Ruffle Dress + Wedge Sandal

Hello Friday! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend. Of course with this being a holiday weekend, we have several things planned with our family.

Today I’m styling this ruffle dress from Glamour Farms. This is one of those comfy and stylish dresses. Obviously you can wear it anytime but I think it would be cute to wear to church on 4th of July weekend.

Ruffle Dress + Wedge Sandal

My striped clutch is from Stella & Dot and is backordered until June 26th. This one sells out all the time because it’s so cute!

Ruffle Dress + Wedge SandalRuffle Dress + Wedge Sandal You all know that I love a wedge heel and I really like the nude color. So these Carey wedges are perfect to add to your summer dresses. These run slightly big so I sized down a half size and they fit perfect.

Ruffle Dress + Wedge SandalRuffle Dress + Wedge SandalRuffle dress//Wedge heel//Clutch

(Use Discount Code graceandbeauty005 for $10 off your purchase from Glamour Farms. Code can only be used one time.)

Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the summer outfit she’s styling today! What are you all up to this Memorial Weekend?

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Beauty For the Heart~~LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. Isaiah 33:2

Longing for more of Him today.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the color. I would have to disagree, though, that a dress of this length is really appropriate for church. I think for a woman your height and taller like I am at 5’9″, this dress would be too short. After a former pastor of mine discussed how distracting it is for him when women wear short dresses or skirts that he can see from the front row, it made even more sense to me to try to keep it at about knee length or just above. We all know as women the shorter it gets, the harder it is to cross our legs with dignity. Indeed I don’t go to church to be made much of, I go to church to make much of God. If a pastor expresses such honest concern, I should at least consider it. I can still dress with style and dignity at church without looking like a prairie muffin while also showing consideration for my brothers and sisters in Christ sitting beside me as well as those standing in front of me.

    1. Dawn..your comment is mean spirited. Cyndi doesn’t need a “spiritual ” lecture.
      She looks great and knows what is appropriate.
      The holy spirit is capable of letting her know if it isn’t.

      1. Lindy, I disagree that my comment is mean-spirited. It is my opinion. You do not know the intent of my heart. Others make comments when they may or may not prefer this or that style for this or that occasion. So is the only authority in the Christian’s life the Holy Spirit? If so, then a Christian has no need for the Scriptures, fellowship with other Christians, etc. No woman or man always knows what is appropriate in isolation between him/her and the Holy Spirit. I try to be careful to not exalt the choices of anyone, even Christian fashion bloggers, as without any flaw.

    2. I”m sorry but if your pastor is distracted by women’ in dresses in your church that is very disturbing to me. He is a man of God and why is he looking at women in his church that way anyhow. That is a very inappropriate comment and I think Cindi, whose husband is a preacher knows what is appropriate attire for church and what is not. I think that maybe you should be more concerned about what your pastor said about being distracted by women in dresses in his church then what dress Cindi is showing on her blog!!

      1. Read my comment more carefully. Did I say the dress was inappropriate in all settings? No. Did I say the pastor was disturbed by all dress lengths? No. Did Cyndi say she felt this dress was appropriate for church/ Yes, and this is the only point in which I disagreed. Our culture is simply too touchy/easily offended when someone happens to have any expressed differing opinion from others.

        1. Dawn, While I don’t agree with your opinion, I do think you stated it in a very straightforward way. It did not seem at all malicious to me. Maybe it would make for a better discussion in person than online ha. I love this blog and all the fashion tips plus spiritual encouragement Cyndi provides. But, I was a little surprised at the tone of the comments directed back at you. I don’t know how to explain it other than it made me uncomfortable. I guess that’s why I’m responding a day later…I just kept thinking about it.

    3. What you said was that “a former pastor of mine discussed how distracting it is for him when women wear short dresses or skirts that he can see from the front row, and I responded saying that was disturbing to me that he was distracted by women in his church in short dresses. In addition I don’t think I am being overly touchy. I read your comment and thought it was mean spirited and I gave my opinion.If it’s ok for you to give your opinion then the other ladies on this blog that follow Cindi should be able to freely give there opinions as well. Maybe your the one that is being overly touchy ,lol.

