Practical Finds to Start the New Year Right

Setting New Year’s resolutions is still a super popular thing to do, and they can be centered around many different things like organization, physical fitness, skincare, etc. I don’t typically start my year off with a resolution, but I do like to grab a few new items and tools to make sure that I am starting the year off prepared and on the right foot.

Keep reading to find out some of the things I am using to keep me on track, organized, and healthy so that I can have the best 2024 possible.

Practical Finds to Start the New Year Right from Amazon

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Start your year organized by keeping up with your weekly and monthly tasks, appointments, and priorities using this beautiful 12-month planner. I couldn’t survive without a planner!

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Drawer Organizers, 25 Pieces

Say goodbye to the junk drawer in 2024. These drawer organizers are wonderful for sorting office supplies, holding bathroom goodies (like hair elastics), and getting that dreaded kitchen junk drawer in order!

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HappyLight Therapy Lamp

Improve your mood, regulate your sleep, and enhance your focus with your daily boost of (artificial) sunshine! These are great for everyone but especially helpful if you work in a windowless office or spend a lot of time indoors in an environment without a lot of natural light.

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Kindle Paperwhite

If your New Year’s resolution is to read more books, you will love this Kindle Paperwhite! Tuck it into your purse so you can have a library of your favorite books with you wherever your day takes you so you can spend your downtime (like in a waiting room or drive-thru!) doing something more productive than scrolling social media.

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Daily To Do Notepad

Keeping a daily to-do list keeps me on task and organized! There’s something so satisfying about physically marking a task as complete and seeing the finished list of items at the end of the day.

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Weekly Menu and Shopping List Notepad

We’ve all been there… it’s 6 pm, and you haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner yet, so you order take-out! That’s hard on your wallet and your diet when it happens multiple times a week. This notepad helps you plan your meals and shopping list for the week so you can stay on track with your nutrition and eating goals for the year.

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Glass Food Storage Containers

These glass food storage containers are great for meal prepping if you are working on nutritional goals for 2024. They are also wonderful for taking your lunch if you work in an office, so you can save money on eating out.

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Called & Accountable 52-Week Devotional

If you have been struggling with a quiet time, you might like this devotional book. It’s 52 weeks, so you do one a week, and then it has a Digging Deeper part. They encourage journaling, and this is a good journal if you need it. I use these mechanical pencils for writing in the devotional book, my Bible, and for journaling.

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SkinMedica SPF 35 Sunscreen

Don’t forget to protect your skin this year by applying sunscreen daily. This is another one of my favorites!

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Electrolyte Drink Mix

I know staying hydrated is a big resolution for a lot of you. I add these to my water to give my body the necessary electrolytes without the added sugar that most drink mixes contain. I also use Re-Lyte.

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I think we’re ready for 2024! 

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Truth: In the beginning, God created light. Even in the darkest night, the promise of dawn remains. His mercies are new every morning, and in that promise, we find hope, strength, and the unwavering love of God.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Wow impressive fast! I struggle to fast 15 hours a day! I have a question, are you able to have black coffee on your fast?

    1. Yes I do. She does sugget to make sure it’s organic with no pesticides or mold which is found in some coffee. I’m drinking lots of water, and hot water with lemon essential oil.

  2. I’m excited to see what you find in Resort casual clothing! My husband and I cruise quite a lot. I’m always looking for new things and they are hard to find. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Way to go with your fasting goal!! I am a big fan of Gin Stephens. Fast Feast Repeat and her new book The 28 Day Fast Start are exceptional resources. And i love her weekly podcasts too. Lots of non scale victories for me. The digestive rest of 12-14 hours has been a life changer for me. Clean fasting is essential . . .

    1. I have read all of Gin’s books and listen to her podcasts, love them. I’ve been clean fasting for about 2 years now. Hit a slump this year, so her new book came out just in time to start fresh the first of the year. Highly recommend her books and podcasts. My next read is The Obesity Code by Jason Fung.

  4. I love to wear casual dresses especially when traveling. Title Nine and Eddie Bauer usually have my favorites. They have casual dresses that don’t wrinkle and that you can wash out in the sink if needed. I’ve also picked up a couple at Loft or Gap Factory. They don’t travel as well, but are cute for at home.

  5. I saw where you are trying a 72 hour fast based on Mindy Pelz’s book. If you would like to hear a podcast with her, there are two really good podcasts that she did with Mel Robbins. Just go to Mel Robbins website and you can listen on You Tube, Apple , etc. I follow Mel Robbins on Instagram and she really has some informational podcasts. Happy New Year and good luck with your fast.

  6. Hi regarding dinner menu planning! We got a subscription to Eat At Home menu planning service. I know in advance what we’re eating for dinner which saves me time! Highly recommend it. You get access to family friendly weekly menu with shopping lists and recipes for both large (5-6) or small (3-4) size families, in all four menu categories: plant-based, no flour/no sugar, traditional, and slow cooker/instapot. The service is on sale right now too.

  7. My daughter uses the electrolyte drivi mix you show and I bought some. I’m just alittle hesitant to drivi it with sooooo much sodium. She does one packet a day. She told me to try half a day to start. I tried the first few Fri is and it seemed so salty. I bought the raspberry. Do you find it to be a lot of sodium? If you add food sodium rest of the day then I’d think too much. Just wondering as I have chronic migraines and have to be careful. Great list Cyndi. Happy resort shopping.

  8. I like all your finds – I wish I had seen the devotional and the calendars, books before today. I bought mine for the year already and am not happy with them. But it’s such an investment I am sticking with what I have.
    I have done fasting before and ok with it. I was wondering why you are doing it – you didn’t say. I’m not going to read the book – I have too many experts whispering in my ear as it is. But I would like to hear YOUR reasons.