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Practical Amazon Finds Under $50

You all know I love a good Amazon haul! Typically, I am sharing fun and fashionable finds from our favorite online retailer, but today I thought I would share something different.

Today’s Amazon finds are not glamorous, but they are super functional finds that will make your life easier! Even better, all of these practical finds are under $50. I called out a few of my favorites, but don’t forget to shop the rest at the bottom of the post.

Practical Amazon Finds Under $50

1. Purse Organizer

If you find yourself changing purses frequently, or you are just tired of all of your things falling into an unorganized heap at the bottom of the bag, then you need this purse organizing insert.

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2. Overflow Drain Cover

This overflow drain cover is wonderful if you like to soak in a bath. It allows you to get those precious extra inches of water for a nice deep soak!

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3. Hanging Mini Trash Can

This mini trash can is hung on a cabinet door using an over-the-door hook or on the wall using adhesive hooks, making it a great solution to for use for food waste like shown in the photo or in a small bathroom (like an RV).

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4. Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This jewelry cleaner uses tap water and ultrasonic sound waves to clean and shine your jewelry.

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5. Bed Wedge Pillow

Prevent your pillows, phones, and other objects from falling in the gap between your headboard and mattress using this bed wedge pillow!

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6. Slice Micro Cutter

These micro cutters are so handy for keeping in the kitchen and office for opening cardboard boxes, cutting coupons, and opening food packaging! You can keep one on your keychain or keep it handy on your fridge with the attached magnet.

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7. Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

After a long day of working on the computer and looking at my phone, I know that I start to feel it in my neck and shoulders! This pillow is supposed to help relieve neck pain after using it for ten minutes per day.

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8. Acrylic Nail Soak Off Cap

If you like getting gel polish on your nails, you know how frustrating removing it can be when it starts to chip. Now you can easily remove your gel manicure at home using these plastic caps without making a trip to the nail salon!

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  1. Cyndi, I have had the Magasonic Professional jewelry cleaner for 20+ years, and I can attest to how well it works. I also have the gadget to get the hair off of your hairbrush’s and combs, and it works great.

  2. Thanks for showing us these products. I especially like the mini cutter and the brush cleaner. I end up throwing brushes away. I can get the hair out but can’t get the lint out.