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Save vs. Splurge Spring Fashion

Hey sweet ladies!! I am alive and okay. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted the last two days, but my computer crashed (picture me with my head on my desk at this point and in panic mode!).

I had to send my MacBook off to get it fixed, and I’m using my daughter’s Mac (which is my old one). It’s like getting ready in a bathroom that is not yours, applying their makeup, etc. All of my stuff that makes life easy for me is on my MacBook, but it is what it is.

Anyway, thank you so much for checking on me. I answered some of you when you emailed me but then I started getting too many, so if I didn’t get back to you I’m sorry.

Today I’m sharing a Save vs. Splurge Spring Fashion post. When I did my reader’s survey, many of you said you liked these posts so I will keep doing them.

I know it’s January, but spring fashion is flying off the shelves. I think it’s because many of us are getting away on vacation to warmer locations. We are going on a cruise in March, so I’m already shopping for these items.

Target White Cover-up//JCrew White Cover-up

Steve Madden Espadrilles//Chloe Espadrilles

Amazon Bamboo Handbag//Nordstrom Bamboo Handbag

BaubleBar Earrings//Tuckernuck Earrings

Target Swimsuit//Nordstrom Plus Size Swimsuit and Nordstrom Swimsuit

eBay Round Tote//Nordstrom Round Tote

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Let me say, round straw totes are going to be a hot item this spring and summer. I’m seeing them pop up everywhere and I just ordered this one.

Espadrilles are also back so grab a pair you like because the best colors sell out quickly.

Last summer this bag was everywhere! I didn’t buy it because I was rebelling. Ha! I found this one on Amazon, and it’s a decent price, so I ordered it. I think it will be super cute on our cruise.

Okay, I think that’s it! I don’t get my computer back until next week, but my sweet daughter is letting me keep hers so I should be good to go.

I’m sharing some cute Clarks booties from QVC tomorrow that will take you right into spring!

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Beauty For the Heart~~So if it seems that there are going to be some temporary losses when you run this race with Jesus, you are right. That is why Jesus said to count the cost (Lue 14:25-33) before you sign on. But the marathon of the Christian life is not mainly loss. It is mainly gain. “For the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross.” It is only a matter of timing. If you see things with the eyes of God, there is a vapor’s breath of loss and pain, and then everlasting joy (2 Corinthians 4:17). ~John Piper

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I didn’t get one of those bags either, because I don’t want to be just like everyone else…sorta!! But maybe I can find a version that I’ll love??
    That’s such a bummer about your computer….it’s amazing how we count on it for everything!!

  2. Bless you, Cyndi! Technical difficulties never happen at a convenient time, do they? Hope you get your Mac back very soon.

    But isn’t it nice that so many people missed you during your absence? We care about you! 🙂

  3. I am a Target fan and I buy products that I like. And of the items you have in this post, I like the lesser expensive ones. Yay for me! Thanks so much for your tips! t

  4. Wondered where you were. 🙂 LOL I only had my MacBook go in the shop once and it was so hard. A cruise come March would be great. Just the time of year you are so ready for warm and Spring. Your sister shared on her blog you guys are going on a trip with them in June also? Fun times to come. Are you and Jo-Lynne skipping the Spring series of fashion post this year?

  5. I missed your post yesterday and assumed it went into my Spam folder! Though I’m sad to read you had techie trouble, I’m relieved to know it wasn’t my settings 🙄
    Beauty for the Heart is spot on today ❤️

  6. Bless your heart! Computer issues can be so challenging, especially when it’s a necessity for your job. You’re very fortunate to have your daughter close enough to borrow hers! I hope that she is feeling good! It is very very rare for me to splurge on my clothes or handbags. My temperamental feet & ankles force me to spend more on my shoes. Have a blessed day!

  7. A cruise “business trip”? How awesome is that?!?

    Lots of cute save vs splurge choices.

    I hope your pc is fixed quickly. I know how frustrating that is. Isn’t it so funny how we got along without them for so many years? I remember when computers were only at the office – we didn’t have them in our homes. Actually Intemember only having word processors not actual computers – I know I’m dating myself! 🤭 And now we can’t function without our PCs and phones! Lol.

  8. I had been wondering why I was missing the emails too! Glad it’s getting resolved for you! Love the Beauty for the Heart, thank you! It IS hard to think about swimsuits right now! LOL!

  9. I have been waiting all week to find out about that ruffled sweater you styled Sunday?? Please, please where did you get it?😍

  10. Hey Cindy, I was thinking last night, haven’t seen any emails from you recently, started to email and check on you, sorry about your computer! Have a great afternoon!😊

  11. Glad your back 🤗🤗. Thanks for the save vs splurge. Love these:) I have a round straw bag already for spring,thanks to my daughter for being on top of some upcoming spring trends, it was under the Christmas tree ha ha. We just started to look at some swim suits but it is a little early for me yet. Hope your Mac is back soon. Thanks for the BFTH
    Have a great day.

  12. I just received my black pom sweater from Rachel Parcell!!!! I love it and thank you so much for showing it on your blog!

  13. Hi Cindy, Missed you! We are gonig on a cruise in March,also. I’ll be anxious to see what you are packing to take with you

  14. Glad u are ok. I was worried and missed your posts. Love that I don’t have to splurge and can look great with your comparison shopping tips. Thks

  15. UGH! Computer issues are the worst. We’re so dependent upon technology that it totally rocks our world when things go awry. I have such a hard time thinking about the next season until it’s actually here, but I know you’re right and nows the time to get things before they are picked over. Great items here!

  16. Hi Cyndi!!
    I truly was wondering if all was okay! Glad to hear it’s just a technical issue!! I just ordered a few items off QVC last week so I am super excited to see what you will be styling! My husband was giving me grief for shopping on QVC, yet there’s some AWESOME items and deals that I found during Christmas time, too! Thank you for the Splurge and Steals! Much appreciated :)!

  17. Glad all is ok, Cyndi! I wondered if the problem was on my end or not. Glad it is something fixable!
    I saw straw handbags a lot last year, but I do wonder how you can keep things from falling thru the openings in that particular example!