Save vs Splurge on Fall Shoes

If you’re wanting to add some fall shoes to your wardrobe, this post is for you! Today I’m sharing a Save vs Splurge post on some of the hottest trends in shoes this fall.

Some of you like to save on your shoes but others like to spend more money knowing they will last longer. Either way check out these shoes and boots.

Save vs Splurge on Fall Shoes

Save: Leopard print mules//Ankle bootie//Riding boot//Over the knee boot//Neutral mule//Block heel

Splurge: Leopard print mules//Ankle bootie//Riding boot//Over the knee boot//Neutral mule//Block heel

Leopard print mules are going to be on trend this fall. I couldn’t find a pair of leopard print mules under $50 but these from Macy’s are cute and I think I will order them.

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Ankle booties are still going strong this fall!

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A good pair of riding boots are always in style.

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Over the knee boots are trendy so you might want to spend a little less money on these.

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A pair of neutral mules will be perfect for fall.

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I love this block heel and I have the save pair from Target.

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I found these black mules after I made my graphic but these are great for fall.

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So which are you, a save or a splurge, when it comes to shoes?

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  1. As a shoe girl, (but I come upon it honestly since my mom (the 70+ model on my blog is even worse than I am) I always love to save money on my shoes. For some reason, I tend to be hard on them, and wear them out, especially when I love them!!
    Thanks for the great idea, Cyndi!

  2. I love your save vs. splurge posts! Some of these shoes are so trendy I can’t see splurging. The black slip-ons you can barely see a difference in the two pairs! But things like riding boots I would spend on. My riding boots are going on 8 years old and I may need to invest in a new pair this year. So thanks!

  3. This is a great post!

    My mother taught me never to wear shoes that weren’t leather, so for years I landed in the “splurge” category. But the past few years I’ve decided to try some non-leather shoes, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Especially for shoes that I will likely only wear one or two seasons, I’m definitely buying more shoes in the “save” category these days.

    I can’t wear mules (have to wear a lift in one of my shoes that doesn’t work well with slip-ons), but you’ve found some good ones. I’m glad to see that booties are back this fall, because these are great for me.

  4. Typically I will spend more on fall/winter shoes than summer shoes/sandals – I don’t know why, but I have a hard time spending more than $75 on a pair of sandals, but have paid more than double/triple that on a pair of boots :-). Trendy shoes/boots I will always pay less – If I even purchase. I find great deals at TJM and Marshall’s on shoes – and comfort is number one in my book. I WILL NOT suffer wearing an uncomfortable shoe I don’t care how cute.

  5. Thank you for the great post. I use to only buy the shoes I could save on, but as my feet grew, I needed to focus on comfort and had to start spending a bit more on my shoes. Now I look for shoes that are both trendy and comfortable and when I find this combination, then I’m willing to spend more, but usually not over $100. The only pair I haven’t purchased yet, are mules. But, I use to wear them all the time 🙂

  6. I am definitely in the save category, but for runners I will splurge. I am with Sharon, I am way past wearing the cute shoes and look for cute + comfort. Ahh the joys of getting older! 🙂

  7. I also have most of these style’s as well, I don’t like the higher top boots that go over the front of knees. I don’t think they look comfortable ? or me. Love the rest.

  8. I love shoes! I have expensive & less expensive ones. As long as 5.5 or 5 I’m a happy camper😬 Thanks for posting these!

  9. This post is wonderful. Everyone cannot afford designer prices. Stylish options are appreciated. If I like it, I buy it. I can wear a Target shoe as easily as a shoe from Nordstrom. Please do more posts like this. Thanks.

  10. Hope you are having a great day. So happy it’s almost Friday!

    I must say I’m not a fan of mules however I do love that booties will be in again this year. 🙂

    We are many months away from cooler temps here in the deep south. Cool crisp weather sounds nice right now. Gosh has it been hot and humid lately.

  11. Thanks, Cyndi, for the save/splurge comparison post. I am needing some new shoes for fall and am planning on checking some of these out. I appreciate you putting together this info–very helpful!

  12. Thanks for the great post! I love all the shoes especially the mules and booties from Target. Added bonus it is buy one get one 1/2 off! I see two new pairs of shoes in my future!

  13. I have some cheaper summer shoes or flip flops, but when it comes to fall and winter, I prefer purchasing the better made shoes and boots. We only have two feet and I like to take care of mine. I have narrow feet and it’s hard to get those for less. I splurged on some booties in the taupe. I’ll blame you 😉 Super cute and I needed some new ones.

  14. I love your Save vs. Splurge posts. For the most part I always like the shoes in the Save category better. They just appeal more to me for some reason – and I’m not talking $.

    But I have to partially disagree with your comment “spend more money knowing they will last longer”. I have bought many many shoes that were cheaper that lasted me years. I think it depends on how well you take care of them and of course how much you use them. That being said I do agree that shoes you pay more $ for should be a lot better quality. I just find “most” of those you’re paying for the “name” – not the quality of the shoe. My opinion. 🙂

  15. I also still have not gotten on the mule bandwagon. I think they’re cute just not sure how I’ll like them. But I do have a dumb question. All the pictures I’m seeing you wear them without socks – right? So in the colder months??? Seems like they’re more of a fall shoe but you’ll only get to wear them a short time if it gets really cold where you are. And I’m guessing if you wear them with socks that’s a fashion faux pas. LOL.

  16. Oh my… for me this is a tough one. I know in most cases you are paying for a designer name which we can all fall victim too( shoes, purses and clothes); however if they are not comfortable and you cant walk a day in them then I don’t bother. I don’t mind if I truly like something and its comfortable to make the investment especially if they are classis pieces that will always be around. If the purchase lasts for years then you certainly have gotten your money’s worth in the long run. Besides our whole body relies on our feet, they are the foundation for it all so we need to take care of them as much as possible. Thanks for this blog would like to see this done with other items too like purses etc.
    Have a great day.
    PS I usually look for the higher priced items when you can get them on sale or at an outlet lol (that helps too)

  17. another great save vs splurge article. I am always really happy when the mules are back in fashion–more choices that way.
    It seems that the more expensive versions are most often due to branding these days. I think this may have something to do with fewer shoe makers in the US. In the “good old days” one could count on certain brands having more width choices and they would be the better quality.
    Sure takes away a lot of work on our part for you to do these comparisons for us. thank you

    Is outlet shopping convenient to your area ??

  18. You go girl! Love your blog and the fact that you share your faith. I too am a “thrifty” shopper…always searching for an amazing bargain!

  19. An answer to the sock/no sock with mules dilemma, years back when I taught school and wore mules, I bought socks that covered only 1/2 of my foot. Thinking why am I keeping these, I just got rid of several pair two months ago!! With mules back in style, I’m sure they can be purchased once again.

  20. Cyndi you did such a great job finding comparable items. It’s funny how they can look the same but cost so differently. Of course that usually adds up to quality and how long they will last. But, with trendy items, sometimes longevity isn’t necessary! Have a lovely weekend!