Save vs Splurge-Basic Wardrobe Pieces

Happy hump day! Today I’m sharing a Save vs Splurge post on some basic wardrobe pieces. I have all of these items in my wardrobe but I have saved on most of the pieces.

These Save vs Splurge posts are so much fun and it’s amazing how similar some of these items look to their designer counterparts.

Save vs Splurge-Basic Wardrobe Pieces

Save sunglasses//Splurge Sunglasses

Save crossbody bag//Splurge crossbody bag

Save tote//Splurge tote

Save distressed denim//Splurge distressed denim

Save over the knee boot//Splurge over the knee boot

Save tan sweater//Splurge tan sweater


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  1. I always love to see the different pieces in different prices. Maybe because I grew up with a mom that always tried to save and buy the sale items, and I’m so thankful she taught me that. It’s always amazing how you can find almost the same thing for half the price. I know the quality isn’t always the same, but I’m not sure I keep things long enough, or wear them enough to worry about that!!
    I hope the Spirit is in your life plenty today, Cyndi! You are always such an inspiration and I love reading your blog!

  2. I love these posts! 🙂 I just purchased a cross body leather bag on Amazon for $60 and I have had sooo many complements on it. I have people thinking it is a Kate Spade or Michael Kors purse. I think sometimes you do have to pay a bit more, depending on what the item is, but I love to find good quality pieces at a low price!

  3. I really like when these comparisons are done…. sometimes you would never know to pass someone if its designer or not. I also think if its a staple piece that will get lots of wear or use, why not invest a little extra? I have done that on occasion and you really can’t wear the item out. If its a trend while maybe spend a little less, as we don’t know how long it will be in. Thanks for sharing your BFTH.

  4. I really like these posts! There are things I will splurge on, and others I won’t, and I’m sure that’s true for almost everyone, and my splurge items are probably different from others’ splurge items. NOW, I always try to find my “splurge” items on sale as I have found most stores put things on sale after about 2 weeks on the rack/shelf. Some items never go on sale so that’s when the -cost-per-use- comes into play in my decision to purchase or not. Trendy items will never be a splurge, basics, yes.
    Thank you Cyndi for doing the comps for us – always fun and interesting to see!

  5. I so much appreciate your desire on your blog to represent different price points and budgets. I love your Target picks and your Nordstrom ones. These spend vs Save posts are great but some of these save choices are still out of my budget 😉 With three kids to clothe sometimes mama doesn’t have a lot left for herself. But you always keep me looking fashionable! Thank you.

  6. It is crazy how much you can save on basic pieces, and if we take good care of them, they will last for many years. I suspect the name on the label has an impact on the price, just like with a lot of our groceries. We are finally having some real Fall weather in south central GA, so I’m one happy girl,

    Have a blessed day!

  7. I just wanted to thank you so much for this post. Instead of me thinking that looking and feeling classy is out of the question,I see that it is not impossible. I’m so excited!!!

  8. Love the advice on boots. Question:
    I have been looking everywhere for a pair of gray leather (NOT suede) tall boots (not booties). Boots that I have ordered online have turned out to be taupe, with brown undertones. I need gray boots, as I wear a lot of things in them winter that coordinate with gray. Any advice?

  9. I actually bought the Kate Spade bag that you have listed here for $89 during their surprise online sale a few weeks ago! I love getting the splurge deals at the budget prices!

  10. Happy Wednesday!

    Thanks for comparing these items. I’d like to splurge on a designer purse…… I’m 50 and yet to own one. Hopefully soon!

    Have a great week!

  11. these have to be the most useful posts. proof that we can all achieve a look regardless of our budget.!!

    thanks again.

    Heart beauty is so right on everyday.

  12. Love it when you do budget conscious posts Cyndi. It’s nice to have a few splurge fashions, but I truly think you can usually achieve a nice and stylish look without breaking the bank. I do look forward to your blogs each day. Honestly I can’t always afford the actual pieces you model but you show me what to look for and I normally can find the look at a price that better fits my budget. By the way you are beautiful. You don’t need any procedures!!!😀

  13. Wow! The splurge price for your boots and sweater. Ouch. My husband and I make nice salaries and I would never consider paying that. I’d rather go on a vacation!