Prayers for Israel

I wanted to update you on our trip to Israel today because I’m getting emails and comments asking if we are still going. Our trip has been canceled. It’s my understanding that all tourism trips have been canceled until further notice.

Last Sunday, in my email, I shared about our trip possibly being canceled, and someone commented that that should be the least of anyone’s concern.

Of course, our trip to Israel being canceled is not important in the grand scheme. What is happening in Israel is our concern, and we have prayed continually for Israel since this war started.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t admit we were disappointed momentarily. This was not a vacation. My husband was leading a group of 80 people. He had been preparing and working on the trip for a year. It was a spiritual trip, and we were excited about going.

Once we realized the horrific details, we were thankful we had not left for our trip (we were to go on October 27th). This week, Psalm 16:9 came to my mind: The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

We can make all the plans we want, but always remember to hold our plans lightly.

This has been a difficult week, and I’m so thankful for God’s word that tells us we will hear of wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6). We shouldn’t be surprised.

Complete peace on Earth won’t happen until the Lord returns. During this time of suffering and war, we faithfully pray for peace in Israel.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Good morning Cindi, I know you and Wayne are disappointed in the trip not taking place on schedule. I’m certain the 80 people who were planning a trip of a lifetime are also very disappointed. The knowledge and information Wayne has gathered over year to share while in Israel is still viable and can be shared maybe in a different way. Have a wonderful happy time at the baby shower.

  2. Thank you for sharing Cyndi. We have praying for you and especially for Israel. You are such a blessing to us!

  3. Thank you for this. I really needed to hear Psalm 16:9. As a planner trying hard to keep life organized, I often get frustrated when I work so hard to pull things together then for whatever reason it doesn’t workout. It feels like so much wasted time and effort. I’ll admit a lot of times, it’s better that it didn’t work out.

    1. Cyndi – why am I not surprised by some comments? You are amazing and of course you are disappointed however, wouldn’t anyone be after months and months of planning? Please know you give us all beautiful insights on so many levels and you are appreciated. Prayers for Israel and the USA!

  4. Cyndi, I am thankful for people like you and Wayne who continue to work in earnest for our Lord. Peace be with you always. I too am praying for Israel and all of the people involved in that war who truly want peace.

  5. Thankful that you were not already in Israel. We just cruised the Mediterranean in July and August. IF I was on the cruise now, I would be finding a port with a large airport and I would be coming home. Prayers for Israel.

  6. Situation in Israel is beyond heartbreaking, as are the reactions of many around the world including in our own country. I think that you can grieve, and pray for the people of Israel while also being disappointed about missing your opportunity to visit. We are human, and capable of multiple emotions at the same time. I had friends going with a group from church on the same date as your trip, and often wondered if you would cross paths. Praying for the people of Israel.

  7. I completely understand about your disappointment at having your trip canceled. You plan all year for a mission trip. Praying for you and your group in your prayers for Israel.

  8. Yes eyes on Lord always gives us perspective.
    God has plans for these 80 people to share their
    Praying Psalm 122 for Israel.

    1. Thankful You&Wayne are not in Israel. It’ very heartbreaking to watch and see what is happening to all those poor people there. I can’t watch it, and say to myself, “those doing this are not human beings.” Such terrible, terrible actions! We will continue to pray for Israel ✝️ ❤️

  9. Cyndi,

    It doesn’t surprise me that some people don’t get what this blog is about….your life, not what is going on in the world, even though you still talk about things happening when going on. Your blog is an inspiration both spiritually and fashionably to many of us. Yes you are disappointed in your trip as most of us would be. There is nothing wrong with you, your husband or the 80 that were going on this trip feeling that way. There will always be something going on in this world, but I know most of us still keep living our lives!! Keep doing what your doing, it’s a blessing to many❣️
    We continue to pray for Israel!

  10. Cyndi, of course your trip is of little importance in the light of what’s happening. But it would be heartless to think you wouldn’t be disappointed. We currently have 50 people signed up for a trip we are hosting in December of 2024. This will be our 4th trip to the Holy Land. All of us who love Israel have heavy hearts right now.
    Please take a moment and watch this utube video of Aaron schust’s song Zion. It truly is so uplifting! There is also a link on the original video to a version of the same song recorded live at the Tower of David in Jerusalem. Prophesy fulfilled!
    Have a blessed day!

    1. I just realized I linked the wrong song. While equally beautiful, the version of Aaron Shist’s song I meant to link is below. Is is a video showing pictures of the original immigrants arriving in Israel in 1947 along with the OT scripture for every verse of the song.

