Shift Dress: Work Wear Fashion

Happy Monday! Did you all have a good weekend? We sure did! Today I’m sharing a shift dress from Loft that I would consider work wear fashion. I have waited so long to share these pictures that there are very few sizes of this dress left online. Ugh!

While I was in Dallas last month, I had a photographer snap some pictures for me. It’s so much fun having a professional take my pictures (don’t tell my husband I just said that, he thinks he’s a professional 🙂 ).

Shift Dress: Work Wear FashionI wore this dress on the day I had brand meetings. We were supposed to be reflecting our style and I decided to wear a shift dress and a chunky heel.

I also had my navy blazer with me because it was a little chilly inside but I forgot to get a picture. It’s good to add if you don’t want a more professional look.

Shift Dress: Work Wear FashionI shared this chunky heel with you a few weeks ago, but they are so comfortable. I wore them all day and they never hurt my feet.

Shift Dress: Work Wear FashionUmm…this is a little close for my comfort but it is what it is. I was carrying my Michael Kors handbag.

Shift Dress: Work Wear Fashion

Shift Dress: Work Wear Fashion

Shift Dress: Work Wear Fashion

Outfit Details: Shift Dress//Navy Blazer//Chunky heel//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Bracelet//Handbag

If you had to pick an outfit to reflect your style, what outfit would it be?

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Beauty For the Heart~~“The circumstances we ask God to change, are often the circumstances God is using to change us.” -Max Lucado

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***Photography by Megan Weaver.

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  1. You look STUNNING! I don’t think I saw you in that dress without your blazer. Didn’t Megan do a great job? I will definitely call her when we’re in Dallas next year and hopefully bring more than one outfit to photograph. 🙂

  2. Cyndi—I love the close up picture—it shows the caring & love in your eyes!!
    It is funny how two personalities come together although in our marriage—I am the “get on it now” person and my husband is the “procrastinator”. It works wonderfully though—and how boring if we were all the same!
    this dress is perfect on you—and I might have to get those heels—style & function in one pair—wowza!!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the close up one. You should feel very good about yourself because you are beautiful. Inside and out!

  4. Cyndi, This dress is so pretty and looks so comfortable. I so wish my ankles would allow me to wear those sandals! Having to stick to flats or very low heels is very frustrating to me. Because of that, I guess my style now is more casual, in pants or long dresses.

    I love the Beauty For the Heart! It made me think about the current situation we are in, having Larry’s son, wife, 16 yr old granddaughter, and 4 dogs live with us. When my husband first mentioned we might need to open our home to them, I was not for it for many reasons. But, it didn’t take long for God to remind me that this is something we need to do and He changed my heart. The layout of our home and my mom being in an assisted living facility makes this temporary change possible. When they move out, they will have been here around two months. I know that God is working on me during this time and helping me to make some changes.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Ginger, I had the same opinion you did before your family moved in, but I cane see God’s working on your heart as you post the wonderful photos of all the dogs.

      1. Sally, without writing a book, I’ll just say that from the day Larry & I got engaged, my relationship with my step DIL has been strained for many reasons. I believe that this experience will go a long way in strengthening our relationship. God works in mysterious ways!

  5. Cyndi, I love this on you. At the ripe old age of 73 I would have to find a shift dress with short, half, or 3/4 length sleeves. I love the neutral sandals too. Wish shoemakes would make nore of the below 3 inch heels.
    Love your posts always.

  6. I have this dress too “mini me ” but you look MUCH better in it. Just stunning! I might have to get those heels though. 😊 Have a wonderful week!

  7. Love the dress and you look stunning in it. You are just too cute. Thanks for all your suggestions I have used many of them.

  8. Love that!
    Request for a blog ASAP: wedding guest attire! 50 something me is attending a casual afternoon church wedding with evening reception at a winery in WI. A shift style appeals… I’d love ideas, guidelines and advice.
    Great info always.

  9. Love the idea of a shift dress, but with broad shoulders and a larger bust, I feel very self conscious with such a fitted bodice. I sometimes wear a sweater or a jacket over, but would like to keep cool this summer.

  10. I like the dress, but I must ask do you wear any shape wear under these types of dresses? I am a control top panty hose girl….old school. Now doys women do not wear panty hose and I am trying to get on board with it. I just don’t know what brand of shape wear is comfortable and conceals. Thanks!

  11. Cyndi, do you have a World Market near you? I think you might like some of their jewelry. It is reasonably priced and cute.

  12. You look absolutely fabulous and the close up picture is beautiful. I love the outfit and it perfectly represents your style which I love.

  13. Love the dress!! Did you get a small? We’re about the same size and I’d like to order it, but it’s on Final Sale!!