Rain or Shine: The Versatile Jacket You Need This Season

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Hey friends! I’ve shared with you before how much I love coats and jackets. They can really enhance any outfit, and, of course, they’re essential during cold or rainy weather. QVC has the Susan Graver Water Resistant Cinched Waist Anorak Jacket as the Today’s Special Value, and it comes in several colors. I grabbed the black and the pink flash color.

We usually have a lot of rain during this time of year, so I like that this jacket is water-resistant and has a hood.

The jacket features an adjustable cinched waist for a customized fit.

This black color will go with so many of my outfits.

For a pop of color, I grabbed the pink flash color. It’s so cheery, and you can’t wear it and not feel happy!

QVC has amazing beauty deals, including many of my favorite Tarte products. This gorgeous cheek palette features five blushes and one bronzer.

You can use FEBRUARY15 for $15 off $35+ for first-time customers or WELCOME24 for $10 off $25+purchase for first-time customers. 

Happy Shopping!

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Beauty For the Heart™For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Truth: In this verse, the apostle Paul reminds us we are God’s handiwork. We are here because God created us with a purpose. We ALL have a purpose, and it’s to do good works.

When we do good works, we glorify God. What good works can we do right now?

  • We can be kind to others.
  • We can help those in need.
  • We can be peacemakers.
  • We strive to live with honesty, integrity, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Let’s go out and do good works today!

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  1. When we went through the process of selecting a white color for our beige stucco home, I looked at Pinterest and drove around many neighborhoods looking at houses painted white. I wanted a white that wasn’t too bright to go along with SW Accessible Beige for trim and SW Black Fox for shutters and front door. I brought several paint swatches home and looked at them in bright sunlight against our home (front porch). As I showed them to our painter, we came to an agreement of which white best suited the look we were aiming for. SW Alabaster was the paint color we used to paint the stucco. We are very happy with our choice. Good luck finding your perfect white for your home.

  2. Love the bright pink! I have a black one very similar and I do love a cinched waist! I’m also loving the colors in your blouse!
    Can’t wait to see your after pics of your house! Perhaps your sister Tracy would have some ideas as that seems to be her expertise 😉!
    Enjoy your day! We have rain coming this weekend which is a nice change from all the snow we’ve had! I’m hoping it will take a lot of it away!

  3. I just sent you a link through Instagram for some white exterior house colors. From my past experience, I find one I like on a house and then try to find that color. It is so hard to find the right color. I personally have never had a white exterior house so I do not have a particular color recommendation. Good luck!

  4. I would love some information on the blouse you are wearing if possible. The rain here has melted all our snow so hoping Spring weather is not too far off.

  5. We painted the outside of our house with a custom color the prior owners created. BUT, I actually purchased several quarts of other colors initially, thinking I wanted a new color. I painted Sherwin Williams samples directly on our house, in several locations, and I would look at it at different times of day in different light. Alas, we liked the current color, but it definitely needed a refresh! Our neighbors loved it so much, they asked us what color we used! I guess that was a great choice since they look at it more than we do! 😉

  6. I like the color of your house with the stone. I think it’s a good match. I only hope the white looks good with the stone colors, as there is no white in them. You’re doing the best thing you can by getting samples. What I’ve done in the past, and what other comments suggest, is to paint the samples on each side of the house and look at them at various times of the day. This way, you see what the colors are like a different times. Can’t wait to see the after pics!

  7. Best advise: talk to Chris at Winner’s Circle Painting in Lex. He’s the best at guiding you on which shade of white to use. WCP is a highly rated professional company and they do amazing work!

  8. You should go straight to your sister for advice on paint color. Whites can be hard and I’m sure she would know where to give you a starting point. Tracy is amazing what she can do. Yes….. as others say, try it out first on sides of house in different lighting. Have fun. Cute jackets.

  9. All colors are not as they appear, and you are smart to be careful. We painted our home in the grey family and after they finished everyone asked me why we painted our home purple. Yikes We had to repaint all our home again. We learned to look at all the colors related to your choice because colors look different in light and dark. Blessings to you……

  10. When we were painting our house white I went around looking at other houses that I liked their white and took my samples up next to their house and compared. If you ask the neighbor I’m sure they would understand. There are so many whites so this is a sure way of getting what you want because you are actually seeing it in the natural light.

  11. Cyndi, we painted the outside of our house last year and the best way to find the right color is to pick out 4 or 5 paint colors that you like at the paint store. Most stores will let you buy small sample jars and believe me it’s worth doing this. Get a piece of the board that you are painting and apply the samples to 4-5 different boards. During the day move the boards to different sides of your house so that you can see the way the paint displays in different light (sunny side, shadowy side, etc.) Choose whichever paint color that looks best on all sides of your house. It worked for us and we are very happy with the exterior color of our house. Good luck!

    1. The first thing I would do is contact your HOA to make sure there are no restrictions. Some of them are pretty strict!

  12. Look up Maria Kiliam and Kylie M Interiors for guidance. They both are also available for consultations. Your stone work and possibly roof color will determine the undertones that you will want for whatever shade of white that you choose. And that is what makes choosing a white so difficult! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  13. Cyndi,
    Take a look at Sherwin Williams Alabaster. We painted our kitchen, LV and laundry this color. It’s a warm, creamy white and absolutely beautiful. For the exterior, brickandbatten.com states “Alabaster is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to paint your home white but want nurturing and inviting curb appeal.” Good luck!! P.S. Love the pink jacket too.

    1. I have SW Alabaster on all my interior cabinets and trim (in a semi-gloss) and LOVE it! The perfect creamy warm white. It reflects light well too.

  14. Hi Cyndi, You may want to try Samplize paint samples online. You pick your colors you want and they mail you large size samples on reusable sticky paper that you just put up where you want and take down when you are done choosing. I chose all colors in our new home this way and it was the easiest and most economical way to choose the whites/beiges.
    I so enjoy your blog and have purchased quite a few of your fashions!

  15. We have painted two homes Sherwin Williams Alabaster…it’s beautiful and definitely one you should consider..my best advice is to try several whites at different times of day to see how it looks..SW has the peel and stick color samples that work great. Good luck

  16. Considering the color of the stone on your house, I was wondering if you have considered a very pale gray color? It might be worth getting some samples in a light gray. We painted our brick home 14 years ago with the color “Ashes” from Home Depot. I have had several people come to my door to ask what color it is.

  17. Finding the perfect white is a daunting task. When we painted our home, I asked everyone I knew who had a white house what colors they had chosen, which was helpful and gave me a starting point for my search, but I didn’t choose any of them. I settled on Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, Not too warm, not too cool, just right for me. I didn’t want to use a darker color on the trim, and wasn’t thrilled with the look of white against the Neutral Ground hardiboard, so I had the trim painted in Neutral Ground also and used a deep charcoal for the shutters. It works for me!

  18. Thanks for the info about the jacket. I have been looking for a jacket for awhile. I have given up finding one in the stores. I ordered the black. I love QVC’s easy pay!

  19. Ask the people at the paint store what colors are in the formula you pick. That way you can tell if your white has the undertone you want. White can have blue undertones, yellow, green. It can read warm or cool. Colors also look different outside. I think Sherwin Williams has large samples you can buy. There is also a blog by a color expert named Maria Killiam.

  20. We used to drive around neighborhoods and find a shade we wanted and hold up a color wheel with paint samples until we got a Sherwin Williams color tool. It is a digital tool that you can hold up to a painted board, and it gives you a match, sometimes 3 options. We paint our apartment properties so it’s very useful.