  11. I’m so glad you were not in Israel when this war started. I pray Israel and for the people who were there and for the country. In June we were on a Mediterranean cruise and know it would have been frightening to be there when this happened.

    Don’t feel guilty for expressing your disappointment in not being able to make the trip. I agree this blog is about your personal life and of course ou would express your disappointment.

  12. I can imagine how disappointing it was and I know your heart. No need to explain disappointment. It’s only natural. I will say that in the past in your Instagram videos, you seemed a bit apprehensive yet excited about this trip. At one time (I could be remembering wrong) you mentioned your nervousness about going. Perhaps that was the Holy Spirit preparing your heart for what was to come. As we draw closer to the Lord, I believe He allows some ‘prophesying emotions’ to emerge even when we don’t understand what they mean. Praying for Israel along side you, friend! And believing that your trip will still happen one day soon, when the Lord once again opens that door. ❤️

  13. I’m so thankful. too, that your trip is not taking place now. God’s hedge of protection is surrounding you and your group to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. Thank you God! Thank you, Cindi, for living your faith and sharing it with us daily. It truly makes a positive difference.

  14. Thank you for updating all of us. We were in Greece vacationing when war began and I felt like your trip would be impacted. Your scripture about the Lord ordering your steps is such a good reminder. He orders all of our steps and he does care for our sadness and happiness. And I know that he is holding Israel in his hands also. That does ease the hurt in my soul. Continuing with you in prayer during the difficult days to come.

  15. Cyndi, I understand thoroughly what you said today and how you feel. I am so sorry you cannot go to Israel. Now more than ever I understand the true meaning of visiting Israel where Moses headed, King David lived and Jesus was born. It is Holy Ground and a Spiritual place to this day. Thank you for Psalm 16 and Mathew 24. I feel safe now here and Pray for Israel. AMEN

    1. As a Christian it is my hope we would keep in our prayers Israel and all of the innocent people in Gaza more than half being women and children who have been killed. They are all human beings no matter color or creed.

  16. So sorry your trip was cancelled. We, also, were supposed to go October 10th. And yes, our disappointment is not even a blip in the big picture as we also pray fervently for Israel. But I share your disappointment in missing the spiritual journey of following in Jesus steps.

  17. Everything that everyone else has already said. Ditto, from my heart. You are an amazing woman. You are loved by many. We are all so fortunate to have a connection to you. Your spiritual guidance, your style and inspiration, and even getting to know your personal life and family… you are a blessing to many. We love you Cyndi! Thanks for being you.

  18. Cyndi I’m so sorry and I understand. My husband and I led our first tour to Israel Sept 1-11. Like Wayne, Mike spent the last year planning and preparing so I can understand how disappointed you both are because it’s so much more than a trip or tour. I pray the Lord allows you to go at a later time. I wanted to mention that we have a ministry to Israel and like many, have an emergency fund that is sending funds every few days directly into southern Israel for supplies. 100% are being sent. Please feel free to share as the Lord leads. We are also posting regular updates. God bless you and your family and followers and may God bless and protect Israel, the apple of His eye! 🇮🇱 🙏🏻

  19. We are praying for our many friends and loved ones in Israel. My husband is a pastor and leads trips as well. He has taken 16 trips and has strong relationships with people there. We are heartbroken for what is happening. We we supposed to leave on the 23rd for a 10 day trip. For now we pray for God to be near to them.
    I really enjoy you post. Thank you for the positive post.

  20. We are all Praying for Israel. Does Wayne have information as to how we should offer any assistance to the people of Israel? If so, please have him write a post as to how best help these hurting people.

  21. Thank you for this blog and the Bible verses you included. One of the members of our Church Life Group travelled there to see her first grandchild just prior to the beginning of this conflict. Now they are working to get flights out. Such a sad situation for everyone in that area and for humans everywhere. Your last comment about there being no peace until our Lord returns is the news believers can cling to!

  22. Truly what is happening in Israel is devastating. Like you we have been praying continuously. Feeling sad and disappointed that you aren’t able to go is to be expected. Visiting the Holy Land bring the scriptures to life in such a profound way. We were able to go last November after illness caused us to miss our first trip. We were so disappointed. I feel your disappointment. Yes, we all know that the conflict is real and that a trip isn’t as important. Hugs to you and all who planned and prayed about this trip.

