Rewardstyle: The 2016 Conference

Many of you know I spent some time in Dallas last week at the rewardStyle conference. The conference is held at The Joule hotel in downtown Dallas.

We snapped some pictures over the three days, and I thought I would share them with you.

I was beyond excited that Jo-Lynne and Alison attended this year! It was so fun to spend time together. I had not met Kristie from Blushing Basics but followed her on Instagram and I was thrilled to meet her. She is so sweet!

Rewardstyle: The 2016 Conference


The first night we had a pool side party and I wore this tunic from Glamour Farms. I will share more pics of this dress/tunic on Friday.

Rewardstyle: The 2016 Conference

Cyndi’s summer shade tunic (Use discount Spivey394 for $10 off)//Cindy crossbody handbag

We had lunch outside, across the street from the hotel, and the main attraction here is the giant eyeball  sculpture. Everyone wants to get a picture with the eye!

This year, we had quite a few over 40 style bloggers at the conference. It’s nice to see our age group represented because there are a lot of young style bloggers!

Rewardstyle: The 2016 ConferenceSheshe//me//Jo-Lynne//Deborah//Alison//I can’t remember the last ladies blog?

One of the gifts we received at the conference were these gorgeous GiGi clutches. We are showing off our clutches in this picture. (Use code GiGiDallas for 20% off.)

Rewardstyle: The 2016 Conference

Jo-lynne and Alison and I spent a few hours sitting by the pool and chatting. I wore a pair of Clark heels (pictured below). These heels are so comfortable!

Rewardstyle: The 2016 ConferenceThey had a wonderful coffee shop inside the hotel and I spent some time there. Of course!

Rewardstyle: The 2016 Conference

It was a wonderful few days and I’m so glad I went. I met some new style bloggers and I learned some things too. But now it’s back to reality! Ha!

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Beaut For the Heart~~“Following Jesus isn’t something you can do at night where no one notices. It’s a twenty-four-hour-a-day commitment that will interfere with your life. That’s not the small print—that’s a guarantee.” ~Kyle Idleman

Have a blessed day!

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  1. So happy for you & Jo-Lynne to be able to get together! From the pictures, it looked like you all had a wonderful time & got to do some great networking! Looking forward to the results! Have a great day!

  2. How fun to see you all together. I bet this was really fun. They even monogrammed the clutches for you? Nice!

  3. See what a difference your positive outlook makes!! I would have been SO stressed by the “pressure” of that group!

    You both look great!

  4. Loved reading about your experiences with lovely bloggers, especially ones over 40! 🙂
    Love me some Jesus all day long!!

    Paula K.

  5. What a great experience. If I were a little younger I would be right there with you. So glad the Over 40 gang is so well represented now. Thanks for all you do and all you share.

    Many Blessings

  6. Thanks for sharing. Looks so fun!! Love your style. You have helped me so much! I’m enjoying clothes at 51. I was diagnosed in August with breast cancer and have just finished chemo, radiation, and double M. My interest in clothes are signs of LIFE! Thank you for your ideas and links to purchase your great clothes. God Bless!

  7. Love the dress with the blue jacket… You look beautiful in a form fit verses the tunics …Looks like you gals had a great time! Thanks for your hard work Blessings

  8. Thank you for your commitment to sharing parts of your life with us, every day. Your blog posts are a joyous part of my blessings-in-the-morning routine. And thank you for posting the Kyle Idleman quote. Some of my co-workers and I recently finished his “Not a Fan” DVD study series, and his “Not a Fan” book just came to me in the mail yesterday. I am excited about pressing ever forward into that “twenty-four-hour-a-day commitment that will interfere with [my] life!”

    God bless you and your family!


  9. Allison is great isn’t she. Her daughter and son went to the school I was at for a while. The family is awesome. Love your outfits in all your pics. Thank you for sharing your life with us. God Bless and be glad you got out before all the hail got here. It was CRAZY!!!

  10. You all look so beautiful and happy! Thank you for your refreshing and uplifting blog. I love when I get to work at 7am and am feeling so blah, then I see your email and I always enjoy your posts 🙂 Love the white jean and pink top outfit, how cute for summer! I love fashion that is on the modest side.. thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day.

  11. Great pictures! Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time, and all of you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. What a lovely group of ladies! I love your outfits and the yellow clutch is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Susan

  13. Everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. It is nice to see people my age 50 and over. All the ladies in your pictures were beautifully dressed. I liked how age appropriate you all looked. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas for styling.

  14. Hi Cyndi – I love your outfit in the pic beside the pool! It looks so nice on you!
    Would you share with me where you purchased the pink crochet top?

  15. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! It looks like you were having a ball! You all looked SO beautiful! I loved the way you wore your hair to the pool party. Please do share! You’re not only my fashion icon when it comes to style, and dressing. You’re also my ” hair ” icon. Just ask my stlist! 😉 You’re such an inspiration.
    God bless!

  16. Great pics Cyndi, you look fabulous in all. My new self tanner arrived today and can’t wait to start it.

  17. Great pictures and outfits. Looks like you had a great time. Tell me more about the top you had on by the pool. Really cute!!