Shark Steam & Scrub: The Only Floor Cleaning Tool You’ll Ever Need

Tremendous thanks to QVC for sponsoring this post.

The last few days, we’ve had lots of family and friends in our home, and now I’m ready to get things cleaned up, especially my floors.

I’m excited to try my new Shark Steam & Scrub All-in-One Steam Mop with 6 Washable Pads. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this mop and how well it cleans and sanitizes the floor.

Shark Steam & Scrub: The Only Floor Cleaning Tool You’ll Ever Need

The Shark Steam & Scrub All-In-One Steam Mop is Today’s Special Value on QVC. It’s regularly priced at $179.99, but today only, it’s $99.98!

The Steam and Scrub steam mop has four dust grip pads, two dusting pads, and a filling flask.

This steam mop uses a combination of steam and rotating scrubbing pads to clean and sanitize hard floors. It has three steam settings: a light (best for hardwood floors), normal, and a deep setting for marble, tile, and stone floors.

The great things about this mop are:

  • Effective cleaning: I was impressed with how well the Shark Steam & Scrub cleaned my floors.
  • It’s easy to use: It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, and the controls are simple to understand.
  • Chemical-free cleaning: I like that the Shark Steam & Scrub doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.
  • Sanitizing power: The Shark Steam & Scrub kills 99.9% of bacteria.

The Dirt Grip Pads have scrubbing material for breaking up tough, stuck-on stains.

These Dustin Pads bring a polished finish to hardwood floors and can reach into tight spaces.

I don’t know about you, but I love clean floors! And the Shark Steam & Scrub All-in-One Steam Mop almost makes cleaning fun!

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      1. I didn’t think it was safe to use steam mops on hardwood or engineered hardwood? I do like the idea of a robotic mop though.

  1. You asked for topics we’d like you to share. You seem to live such a busy life with family, church, and, etc.

    Please share tips how you plan, organize, set goals and maintain such a busy life in motion without losing sight of what’s most important & eternal.

    1. I just got my daughter a shark cordless vacuum, she loves it. I think I may have to invest in this one for her. She has 4 children under 13 and could really use something Iike this. I’m old school, I still get on my hands and knees to clean floors.☺️

  2. January topics? I am an administrator at a private school. The students wear uniforms and we need to dress professionally as well. No jeans and dresses are encouraged on Wednesday/Chapel. In the winter I get so cold, but bulky warm sweaters can look sloppy. I wear camis under lighter weight sweaters and that helps. Any other ideas? Blazers work, but I can’t wear one every day.

  3. I just ordered the Shark mop. Wow this is a wonderful tool. I love seeing how you clean, organize and style your new home. Thank you for inspiring me to care for my home, and keep it clean .Blessings to you

  4. I am an administrator for a school district. I don’t want to wear dresses every day and jeans aren’t professional enough. I would like to see any ideas you have for the winter months.

  5. Thanks for showing the Steam mop! I just ordered it and can’t wait to clean my wood and ceramic tile floors. I appreciate all the time you spend researching things for all of us who follow you. I don’t know how you do all the things you do.

  6. Have you read that steam cleaning ceramic tile can eventually damage the grout? I do like the fact that you are not using harsh chemicals as I have a dog.

  7. I just ordered the Shark mop, and excited to use it!

    I look forward to reading your blog every day! I would love to see more home decor and designing tips. I enjoyed your daughter Courtney sharing her ideas as well. You both have beautiful homes and I love your style.

    Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Cyndi! Thank you for showing us the steam mop. Do you know if you can use it on LVP floors? I feel like my floors don’t get as clean as I’d like with just regular mopping. I love your blog!

    1. I hope it’s okay to chime in here. We have engineered bamboo hardwood floors and we were told not to use a steam cleaner on them as it will destroy them over time. I’ve also read that on a number of sites that sell hardwood flooring. I do use the steamer on the ceramic tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

      Living in Canada, it’s the norm to remove outdoor shoes whenever you enter a home… your own or when visiting. This not only prevents bacteria and allergens from being tracked on to the floors, but also the hardwood floors are less likely to be damaged by small particles of debris caught on the bottom of the shoes.

    2. Debra I’m not sure, I use it on my sealed hardwood floors on the lowest setting. I keep it moving and don’t let it sit in one area too long.
      The website says you can use it on all sealed hard floors including hardwood, marble, tile, and stone.

  9. Hi Cyndi, would love to see more posts on how you entertain and get organized for it. Looks like you are quite skilled doing that. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  10. Cyndi, I ordered the Shark Steam&Scrub! I’m excited to get it! I, also like clean floors, so I hope this does the job! It looks easy to use and lightweight. Thank You for recommending it!