Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

Happy Friday, ladies! Well, we’ve made it through another week. Like many of you, we have no plans for the weekend. We’re staying home, but hopefully, we can get outside since it’s going to be warm.

Today I want to share the BEST no show socks with you. Several months ago, I heard about these socks and thought I would give them a try.

To my surprise, they stayed on!!! They never come off my heels, and they have different socks for each style of shoe I wear. (Make sure you use code CS15 for 15% off your order.)

I have a Sheec page and I’ve added it to my Menu bar at the top of my blog.

Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

I’m wearing the Active-X Mid-Cut No Show Sock with my sneakers. They come in black for all your dark sneakers and a beige color which I’m wearing with these sneakers.

Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

You will not be disappointed in these no show socks. I have already washed them several times on the delicate cycle, and they hold up well.

Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

SHEEC no show sock (I’m wearing the medium)//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Black Tee (same brand, similar HERE)//AG Jeans (I’m wearing size 28)//New Balance Sneaker (TTS)//Bracelets//Earrings

These are the no show socks that I wear with all my sneakers.

Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

For a loafer style shoe, I wear the Secret 2.0 Low Cut Thin Liner No Show Socks.

For my flats that show toe cleavage, I wear Secret 2.0 Ultra Low Thin Liner No Show Socks.

Sheec-The Best No Show Socks

Have you tried the Sheec No Show Socks? Make sure you use code CS15 for 15% off.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I am taking care of you. Trust Me at all times. Trust Me in all circumstances. Trust Me with all your heart. When you are weary, and everything seems to be going wrong, you can still utter these four words: “I trust You, Jesus.” By doing so, you release matters into My control, and you fall back into the security of My everlasting arms. –Jesus Calling

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi, Cindy. I am at the very upper end of the size range for the women’s medium (9.5 shoe size). Do you recommend sizing up to the large, or getting the Medium?

    1. Also just FYI, we saw that some people are asking you about sizing. For the Secret 2.0 if anyone is between sizes we always recommend they size up as they fit snugger. The Active-X run very true to size!

  2. Good morning !!

    Would you be able to tell
    Me the plot of the hair dye you use ??

    Thank you much and stay safe!

    Robyn Malejko

  3. Thank you for posting “normal “ things but most of all, the Beauty for the Heart. Today’s was so good.

  4. I tried these socks from your recommendation, Cyndi, and I was not disappointed! These truly are the best no-show socks I have ever worn! They are the only no-shows I have ever tried that do not slip off my heels, even when I pull my shoes off. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I tried these no show socks, the sneaker style and the ultra low when you first mentioned them. They work so well, and the ultra low are truly NO SHOW, Thank you so much.
    Love Jesus Calling…my copy is so worn. I appreciated your devotional today as well.

  6. These socks look very promising! Thank you for sharing them. I’m also on the upper end of the small (size 7). Do you think that would be my size or should I size up?
    Also, are you going to apply the root color yourself or are you going to trust your husband to do it? I was supposed to get mine done next week!!

    1. Also just FYI, we saw that some people are asking you about sizing. For the Secret 2.0 if anyone is between sizes we always recommend they size up as they fit snugger. The Active-X run very true to size!

  7. These are absoulutely the best socks!!! I have bought sooo many different brands and none would stay on my feet. My daughter has a drawer full of my dislikes! But these socks are truely the best!! I have several pairs and not once have they ever slipped of my heels. I have the 2.0 and the athletic pairs. My family thanks you for finding these and sharing. I don’t complain anymore!!!

  8. Thank you for all your fashion/beauty tips. You are a beautiful lady inside and out! I appreciate all the spiritual encouragement too!

  9. Hi Cyndi, Would you mind re-linking the OPI funny bunny “at home” supplies you shared earlier this week? I can’t seem to locate it.

    Stay safe and healthy!

  10. Hi Cindi,
    Thanks for continuing to post.
    I didn’t see your response when I asked
    You where you bought the hot pink jeans
    that you had on with the animal print
    belt? I may have missed it. I know you
    said they were out of stock but maybe
    they will come back in stock or maybe
    they had other colors available?
    Thank you. Stay well. 😎

  11. I bought these socks last time you posted about them and I couldn’t be happier!! My socks are always falling off of my heels and with these it just doesn’t happen. They are awesome!!
    Thank you Cyndi!!

  12. Whoa for creative hair dressers and my stylist offered to do the same but I had already bought a boxed hair color but I’m sure it won’t last and I’ll be picking up my custom regrowth packet soon enough.
    So glad you reposted these socks because I’m finding the no show socks I wear with my athletic tennis shoes don’t work will with my new white fashion sneakers. I was getting so annoyed 😠 but I know there are far more worse things going on in the world right now and the size smalls are sold out.

  13. I ordered one pair of the Sheec socks, based on your recommendation, and I love them. They really do stay in place! I’m going to place an order for additional styles. Thank you for introducing these!

  14. Thanks for a more thorough post on these socks. I need them bad but when you first shared about them wasn’t sure right ones to buy. Assuming if I’m size 7 shoe I would order medium like yours? BFTH is sooo good. I needed to hear that. Last few days have been long. Neat your salon open to do that. Mine is shut all the way down. I’m more concerned I’d like A haircut than my color. I have short hair.

  15. I love these socks! I ordered them after you recommended them in the past. They are the best. I always had trouble with other brands slipping off my heel. These stay put and are so comfortable! Thank you so much!!

  16. Ordered the socks last time you shared them. They are great. I always do my own root touch up in between visits to my stylist. My stylist told me what to buy at Sally’s beauty and it works great.

  17. I ordered the 2.O in the medium as I’m size 7…upper end of the small size. But, they didn’t have my size in the Active-X, so have to order those when they restock, but should I order small or medium if I’m size 7 shoe. Can anyone else who is size 7 and ordered these socks comment if you went with a small or medium size. I hate to pay the money for these and they not work because I bought the wrong sizing.

  18. PS Cyndi….could you please share the link to the pearl necklace you have posted? I want to order it.

  19. How are you able to get your color? I just checked with my stylist. She said first she is unable to get into the salon. Second the color would need to be used right away. Please explain.
    Thank you for your response.

    1. Yes I got my color. The salon that my stylist works at is the one doing it for their clients.
      Yes I picked it up and had to use it that night.
      Hope that helps.

  20. sounds like some clandestine plot for a mystery movie. Hope no one is being snoopy and come to the wrong conclusions like happened to an Amway person who was delivering products in the parking lot of his employer. Someone just knew there was some sort of spy plot occurring and called law enforcement. Yes – they serveilled and showed up during the clandestine tradeiff in the mans trunk. Good Luck Cyndi!!