      1. Oh and ps. Cindi I bought the red dress and I will be wearing it to church as soon as it comes, because at my church we don’t judge others on what they wear, we are there to celebrate God.

  2. Hi Cindi, Cute outfit today. And every day I admire your toe polish. I love that it is neutral. I did purchase the OPI Alpine Snow that you use but I have trouble getting a nice finish with it. I am wondering if there is a trick. My problem is that with the first coat it doesn’t quite cover well enough and then when I put a second coat on it gets even streakier. I am using a base coat but that doesn’t seem to help. I know someone does your polish but I was just wondering if the streakiness is ever a problem with this color for you?
    Thanks, Kathy

    1. Kathy, I love this color but it takes three really thin coats to get a nice finish. Maybe a pro can do it easier but I do my nails once a week and I just can’t get a non-streak finish without three thin coats. Good luck!

  3. Love the dress. I think it would be too short for me, as I haven’t been working out my legs like you probably have. 🙂 LOL Are the sandals comfortable being manmade?

  4. Dear Cyndi, You are so adorable,such an inspiration !!! Its so cool that God has chose you to reach out to us,to give us words of wisdom, & a positive start to our day !!! May you & your family be blessed ,& know that your message is apreciated.You make me want to take better care of myself ! Love your style,& your faith ! With love,sincerely, Lori Dee

  5. Cute outfit Cindy red looks good on you… I’ve never really been a red person I tried on a cute cold shoulder one this year and wished I was as the dress was cute however I decided against it but you can rock this color for sure!! Have an awesome long weekend. Ours was last weekend and lots of yard work got done. Now to just finish our veggie garden. God bless

  6. Cyndi, you look so good in red. This dress is perfect on you. I love the soft ruffle and I love those shoes! Also, on a side note, I wanted to tell you I received a top from Glamour Farms yesterday and it is so so pretty. It’s the third thing I’ve bought from them. I do think their sizing is not the same as the stores I frequent, but once I figured that out they have great things. Customer service and returns are great too. Thank you.

  7. Hi Cyndi – don’t you usually have a link to Jo-Lynne’s page when you guys do your seasonal postings? Am I missing it? I see it on her site but not yours. Just wondering. Thanks and LOVE the dress. You look gray in red!

  8. Very pretty dress and just right for church. Love thise shoes too!!!!! Thanks for the devotion thu s morning. 😉

  9. I think the length of your dress is fine. I wear this length often, and it’s not difficult to sit appropriately in a dress this length unless it’s too tight, and yours is definitely not tight. Looks like it may even cover your knees when you’re sitting. Very nice dress and outfit!

  10. Hi Cyndi, I love your dress. I know you’re 5’6″ so that length is entirely appropriate. If it wasn’t I’m sure that your husband would tell you. After all, he is a Pastor. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Hugs, Linda

  11. Dawn, I thought your comment was one that should have been kept to yourself. I feel that we all have been given 2 sermons. Cindy my mother once wore a beautiful red dress to church the day she was to give flowers to the visitors. The pastors wife told her she couldn’t go up in front to do her job because harlots wore red. That was long ago in the early 60’s. I have never forgotten that. I do and have worn red and shorter skirts to church. P.s. all my Mom’s friends wore red the next Sabbath. Just fyi. Love your dress and your sweet spirit. K

  12. You look great … love the wedges… a bit high for me but they are adorable 🙂 happy Memorial Day!

  13. love this on you! and yes, this would be a great summer dress for many occasions including church. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  14. I looked up the wedge heels, they are out of my size, oh well !!! Love the dress for the summer, this weekend, 4th, labor day. Have a wonderful weekend, we are getting lot’s of rain. It’s okay.

  15. Love the dress ! I think that would be a great 4th dress for July for church! The way you are styling it today looks dressy & lovely 🙂 Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

  16. I love Glamour Farms and ordered that dress as well as 2 others for myself and my daughter! She will graduate from high school next week and we were having trouble finding dresses that we liked for the occasion. When I checked out Glamour Farms, I knew we were in luck! I am going to bookmark their page now! The dress looks amazing on you and I hope to look great and feel confident in it too!

  17. Hi Cindi,
    Can you try and get Glamour Farms to restock the shoes you’re wearing? I love them! Thanks!