Save vs. Splurge-January 2019

Happy hump day! Today I’ve got a Save vs. Splurge post. I have done this type of post several times, and you all always seem to like them.

I love them because I’m always blown away by the extreme prices. Most of you will say, “I won’t pay that high of a price!” and I’m with you, but someone is paying because some of the higher priced items I checked and tried to share were sold out. Yep!

Let’s start from the top of this list and work our way down.

  • Save vs. Splurge-January 2019

Chanel handbags are everywhere, but they come with a BIG ticket price. I found a similar looking bag that of course is NOT real leather for $29.88.

I love sunglasses, and I like expensive ones, but I lose them, so I go with the cheaper version. The expensive ones are Gucci.

Over the knee boots are a great winter boot, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a cute pair. Bp has over the knee boots for 50% off at $49.96. The Stuart Weitzman boots are $655.

I shared these fabulous heels from Sole Society in December. I love these heels! They are obviously a knock off of the Valentino heel.

I have always wanted a Burberry trench coat, but I can’t pay $1790. I found a cute one of Amazon for $79.99.

A good white button down is nice to have in your wardrobe. Treasure and Bond has one for $69 which is a better price point than the $228 from Neiman Marcus.

I recently shared a black cardigan for $43.90. You can splurge on cashmere for $147.

Have you heard all the rage about Golden Goose Sneakers?? Well, they are not cheap, and they have a worn look. They’re typically around $500. I found a pair that looks like the Golden Goose sneakers at DSW for $59.58.

Lastly, I found a slingback heel for $29.98 or a more expensive pair for $645.

I think I know the answer but are you more of a save or a splurge girl?

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Beauty For The Heart~~The spirit of complaint is born out of an unwillingness to trust God with today. Like the Israelites, it means you are spending your time looking back toward Egypt or wishing for the future all the while missing what God is doing right now. -Priscilla Shirer

This is a great reminder to find blessings in this day!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Great post! It is fun and informative to compare prices on items that I want to have in my closet. It helps me decide what I should splurge on and what I can enjoy without a steep price point. Thanks!

  2. I do believe there are times to splurge . . . . but not very often and certainly not on something that only lasts so long. While I wouldn’t pay $4,000 for a purse, I do spend more on a good leather handbag because I carry them daily (I don’t switch my purse to match my outfit) and they last me for YEARS. I’m hard on shoes, so sure wouldn’t pay $500. I love your outfits!!!! Blessings sweet lady!!

  3. Save! Save! Save! Unless it is a wardrobe staple but never at the prices you shared. Thank you for the visual! And the links.

  4. Definitely a save girl, but I will spend a bit more for some items. Like most readers, not the designer prices! My best find has been a look-a-like Kate Spade bag that I got on Amazon for $34! Although you do get what you pay for, as the bag only lasted about 2 years. LOL! I find as I get older, I am definitely more likely to spend money on good, comfortable, stylish footwear.

  5. This is the most FUN post! I love a good bargain – especially a high style one! Thanks so much. I’m definitely saving this one for future reference.

  6. I Love, Love, Love Priscilla Shirer!! She always hits the nail on the head and me between the eyes. . .or maybe in my heart, so to speak!

  7. I so love your posts. I am 64 but don’t want to dress like an old lady. i am having trouble deciding what sneakers to wear with leggings.. can you give me some options Please. 🙂

  8. Hello Cyndi. Your save vs splurge blog is ALWAYS my favorite!! I am on a fixed income. Your ideas are always the best too. Thank you for your hard work on this blog. We all appreciate you!!

  9. I am definitely a save girl! I like to change up my clothes so I buy less expensive ones. I feel if I had to spend a fortune on 1 pair of shoes that would be all I would wear for 5 years! Thank you for all you do! Love your blog and style.

  10. I love these save- splurge posts! I so enjoy your Beauty for the Heart. They are always so positive and encouraging! Keep up the good work you are doing.

  11. Cyndi, I love these kinds of posts and the items you chose are such great pieces to have. Just for fun, I totaled up all the items just to see the cost difference. The total cost of the Save items is $442.23 vs $9,585.00 for the Splurge items. I love clothes and I like to look classy and on trend but I’m definitely a save girl. I’d much rather put that extra $9,000. to better use. I’m aware that even the save items may be too pricey for some people as this list would have blown my budget many years ago too. It’s all relative to one’s budget. Having said this, I will consider splurging on items I wear over and over such as my sunglasses. I consider cost per wear and will splurge on a good, quality pair that protects my eyes and holds up for years. I have a pair I’ve been wearing for almost 5 years and they still look brand new plus the exact style is still being sold in the store so they were a good investment for me!

