Prepping For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s almost here, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! For only a couple of weeks, Nordstrom offers shoppers brand new arrivals at incredible sale prices. When the 25-day sale window closes, all items shoot back up to original prices.

Prepping For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The dates for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are July 12 – August 5, with Early Access for Nordstrom cardholders starting on July 12th.

Here’s the breakdown:

July 11 – Level 4 Cardholders can shop Early Access in-store

I’m a Level 4 Nordstrom cardholder so I get to shop the sale on the 11th, the day before the Early Access period opens. I’ll share all my favorite picks bright and early on the first day of Early Access on July 12th.

July 12 – Early Access Begins for all Cardholder levels
July 19 – Last Day of Early Access
July 2o – Anniversary Sale opens to the Public
August 5 – Last Day of the Anniversary Sale

What is so great about this sale?

Unlike other sales, where items start out at full price and are marked down, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is opposite. Items start on sale for a selected period, and then prices go back up in August after the sale is over.

Which items usually sell out quickly?

It’s good to know which items usually sell out the fastest because those are the items you should shop for first! Booties were very popular last year, and I think they will be this year too. Tory Burch handbags (especially in the “cognac” color),  and Kendra Scott jewelry.

How do I get early access??

If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card and are interested in getting one, this allows you early access! Meaning you can start shopping more than a week before the general public. (Clearly, this is a personal choice whether to have a credit card and if you don’t want one you can wait for the public access.)

To give you an idea, here are some items I purchased previously from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I purchased these Vince Camuto booties that are perfect for fall. They are no longer available.

Prepping For The Nordstrom Anniversary SaleThis Nike windbreaker jacket was an anniversary sale purchase. I wear it all the time and, it sold out quickly.

Prepping For The Nordstrom Anniversary SaleLastly, this cardigan was a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase. It sold out super quick, and they never restocked it.

Prepping For The Nordstrom Anniversary SaleThis year, I can’t wait to check out all the amazing deals. My goal is to get a few pairs of shoes, a good pair of jeans, and hopefully some cute sweaters/tops.

Here is a look at a few of the items in this years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog.

Booties are still in style, and they have quite a selection. I always like Vince Camuto boots.

This is a great time to purchase a coat (even though it’s a hundred degrees outside!) and this J. Crew wool coat comes in several colors and is a classic.


This is a more trendy coat, but I love the lavender color.

These heels are gorgeous!

I’ve seen several smocked neck tops for fall. I love this style.

I’m hoping to get these boots. The price is too good!

I can’t wait to try on some jeans and, it looks like the crop flare style is still on trend for fall.

I’ll share a lot of the items I’m trying on over on Instagram before it hits the blog. If you want to follow along, go here.

I’m so honored that you have taken time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and my favorite one, Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~I sent this quote I saw on Instagram to my daughter because she’s right in the middle of dealing with a newborn and a 6-year-old. I remind her all the time that the days are long but the years are short. I’m sure many of you can relate to this……

You blink, and they are 8. Then 28. And then they are parents, resembling the you, you once were. So take it in, mama. Let them climb into bed with you any hour of the night. Sing that song they requested for the tenth time. Ho.d them a little tighter when all they want is to hug on you–fell that small body against your own. Maybe in raising children, you lose your mind a little bit. But boy, do you find your soul! Embrace the exhaustion, The hard days. The overwhelming. And all of the joy. 

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Believe me I’m not rushing fall but I’m curious to see what’s new and different:) love your BFTH today. The years go by way too fast as we now find ourselves busy planning our daughters wedding for next summer:)seems like she was just five… enjoy every moment as the seasons change quickly 😀

  2. I am excited for the sale. I don’t really “need” anything but I am sure I will find things I want!

    I like the Caslon jeans you posted above, missed them when I looked at the catalog!

