Questions And Answers-October 2018

Hey ladies! I am trying to do a Questions and Answers post once a month. I typically get a lot of questions and when I start to get the same ones over and over, I know I need to do this post.

1. How did you tie your scarf? I’m going to do an Instasories video on how a tie this scarf. It’s a square scarf, and I folded it and tied it in a knot twice.  It’s called the choker style and wrapping a silk scarf around your neck is on trend.

Questions And AnswersDenim shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Black skirt (I’m wearing a size 2)//Black booties (option here)//Scarf//Earrings//Handbag

2. Will you show us how you style your hair? Yes.

I’m going to do a hair tutorial on how I add soft curls. I use the T3 curling iron to create this look. I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days so the first day, I typically wear it straight, and then I add curls on day 2 or day 3.

Questions And AnswersDenim Shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Scarf//Corduroy Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Booties//Watch//Earrings

3. I still get a lot of questions about this jute rug in my living room. It’s from Pottery Barn, and I have had it for several years, but they still carry it. I’m guessing it’s a popular rug! You can find it here.

Questions And AnswersDenim Shirt (I’m wearing an XS)//Green Skirt (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Necklace//Slingback Flats

4. I also get asked about my paint color. It’s Benjamin Moore Greenbriar Beige. It’s darker than what I like. There are some places in my home that are painted Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore, and I wish this was the color throughout my house. I like the lighter color better.

5. Another question I often get is, am I a Faster Way to Fat Loss Coach? No, I’m not a coach. I had seriously considered it, but I don’t feel I can add anything else to my plate at this time. The program is amazing and I have thought about creating a Facebook page to share recipes, and answer questions. Would anyone be interested in that?

6. I get this question every week, several times a week. “I love your blog, and I’ve always wanted to start a blog, can you tell me how you got started and what I need to do.”

I started blogging in 2009 before anyone knew what a blog was and I started it as a hobby. There wasn’t any information online, and there was no Pinterest and no Instagram.

I had no idea this would eventually become my full-time job (I am a dental hygienist by profession) but it has, and it keeps me very busy. Most days I love it, but as with any job, there are some things I don’t love.

I am not able to work one on one with women who want to start a blog. I don’t have the time, and truthfully there are more capable people who can help you.  There is nothing you can’t find by googling. Google is your friend.

I would recommend Amy Lynn Andrews (How to Start a WordPress blog), and my favorite Influencer podcast is Julie Solomon. I will say while it might look easy to blog, there is A LOT of behind the scenes work. I’m not saying you can’t do it,  but know it’s work.

7. What devotional book do you use? Ladies, I have used so many devotional books over the years that I can’t count. I will tell you my favorite book is the Bible. Sometimes I think we read more of what other people think (devotional books) than digging into God’s word.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a good devotional! But, there are two things I try to do every day. First, I have a gratitude journal. This is not a prayer journal. Every day, I write down 4 to 5 things that I’m grateful for.

If later in the day, I have a bad attitude, I go back to that journal and remind myself of all I have to be grateful for!

Next, there is a place in most Bibles that have a daily reading plan. I use this to read my Bible daily. I ask two questions, what is this passage saying, and how can I apply it to my life?

Some days I may not feel it’s saying anything to me BUT I’m hiding God’s word in my heart (Psalm 119:11), and I know it won’t return to me empty (Isaiah 55:11).

Okay, I think that’s all the Questions and Answers for today, this post is getting too long.

I’m so honored that you have taken time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and my favorite one, Instagram.

Beauty for the Heart~~Not every thought needs to be shared. Not every opinion should be aired. If we truly want to be thought leaders, we must lead our own thoughts first. ~Lysa Terkeurst

As wives, as moms, etc. our words matter. We need to choose them wisely and everything that we think doesn’t have to be said. And we certainly don’t have to share everything on social media. Let’s be women who speak kindness.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. TY for the Q&A…I always enjoy these posts! and your hair has always been top of the questions over the years :).
    I would be interested in the FWTFL FB group – having finished my first round I find “healthy” recipes harder to find – at least ones I like – seems like everything has avocado and I’m not a fan – LOL.
    I love your blog – Instagram, Instastories – all of it!!! Good Job!

