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Well, LOFT is having a 40% off sale so I thought I would take you shopping with me and see a few of my hits and misses. Believe it or not, it has been weeks since I went shopping at LOFT. I order quite a bit online but sometimes I need to go to the store and try things on.

First I tried this Marigold Bell Sleeve Blouse. I really liked this blouse, I love the fit and of course the bell sleeves. (I’m wearing a small.)

Shop With Me-LOFT Sale

Shop With Me-LOFT Sale I didn’t get a picture of the back but it has the shirred detail in the back. It’s a cute blouse but it didn’t come home with me.

Shop With Me-LOFT SaleNext, I tried this Bow Back Shell. I wanted to like this one because of the bows in the back (see picture below) but it didn’t lay right. I’m wearing a small and maybe an extra small would have worked better but it didn’t come home with me.

Shop With Me-LOFT SaleShop With Me-LOFT SaleThis Ruffle Midi dress is cute but it didn’t fit right. The bottom was okay but the top was loose. I wanted to like it because the length is great! This one didn’t come with me. (I’m wearing a small.)

Shop With Me-LOFT SaleOkay this outfit I love!!! The halter top is so soft and hangs perfectly. I’m wearing a small in this picture but I tried the extra small on and it worked better. The drawstring pants are so comfortable and I love them. (I’m wearing a small.)

This outfit came home with me!

Shop With Me-LOFT Sale Shop With Me-LOFT Sale This Overlay dress is the perfect summer dress. It’s a jersey material so it’s comfortable. The length is right above my knees. Yes! I kept debating but I ended up not bringing it home. (I’m wearing a small.)

Shop With Me-LOFT Sale Shop With Me-LOFT Sale I’m seeing a lot of jumpsuits this spring and summer so I’m wanting to style one, I loved the stripes but unfortunately it fit in my hips but was big on top. That is a regular problem for me. This did not come home with me. (I’m wearing a small.)

Shop With Me-LOFT SaleShop With Me-LOFT SaleThis is the Tasseled Split Neck Sweater and I can’t find these pants online!! This whole outfit was so comfortable. I thought it would be a great travel day outfit whether you were driving or flying. (I’m wearing a small in the top and pants.) This outfit came home with me!

Shop With Me-LOFT Sale Shop With Me-LOFT SaleWhat do you think? Which one did you like the best?

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Here are some more pieces from LOFT that I like but didn’t get to try on and they’re all 40% off with code OHGOODIE.
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Beauty For the Heart~~Sometimes when I’m reading a passage of scripture one of the verses will stand out and I think about it all day.

Yesterday I read 2 Samuel 7 and verse 28 was the verse I kept thinking about. The first part of the verse says, Lord God, you are God; your words are true.

All day I was reminded that He is God and all of His words are true. Just the message I needed!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I always love scouring the LOFT’s items—and their sales are great!!
    I also have trouble with the fit between my upper body and lower body, and alterations are the key. I always thought that if I needed it altered, it wasn’t worth it. But now I realize that it makes my items look so much sleeker!!
    Thanks for taking us on your shopping trip with you. How is it you look so fresh & happy even at the end, LOL??

  2. That dress was soo cute on you! What did you not like about it? The other outfits your bought are cute as well.

  3. Totally agree with what you purchased – love the green halter and print pants – so cute! I like the jumpsuit -too bad it didn’t fit properly. I also have a hard time with sizes – and I have found even at Loft I can’t purchase based on size – I always have to try on. They probably hate me bc if I order online most, if not all of it ends up going back :(. I have a top/bottom sizing problem too, except I’m the opposite of you – most things are too big in the hips and don’t fit “the girls area”. I enjoyed the shopping trip! FUN!

  4. Totally off topic..what color and brand is your toenail polish?? Of course, white. .but there are so many shades of white…just like wall paint! Lol

    1. I think she is still using OPI Alpine Snow. FYI my nail salon did not have it, but I purchased it at Ulta & took it for my nail technician to use. I really loved it on Cyndi & enjoying it for the spring/summer. Hope this helps

  5. Ok – LOVED the halter top with casual pants. Can I ask what shoes you will wear with these (picture would be awesome).

  6. I really liked the blue overlay dress, I think it would look really cute with wedges. You’re right Colt it getting so big, he is just the CUTEST!! Have a great afternoon!

  7. The outfits you chose are beautiful. I would love to buy tops like the green halter top and the overlay dress but I never know what bra to wear under something like that – especially with the skinny ties at the top. What do you suggest?

  8. I love the green halter and drawstring pants on you. The last outfit looked great as well…and comfy! Thank you for taking us with you on your shopping trip. It’s obvious you love what you do!

  9. I Love all the outfits, I have to say, sometime when you wear something, I am first like not me, then I’m like just maybe I could do that, or at least try it on. I have new pieces in my closet from watching Cyndi !!! Thanks!!!
    Have fun being the cool FUN aunt !!!

  10. I appreciate you posting outfits from Loft. This has always been one of my favorite places to shop. Their clothes generally fit me well. I loved reading about you going to take care of your sister’s kids. I don’t have children of my own but I have a niece and nephew I adore. We are very close!

