QVC Finds for August

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Hi ladies! August is going by fast, but before we head into September, I want to share some of my favorite QVC finds for August.

Last year, I shared a cuddl dud 3 piece loungewear set, and I was so excited when they brought back a newer version this year. I’m wearing last year’s set, but this year’s set is very similar. Cuddl Duds is known for its comfy clothing; this lounge set does not disappoint.

This set is a Today’s Special Value (TSV) offer, and the cuddl dud set will only be available at this unbeatable price today. The price is $57.98 (Reg. $65.50).

The set comes with a tank, pants, and a cardigan. The cardigan is great to wear around the house if you’re chilly.

I love wearing it when I work from home and stay inside; it’s so soft.

This set comes in regular, petite, and tall and has six different colors. This would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself, too!

New Customers can use promo code SURPRISE for $10 off any order of $25 or more. If it’s your second purchase, use promo code HELLO10 for $10 off any order of $25 or more.

QVC Finds for August

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  1. Good Morning Cyndi! I like a nice soft cuddl to wear around the house when I’m not at work, But I must admit, I have walked out of the house with it and have gotten nice complements. I like that it comes in gray. So nice to see you a little more relaxed in “confy-comfortable” clothing. Sending Blessings your way and hope all the unpacking is almost finished~.~

  2. Hi Cyndi, fantastic post today! Love the BFTH, great advice to remember. I just received the GIGI knit set in black that you styled recently! It’s so cozy. When the temps get chilly I can’t wait to lounge around in it! The Cuddle Duds you’re styling today are on my list next. I’m tempted to buy a pair for my daughter for Xmas as well. Like you, I’ve just recently moved to a new home and have had similar issues with packages ending up at the old address or being sent back🤪 By the way I can see glimpses of your new house and it looks beautiful! A very calming and serene decor.🧘‍♀️Have a wonderful day!

    1. Did i miss the ‘tour’ of your new house like you gave us with your last move? Am interested in a repeat post if you did. Am not on Instagram… 🙂

  3. I’ve never had cuddle duds before but have seen the sets to wear under clothes for extra warmth in the Winter at Target. I just can’t fit extra layers under my jeans, but maybe snow pants. I like both sets here just for lounging, but I think I like last years set better for me. Maybe once you receive the new set you could post a picture with you wearing it. You always make the clothing look better than the models.

  4. I know this is off topic but would you mind sharing a link for your rug if it’s still available? I’ve been looking for a new one and this one would fit my decor well. Hope y’all are getting settled! It’s an exhausting process but I hope the new house is starting to feel more like home.