  23. We were scheduled to leave on October 10th! Two days after it started! Ours was canceled too &, of course, I was also disappointed. So, I understand. I’m very thankful we weren’t in route or already there. Many from Alabama have had trouble getting out to get home. Praying for peace & protection for Israel.
    Love following you & Traci!

  24. I too, am glad you hadn’t gone yet. Love your devotions and sorry for your disappointment. Israel is in our prayers as well

  25. Yes, we need to pray continually for the people of Israel. Prayers that the conflict will end and the loss of lives will stop! In the meantime, I pray for those that have lost their lives and their families left behind.

  26. Very well said and written, Cyndi. Thank you for your Christian leadership and your taking the time to write your feelings regarding your trip. May God bless you and your family and Israel.

  27. We too had a trip planned to Israel (Nov 2023) and are thankful to not be there while these events unfold. It has made me more fervent in my prayers for Israel and all those affected.

  28. We have friends that were also planning a trip to Israel and they too have had their trip cancelled. Not only for safety purposes but out of respect for the ones that live there. We must all stay in continual prayer for these people and their families. God Bless them all!

  29. We are in prayer for Israel as well and appreciate you blog post. My husband and I went in March( after trip was canceled due to Covid) of this year. It truly was a trip of a lifetime! God gives us instructions to pray for Israel and we stand with them. Praying for the precious people being affected there.

  30. When I read your post I wanted to say Amen, Amen and Amen. Israel is our concern and yes we are to pray. It is ok to be disappointed as it was a wonderful trip to look forward to and your husband planned for so long. I too was thankful you hadn’t left yet. It made me think back of when one of my kids was on their middle school trip to New York, DC etc in May and then in Sept the twin towers were hit. Their class had been in the building at one point. I was so thankful for God’s protection. Bless you. Have a great baby shower. We have a family one next Sunday.

  31. I follow your blog daily but have never commented until now. Thank you for being so real and transparent. We had the opportunity to go on an 11 day trip (or I call it a pilgrimage) to Israel in June with our Pastor. It was wonderful and a trip I will never forget being were Jesus walked. I am heartbroken for the people of Israel (especially those I met during our time there) and pray for the country. Although you are disappointed, I thank God for your protection. I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel.

  32. Hi Cyndi, my heart goes out to you guys, these are difficult times and very painful. I pray that the Joy of the Lord will be your strength today and always Because of who HE is! We don’t know what exactly or at times don’t understand why or what HE is doing,But we do know what HE has done! and we will rejoice in HIM! Good night:)

  33. I know how disappointed you are about not being able to go on this trip. My husband and I have had the opportunity to lead trips to Israel 3 times, and each trip the Lord opens my eyes to the wonder of Israel and the Holy Land in unique ways. We are praying for the people of Israel with you and thousands of others. God Bless you.

  34. We, too, had a trip planned for Israel but it was next summer. For us, it wasn’t just a vacation, it was an opportunity to see where Jesus walked and lived and died and rose again. So, I understand your disappointment because we are disappointed too. We are only human after all. We pray for Israel and our country too. We pray for revival n our nation and for God to protect His children in Israel.Thank you for your blog and your public ministry.

    1. We are supposed to go in March. It is not cancelled as of yet, but I am expecting it to be. We are also disappointed in that possibility, but we are more concerned about the people who live there and are held captive than about a trip we might be taking! You should not have to defend your thoughts and disappointments as you have also asked for prayer for all involved there along with the updates. People can just be cruel. We need to also pray for them!

  35. The fact that you have to defend a comment you made on your own blog about a scheduled trip that has been put in hold due to volatile world situations is ludicrous to me. It is your blog. We come here to share your ideas about fashion; you let us into your life, and you become part of ours. You were simply expressing what anyone would have felt in the same position. Cindi gets to have Cindi’s feelings and express them on her own blog.

  36. I will be praying for your hearts disappointment is hard. I know that this conflict does not come as a surprise to our Lord. I love your Bible could you share a link? Have a great day

  37. Cindi, my husband and I went on a study trip to Israel many years ago and have been blessed ever since to be able to picture where the events of the Bible took place. It adds a richness and clarity to Bible study. Of course you are both disappointed and grateful not to be there now. The chances are good that you will be able to go one day. Until then we will all be praying!

  38. I’m sorry for all that preparation to be end in cancelation. I was worried for you and am glad it’s been canceled for your safety. May this end soon. Best to you

  39. Cancellations of anything we are excited about doing is disappointing. Good scripture about holding onto plans lightly. Hard for me to do sometimes.