  12. I’d have to say I’m more save than splurge as I love getting a deal. I will pay higher prices for items I know I’ll have and use over and over but even to that there’s a limit and I watch for sales. If it’s on trend definitely no as I’m not spending a fortune for something that won’t be in style very long . I’ve done a lot of shopping for handbags at the outlets when we visit the states and my purses have lasted and still look like the day I got them at a fraction of the price. Love these posts…

    1. Also on another note a splurge to me might be spending $300 on a purse while for someone else it might be spending $3000.00 on a purse. I guess it’s all how you put it in perspective 😉

  13. I LUV a bargain. I weigh price against how often I’ll use/wear something. Some items call for buying quality and absorbing the price. I’ll always search out the best price. Thanks for doing the research for us. I ordered the faux Chanel bag in black. It’s an item that’s been on my mental list of “to buy” for a while. Great price and reviews are excellent. Very fun post, Cyndi. Thank you & blessings to you.

  14. Thanks so much for the work on this post, and all that you do. I so appreciate your style along with your down to earth attitude. By the way from a recent post – I tried the Tarte Tape Shape concealer. It is awesome for my dark circles. Thanks again!

  15. I love these comparison posts, and I’m always blown away at the price of some items. There are things I will splurge on, and things I will not BUT that being said, I will never pay for a pair of shoes what a monthly car payment averages :-). I know there are people who spend this kind of money on things – who can afford to, and good for them. I do worry about those who spend the money on the “high end” items and cannot afford to. Those who rack up thousands of dollars of debt on credit cards just to have the best. True beauty starts on the inside, and if a person is ugly inside, all the expensive clothing in the world won’t fix that. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig so to say.
    My big ticket items – and I mean like max of $250 would be purses, some shoes, sunglasses – I have a pair of Ray Bans I’ve had for 3 years, and they still sell them, and wardrobe staples like black pants, basic black boots, etc. I’m a bargain shopper though and I will watch something until it goes on sale – always! Great post Cyndi! Thanks for opening our eyes.

  16. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t spend it in such a way. We are stewards of what we have. As Christians we are told ….to share with those less fortunate. With that said, I like seeing what you come up with Cyndi!

    1. I enjoyed the post; was going to comment but yours was the first thing I saw when I scrolled down… what can I say but ‘Ditto” or “Amen”. Thankful for those who have compassion as their life guideline

  17. Cyndi, I have enjoyed your lovely website for years, and have made many purchases based on your recommendations. Yay! I wanted to ask your thoughts on a quality, comfortable flat?! Something in a ballet style…TAOT!

  18. I’m Team Save all the way. Let me guess, some celebrity sported those Golden Goose sneakers and caused a frenzy? I cannot imagine paying that much for shoes, let alone sneakers. (I always think, how many hungry children could you have fed . . . )

    I enjoy these posts.

  19. Love this post Cyndi, I will splurge once in a great while, but it is always on a great classic staple, not anything trendy. I love shoes and boots, and they SO can make an outfit, so I buy good quality leather, and they last me for YEARS!
    Once again, I love BFTH, and today is no exception,

  20. Cyndi, I have never been one to splurge, even when I worked in the corporate world. Because I have to have arch support, even in my slippers, and my feet are very narrow, I do have to spend more on my shoes, out of necessity. As retirees, I had rather spend the extra money on our home or things that both of us can enjoy. God bless!

  21. Hi Cyndi,
    I love these comparison posts, and I am also someone who likes to wear cute clothes and look current, but I’d never spend $4,000 on a small handbag I’d rarely use. I realize that fashion is a big business and those who sell it must promote it heavily and make us feel like we can’t live without those splurge items, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized even more so that it doesn’t really matter if I wear the $900 coat or the $70.00 dollar coat; those who are close to me wouldn’t care or even notice the difference unless they looked at the tag (and even then, so what?) I want people to notice that I’m a kind and caring person, a friend who will be there to help out when needed, and fun to be around. And I don’t need to wear designer clothes to do that. Do I like nice things? OF COURSE I DO! But to me, I’d rather splurge on a piece of fine jewelry or furniture or beautiful cozy bedding that I’ll enjoy for a long time.
    When I see the young 20-something bloggers carrying $4,000 Chanel bags and wearing $2,000 Gucci belts I can’t help but wonder if they purchased it themselves or if it was gifted to them from a company. Certainly wasn’t in my budget in my twenties! 😮

  22. I am clearly in the minority here😳 I own the Burberry trench and the Stuart Weizmann boots. Both are a few years old, wear beautifully, and “juje” up an inexpensive outfit such as the Amazon leggings you showed the other day. However, I do not splurge on trendy items, and am always on the hunt for sales.

  23. Cyndi…I sure needed to hear the BFTH today. I’m having health issue…..chronic migraine and its just so hard daily. I love Pricilla Shirer, infact going to be doing her Jonah bible study starting next week. Thanks again for sharing from your spirit. Had never heard of golden goose sneakers. Don’t like them at my age.