill is a fantastic movie! I looked up his baseball story as i had never heard of him. A must see!
    Thanks for your posts!! I look forward to them!!

  12. Interested in the white woven handbag in the Spring transition outfit but when I go to link it says page not found. Could you send link? Is this the same handbag you have in cognac? Tried looking for it in posts but can’t find. Thanks.

  13. I love this color and have been wearing it for a couple of years now. I have 2 pair of jeans, a denim jacket, sweater, and several printed tops with this color in them. I love it and have found it to be very versatile. It is much more a neutral than I would have ever expected.