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Patio and Grilling Accessories from Amazon

Once warmer weather arrives, I know many of us will be spending a lot of time outdoors. If your porches, patios, and decks feel a little neglected after a long winter, now is a great time to deep clean and make them more inviting for upcoming cookouts and pool party season. I created a list of some of my favorite patio and grilling accessories from Amazon to make sprucing up your outdoor spaces a little easier.

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Keep reading to check out some of my favorite patio and grilling accessories from Amazon below and learn how I prep our outdoor spaces for this spring and summer.

Patio and Grilling Accessories from Amazon

Patio and Grilling Accessories from Amazon

planters from Amazon

1. Set of 2 Planters

If you need a new set of planters, I love these square ones. If you have a black thumb or a busy travel schedule, try filling them with these faux zero-maintenance shrubs!

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Outdoor Patio Pillow from Amazon

2. Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Throw pillows can bring a lot of personality to porch swings, rockers, and outdoor lounge furniture. I usually can’t help but to grab a few new ones every year. I thought these navy ones were super classic.

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Picnic Tablecloth for poolside

3. Waterproof Gingham Tablecloth

We do a lot of outdoor dining in the summertime. A waterproof tablecloth that you can wipe down makes clean-up quick and easy. I even love taking one with us camping.

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electric pressure washer

4. Electric Pressure Washer

I always begin preparing my outdoor spaces by deep cleaning. Pressure washing away dirt and grime is so satisfying. This used to be a difficult task reserved for husbands, but these lightweight electric pressure washers make cleaning the patio a breeze for anyone!

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outdoor dining in style

5. Melamine Dinnerware Set

Just because you’re eating outside doesn’t mean you can’t dine in style! This set is beautiful and durable, making them perfect for an outdoor dinner.

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6. Tablecloth Clips

Keep your tablecloth in place on your outdoor table on windy days using these tablecloth clips!

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7. Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights create a cozy vibe in any outdoor space, especially when dining outside with friends and family.

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grill caddy from Amazon

8. Picnic or Grill Caddy

You can load this caddy with your grill master’s favorite spices, sauces, and tools to keep him from making so many trips into the kitchen. You could also fill it with paper plates, utensils, and condiments for a poolside or campsite lunch!

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9. Barbecue Skewers

These reusable metal skewers make grilling delicious kabobs simple! This 6-pack is under $18.

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10. Grill Baskets, 3 Pack

While we are on the topic of grilling accessories, these grill baskets make cooking veggies, shrimp, etc., on the grill so easy! They are sturdy and easy to clean.

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11. Herb Seed Collection

Herbs are wonderful not only for their aroma but also for adding so much flavor to your food. They are easy and inexpensive to grow. Start your own herb garden with this seed collection.

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12. Pool Towel Rack

If you have a pool, you’ll love this wicker towel rack. In addition to the two shelves for towels, there is a drawer that is great for storing sunscreen, goggles, etc.

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