  2. Yes, would be interested is shared recipes. I find the low macro days the hardest to do. Just because I can’t seem to even out the splits of the macros:(

  3. I really appreciate your comments about our thoughts and how everything we think and feel doesn’t need to be shared with everyone. A woman in my church once quoted this phrase to me, “Go to the throne before the phone.” I think about this every time I want to go on a rant about something. Am I approaching God’s throne everyday about my cares and concerns. I also keep a post it on my computer that says, “True? Kind? Necessary? ” This helps me to filter my thoughts before opening my mouth. I appreciate your thoughtful reminders.

  4. Hi, Cyndi. I have two questions about your answers! First, which barrel do you use for the T3 curling iron? Second, I believe that the link for your jute rug is missing?

  5. I loved the info you shared in this Q&A post and look forward to similar posts each month. I’m anxious to see your video on adding curls to your hair. I would also love to see a FB page where you share your favorite recipes while on FWTFL.

  6. Thanks Cyndi.. as usual I love your BFTH. I can’t wait for the post on the plaid dress. Looks like it’s a nice one. Truly appreciate your hard work..

    1. Also Cyndi I know you mentioned having a puppy a while ago before your move to a rental. Do you still have him? Also why did you leave dental work to become a blogger? ( if you don’t mind sharing)Thanks .

  7. Cyndi…..your Beauty from the Heart is a great one today!! This is so true when you have a thought or want to say something to someone you need to keep it to yourself. It is your opinion so keep it to yourself.

  8. Great post!! Those were a lot of questions I wanted to ask but never did. I would be interested in the blog about recipes and exercise. I did FWTFL once but I travel so much with my job that it was really hard for me but I still try to incorporate some of what I learned. Thanks Cyndi for your blog! I really enjoy it and just want to say I don’t think I ever saw an outfit on you that I didn’t like. You are just so pretty!

  9. Cannot wait for your styling of a little black dress. I purchased the one you styled recently, and it arrived yesterday. Cannot wait to wear it to work. I also would love to see recipes. I am always looking for new, healthy dishes. (I love to cook; it is a stress reducer for me.)

  10. I enjoyed reading your Q&A post. I agree with you that there are many great devotional books but none are a substitute to the authority of God’s Word! BFTH is spot on. Our society in general uses their tongue way too loosely with opinionated expression. I want to be a woman who uses my mouth to edify not destroy. Be Blessed today Cyndi! ❤️

  11. I always enjoy you answering questions like this. I know you’ve mention your height before however I would be curious to know your weight. If you are not comfortable in revealing this you could always say below 135? 125? or such. Hope that’s not me wanting TMI there. I’m also 5’6″ and I’m always working on my weight………… love the way your clothes fit you.

  12. I love your answer post. I would definitely be interested in some post on Faster Way to Weight Loss recipes!

  13. Enjoyed this post and once a month Q&A’s is awesome! I had wondered about how to tie the scarf, was going to try to practice (tell us approximate size we need in your Instastory please) but hadn’t asked yet, rug and paint info greatly appreciated, and I think a facebook page with healthy recipes would be wonderful!!!

  14. Dearest Cyndi, I think you know how much I love reading your post every day! Like you, I’m at a point (for several years now), where I want the Bible to become so alive in my heart every day, and I fight for JOY to have God’s Words speak to the depths of me. I also keep a gratitude journal and it’s extremely helpful! My question for you is: (and you will probably cover this in your hair tutorial), what products do you use to add volume to your hair? I am particularly interested in the 2nd of 3rd day after washing, when I still want it to look full and pretty. THANK YOU!! My prayers are with you!

  15. Cyndi,

    I have a question regarding your hair. How can you get by with only washing it every 2 or 3 days? Don’t you have bed head when you get up each morning? My hair is everywhere and the only way I can make it look good is to wash it each day. Thank you for your blog! I’m glad I found it and have been enjoying it each day.

    1. Since it has gotten longer, I don’t really have bed head. It isn’t hard to shampoo every 2 to 3 days. My goal is to shampoo every 4 to 5 days.

    2. Hi Debbie, I don’t know if you have short hair or long hair. I have short hair and also wash it only every second or third day. On the days I don’t wash it,and I definitely get bed head at the back of my hair, I’ll just dampen it when I’m in the shower and then either finger comb it or use the blow dryer to refresh the style.