  3. Not feeling it. I have lost a few friends this past year and was invited by the husband, of my best friend, to clear her closets after she passed. Sadly there was clothing new with tags, or worn once for a few hours. New shoes and bags. She lived a great life and was always generous, but seeing how much waste, she left behind made me realize, at 60 years of age, I am better to give even more. No one recalls what dress she had on, only that she was a wonderful person.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. This is so true. We all need to try to leave the best legacy we can. But…..we can still have fun with fashion along the way. 🙂

  4. I have shopped the sale (I work 5 minutes from a Nordstrom) for several years but I am already tired of it by the time the sale starts. I understand that every fashion blogger has a different audience and there might be someone out there who needs instructions on the sale but for those of us in the know, it gets really old! I am being pickier this year (like Ima said below) about what I “need” vs. what’s pretty and shiny. I will buy some basics but that’s it.

  5. I usually don’t get too excited about the Nordstrom sale, as I find better deals at LOFT for me, but that said, I love Fall and the clothes for Fall best of all the seasons, so I love to read your sale coverage and of course always see something I want. 🙂 I don’t have a credit card, just do the rewards points, so won’t have early accesss. Thanks for all you do to bring us such a great blog reading. I love the BFTH. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. My son, my 3rd child just got married in June. I can’t believe they all are through college and married now. When in the thick of it, I thought I’d never be to this stage, but it happened fast.

  6. I don’t have early access either so I wonder if the ones who do, get more excited? In past years by the time I get to order, it’s sometimes gone. But I do think it’s fun to hear what the bloggers buy so thank you for this article!! Happy shopping everyone!!

  7. I’m a Nordstrom card holder, and shopped last year from the comfort of my couch. Ha! Due to Nordstrom’s free shipping, I can shop online, and if something doesn’t work for me, it’s so easy to return. I’ve shopped the Nsale for a couple of years now, and have learned not to wait if there’s something I really want, as items sell out very quickly.
    Your BFTH really hit home today. Our youngest daughter got married 3 weeks ago. Time flies by too quickly. Though I’m very happy that she’s married, I’d give anything to have just one day with her as a little girl. Thank you for that beautiful quote.

  8. I like seeing the news styles that are coming out. I don’t have a card so it can be frustrating because so many things sell out before it’s available to the general public. I might check out the debit card. I also agree that Loft is easier on the wallet. I tend to shop there more. I appreciate that you show us styles from Loft, Macy’s and Target!!! Thanks for that!!!

  9. os the rack part of the anniversary sale ?
    wow the bfth. i will always remember the strange feeling when noting that those little ones that liked crawling about on the carpet in the den now spanned the entire floor as the sprawlwd about the floor to watch the tv. talk about a what happened moment.

  10. I would love to go with you if you want. I live like an hour from Lexington, KY. I might be able to make arrangements on my job. Which Nordstrom are you planning to go? What time do you want to go?

    1. You’re so sweet!! Honestly, it’s a work day for me and I’ll be trying on clothes all day (boring). Plus, I am going to stop and see my son on the way home. 🙂 But thank you!!

  11. I Love your quote you sent your daughter….. It brought tears to my eyes… Yes time goes by so quickly… My 28 year old son was killed in an auto accident, and I would give anything to have just one more hug, and one more time to tell him that I love him. Life is short but praising God for sending His Son.. Until we meet again. Love your blog.

  12. Cyndi – so true when raising little ones. I wouldn’t of changed that time in my life for anything. I actually look at old photos and miss those days as you know it goes by so quick. Even though I have not seen my son in 7 years I know where he is at all times . . . In my heart. Every day I pray for him and that God will place him back in my life. (I divorced his Dad after 22 years of marriage due to countless infidelity.) To all the young Moms – take lots of pictures, record their little voices, cherish each step of the way. 💕💕

    I purchased a lot of items from the sale last year that you featured without even stepping into the store. I was new to Nordstrom and will the sale I was able to purchase some new fall clothes without breaking the bank or feeling guilty for the money I was spending. 🤭. So thank you Cyndi!!!

  13. I shop the sale for Christmas gifts. I used to shop for myself, but I’m currently purging before buying more. Way too much stuff…in my closet, in my house, in my garage….

    BFTH hit me hard this morning. I sent it to my DIL and thanked her for the “do-over” with my granddaughter. XOXO