  11. Ha ha i liked the blue overlay dress the best but you didn’t get it. I thought it looked adorable on you. Thank you for mentioning the racerback bra yesterday. I was in the market for one but had not gone to look yet, and that one looked perfect so i just ordered online.

  12. Oh wow!!! They all looked great.. I really liked the blue pattern pants and white top …good choice:) And
    Looks super comfortable which I’m all about 🙂 I totally agree with how we read something and it will stick with us throughout the day and serve as a reminder. Just heard a Message on being the salt and the light in the world…. wow what a reminder to me of how we can impact others and not even need to speak.
    Have a great day Auntie Cindy😉

  13. I love them all and would have struggled to make a decision! Regarding the striped jumpsuit….what about having it tailored to fit you on top? Stacy and Clinton always preached tailoring on What Not to Wear, and I couldn’t agree more! I know it makes a difference for me and my daughter. Just a thought.

  14. This is the nicest grouping of cloths. I would wear all these outfits, and you look great in every piece.

  15. I love all the outfits! My favorite was the green halter top. I saw it yesterday, but didn’t buy it. I love LOFT. It’s my go to store. The jumpsuit is super cute. Could you may be get it altered? You are such a beautiful lady inside and out. Love all you do! Blessings, Cyndi!

  16. I love LOFT….my go to shopping place. I have to keep myself from looking at their sales……Hard when they give you emails daily. Ha Ha I’m having hard time getting into the patterned pants. I like more neutrals, but you look cute in the ones you choose. I love the bow back tank top. I think the fit is good on you. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. Fun 🙂

  17. I like the last outfit a lot. I’m sad the pants aren’t online because I would have ordered that outfit in a second!

  18. I loved every single outfit. I was planning on visiting Loft soon. Hmmm! Maybe I shouldn’t. LOL Went to the Gap and purchased the split neck maxi dress you styled yesterday. Love wearing maxi dresses/skirts with a jean jacket. So cool and edgy. I joined the FW2FL April 24th session and am doing the juice cleanse. Was thinking about it ever since you posted you were doing in March. When I saw how toned your arms and how flat your middle was, I was convinced to try it. Intermittent fasting is the best. I’m on my 3rd juice Immunity Tonic. Not terrible. The first 2, though, WoW Lively Lemon packed a zing and green lemonade.

  19. Cyndi , Love the halter top and draw string pants , thinking of getting them . I have two questions though. What shoes to wear with them and how is the fit of the pants , is the material stretchy , just wandering there were no reviews yet on them .
    Thank you for your wonderful heart and style !!!!

    1. I’m going to wear a cognac flat sandal with the pants because they aren’t long enough for a heel. The material doesn’t have a lot of stretch.
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Cyndi! I loved the last outfit the best! But you always look good in everything so it was fun to see you in different outfits! I love rompers they are my fav!! See if you can do some of those next!

  20. Ha! I passed right by the Loft yesterday and thought of you! It was the one at Lexington Green. I was in Charming Charlie’s and thought, “If I ever meet Cyndi, it will be shopping!” I love the outfits you brought home!

  21. Do you get tired of hearing how great everything looks on you? 🙂 I feel like I have nothing to add .. I agree with everyone, you look wonderful and the outfits are adorable ! So cute. Thx for sharing. Have fun with your niece & nephews !

  22. Cyndi, what fund to see what you did and didn’t chose. I agree with all of your choices. The last outfit is my favorite, though.

  23. Just was looking on your post again and saw the picture of Colt. Missed it the first time. He’s so adorable. You are blessed. I have 3 grown kids, 30, 26 and 22 yrs. old but no grand kids yet. Waiting patiently. 🙂 I’m so excited to have them someday. My first two kids are girls and they are married, so should be any time now. 🙂

  24. I would sooo love to go shopping with you! I’m tall and I have some trouble deciding what works on me. I just love your sense of style!

  25. Loved your post and the cute outfits. What do you wear under the halter tops? It didn’t seem like you had on a racer back bra. I have never found a strapless bra that stays in place and could use a recommendation. Thanks!

  26. Loved your post and was super excited to see the 40% off sale. I began following Putting Me Together from your Rewardstyle post and had placed a pair of white loft jeans in my cart just yesterday!!! I am also curious as to what style and brand bra you are wearing with the dark green halter top? I am petite 5.1 and struggle to find a strapless bra that doesn’t end below my belly button 🙂

  27. Loved your post and was super excited to see the 40% off sale. I began following Putting Me Together from your Rewardstyle post and had placed a pair of white loft jeans in my cart just yesterday!!! I am also curious as to what style and brand bra you are wearing with the dark green halter top? I am petite 5.1 and struggle to find a strapless bra that doesn’t end below my belly button 🙂

  28. I love the marigold blouse and olive green halter outfit! Loft is my favorite store and most of my wardrobe is from there. I enjoyed seeing you try on several outfits and your comments on each.

  29. Hi there!! We at LOFT love your blog!!!! I’m a manager in Middleton, WI and a client came in to shop the sale because she loved your blog. I was so inspired by the photos/outfits you put together. Which LOFT is your favorite to shop at?

    Have a wonderful day,


  30. I especially love the print of the first top! Also the halter and print pants- very nice!!

    Thank you!! Have a wonderful weekend!!