  16. FWTFL – I have a lot of questions regarding this so I would love a facebook page of yours devoted to that!

  17. Love the BFTH today (and every day, actually)! “Not every thought needs to be shared….” Great post. Thank you for sharing with us and I love it when you include home tidbits too (like the rug, paint, etc).

  18. I would love for you to start a Facebook page on FWTFL. I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for your inspiring words.

  19. “Speak Kindness” would be lovely on a tee shirt. So happy your Q&A will be a monthly post. I would like a peek at your typical day, from dawn to dark, foods you eat and when (meals/snacks), when you exercise, house chores, reading, blog time, tv watching, shopping, etc. Thank you!

  20. I’m not on Facebook. Would you do a post occasionally on a recipe that you use on your weight lose program? It would be s nice change from fashion for you. 😉
    I agree! Women need to be kinder to each other. A compliment can go a long way in making a women’s Day. An insult can destroy self confidence. Why has society lost the more gentle way of keeping their thoughts to themselves? Let’s build up, not knock down,

  21. That’s a great quote from Lysa Terkeurst. I would like to remind some people that you don’t have to voice every question you have either. People ask questions like ‘so when are you going to have kids?’ Such personal questions could be very painful. You don’t know when that couple is grieving a miscarriage or struggling with infertility.

    I was raised to believe that it was not proper to ask about a person’s finances, weight, or age. Also to be sensitive about asking health-related questions. Not everything needs to be shared.

  22. I would love a FWTFL page for recipes and sharing menus, etc. I just finished my first round and will start round 2 in two weeks. My one recommendation for making it better was to add a resource page where people could share information — recipes, tips, etc. Love your blog!

  23. Yes, please start a FWTLF page. I just signed up and would love to share recipes, tips, encouragement. Thanks!

  24. Yes I would love for you to start a FWTWL page with recipes for sure! Love your “Beauty for the heart” today! That’s what I’ve been trying to keep myself aware of more often lately. The Bible is also my favorite devotional book as well.
    Enjoy your blog!

  25. Yes I would love to see the recipes. I am a long time member of WW & would like to compare. And I really like your blog – I have spent a small fortune the past few months on your styling ideas!!

  26. Thanks for the Q&A and your doing a great job this season. So much so, that I have to start hiding my package deliveries from my hubbby lol. Can’t wait to hear more about the plaid dress and look forward to seeing you style the leather faux pants again (mine arrived today 😉).

  27. I too would love a FWTFL page! I am on week 2 of my first round and was hoping that the facebook page would be more recipes, tips etc. YOu look so good!

  28. Thank you for your questions and answers Cyndi! I love following you and look forward to your posts. I would definitley be interested in a FB FWTFL page. I am currently in my 2nd round (week 2) so I cannot join VIP that is starting next, but I hope there is a VIP November….

    Thank you for being real and true to yourself!

  29. I loved this post…. so many different things covered!!!!thank you for reminding us that GODS word… is the very best place to be..

  30. I would definitely love a FWTFL page!!!
    I’m starting another round on October 15th(my 5th since last August). The accountability is what keeps me coming back – just figured it’s cheaper in the long run than VIP.
    Love your blog & instastories!

  31. Ys! I am very interested in the FWTFL recipes. I would also like some ideas for what would be some good recipes for Low Carb Day, Low Macro Day, or Reg Macro Day….that is where I am struggling right now.
    I love the sweet inspirational message you provide through your blog!
    Thanks so much!

  32. What color is your rug. The natural color on the pottery barn website looks more tan than yours. Thanks!

  33. I am always interested in styling pieces more than one way. Also, your hair is fabulous- any tips on products or styling? Finally, please, please start the faster way recipe and help page. I struggle soooo much cooking for one.
    Thank you for all you do!

  34. I’d be very interested in seeing a FWTFL Facebook page from you! I”m on my third round and am enjoying the program and its benefits very much.

  35. Hi Cyndi
    Thanks for all your hard work on your blog! And, please add me to your list of followers who is interested in a Facebook page for FWTFL recipes.

  36. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m interested in YL Oils/Products. Is the Premium kit with extra diffuser still available, and if not, will it be at a later date?

    I really enjoy your blog. You do a great job!

    Denise 😁