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Happy Friday, ladies! Today I’m teaming up with Jo-Lynne Shane again to share Fall Trends: Now & Later! We are styling a fall trend two ways every Friday during September, and this week we’re styling the snake print trend. Love it or hate it, snake print is showing up everywhere!

I’ve styled a snake print blouse, handbag, and booties, so I wanted to style something different today. I found this snake print skirt at Macy’s, and it’s on sale!

So here is how I styled it, for now, early fall. I have also wanted to try sneakers with a skirt, so this was a perfect time. This is such a fun look!


I love this peplum top with the skirt; it adds a little bit of edge. Midi skirts are trending right now, so if you like long skirts, you are in luck.


I am smitten with these Steve Madden sneakers. They look great with joggers or jeans, a skirt or even a casual dress.


If you’ve wanted to try the sneakers and skirt look, I think this skirt and sneakers work well together.


Faux Leather Peplum Top (I’m wearing a small)//Printed Skirt (I’m wearing a size 4)//Steve Madden Sneaker (order 1/2 size up)//Earrings//VE Bracelet//Kate Spade Bracelet//Ring

When our weather finally turns cool or if you just like a more polished look, you can wear the snake print skirt with a blouse and heels.


I’m wearing a pretty square neck blouse from Gibson Look. I love the blouse, but I did have to wear a strapless bra.


I love that the back of the blouse is square too.


I added my VE bracelet and my Kate Spade bracelet.


I think this look would work well for church or a dressier work setting.


Black Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//Printed Skirt (I’m wearing a size 4)//Vince Camuto Heel (TTS)//Michael Kors Handbag//Earrings//VE Bracelet//Kate Spade Bracelet//Ring//Strapless Bra

Snake Print Trend: Wear Now and Later


Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see how she’s styling snake print for now and later!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Some words are mentioned quite a few times in scripture, and when they are, I think there’s a reason. Abide is mentioned over one hundred times.

Christ is reminding us to abide. Abide in Him, in His Word, and His grace. It takes discipline to slow down and remain in God’s word, but without it, we can’t live victoriously.

Here are some scriptures that remind us to abide in Christ.

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7

Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son. 2 John 1:9

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. John 15:4

Let’s be intentional today and abide in Him.

Have a blessed day!


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      1. Well, I’ve never worn snakeskin before but I might just give it a try now. I have nothing against snakes. I’m glad you chose the skirt over the pants. I think the pants might have given off the wrong “impression”, if you know what I mean ( trying to keep it classy). Take care, Cyndi and keep on laughing.

  1. I love everything about this look – the skirt is beautiful, the peplum top is fantastic, but no to the sneakers. I’m sorry – I know it’s in, but I’m not a fan. Put the heels with either outfit and it’s perfection.
    Thanks for BFTH today – great reminder!!!

  2. I like the sneakers with the skirt! Both looks are great and very different. Nice to see how to change up styles. Blessings to you!

  3. I think you look great in both outfits. I’m not sure I could pull off the sneakers with the skirt. I do love the edgy look of the sleeveless top. I can’t wait to see how you style the flare jeans next week. I just purchased a pair and can’t wait to wear them.

    Have a great weekend! We actually have a hint of fall this morning here in Alabama. I’m loving it!!!!.

  4. As always, you look stunning…I like the snakeskin print… maybe you can do the pants at a later time.
    Thank you for your blog.

  5. Well I have to say the skirt with the blouse and heels gets my vote. I don’t mind the skirt except at 5’3 I’m looking how high up on the waist it is on you plus the length so unfortunately I would disappear😉. I appreciate seeing the sneaker look but I think I prefer it with a jersey t shirt dress or a more casual skirt. I’ve seen the younger bloggers show this look and I’m not sure but maybe this one should be theirs? Love the BFTH I’m going to put those in my journal:)

  6. Not a fan of snakeskin. It looks ok with the heels but the tennis shoes are a big no. I’m sorry but no to the tennis shoes.

  7. Love the snake skirt but even more the sneakers. I’m so glad you stuled these today as I was looking for some white sneakers for our cruise next month. While everyone is buying fall shoes and boots I wanted some white sneakers and had actually been on the Macy’s website last night and didn’t see these? So glad I have you in my life 😀
    Also love the word “abide”

  8. When I think “skirt with sneakers,” I also think “t-shirt.” So if that were a t-shirt I think it would speak to me more. Also the black heels kinda contradict all the guidelines from your post on how to pick the right shoe. I know, “wear whatever you want” and all, and I do wear black d’Orsay pumps with dresses that I (and my husband) love, but usually above or at the knee, but I’d probably go with my black boots for fall with the dressier version to suit my style. I do like that print though, it’s not such a literal snake skin print as those pants you were considering

  9. The look is absolutely not good with the sneakers! A maxi or a skirt a little above the knee is great. The black blouse tucked in with the high waist skirt looks odd! 😬
    The blouse itself and the heels are nice.

    1. I agree…blouse tucked in appears to chop the torso in half. Not a great look with the sneakers, either.

      Am a bit surprised at Cyndi’s comment…find it a bit snarky, with an attempt to soften it with the added “haha.” :/

  10. Cute, cute sneakers! This is the best snake print I’ve seen as it is a bit more subtle, as you said. The skirt Is quite high waisted and tends to gobble you up with the blouse tucked in. At first I thought your tucked blouse was rumpled underneath the skirt but I now see it’s a horizontal seam in the skirt. You are tiny and can wear something with focus across the tummy. I wouldn’t consider it even at a medium build. I like the sleeveless untucked top & skirt combo better, it’s more flattering and elongating on you. I’d like a more neutral healed shoe. Maybe topped with a gray moto jacket? Thanks for trying the trends. It makes me ponder the possibilities. Blessings.

  11. Great looks Cindy – you totally pull off the sneakers and skirt look. I love the preplum top you are wearing! I never thought about clothing with snake skin, but I am looking at getting some booties.

  12. You are so cute in everything you style for us! I just can’t do the snake print though! I have a ridiculous, paralyzing fear of snakes, I know it’s crazy, but if someone sat down next to me in church wearing snake print, I would have to find a new seat, it unnerves me that much. 🙂

    1. I thought I was the only one who would run away from a skirt! haha. The fear is real. That being said, although I would never wear or want to be near snake skin, I like to see how Cyndi puts together the latests trends.

  13. Cyndi, you are beautiful no matter what you wear. I appreciate you stepping out in a new look; however, in my opinion a more casual top would be the better option with the sneakers but if this outfit makes you happy- go for it! I liked the snakeskin pants as well!

  14. Thank you! I would never have thought to put these pieces together and you have broadened my view. I can see the younger bloggers wearing an oversized or a crop black sweater with the sneakers and skirt too. I really do not understand the negative comments —-just because someone doesn’t care for it certainly shouldn’t lead them to being so mean. ‘If you can’t say anything nice’ certainly applies in my opinion. Be KIND ladies.

    1. I am quite certain Cyndi can handle a bit of constructive criticism when it comes to fashion, as that is her line of work. Women supporting women with differing opinions on style choices, and trends it what makes this blog so encouraging to us 40 and up gals in finding the best possible outfit combinations, that make us look fabulous and feel fantastic on our way out the door. Keep doing what you are doing Cyndi and keeping us all looking our best!!!👠

    2. It is very frustrating sometimes when we can only offer positive comment. Seriously, if something doesn’t work, please let me know! I will not take it personally… – I agree with Lin – in this line of work that Cyndi has chosen, she will get criticism. Not sure how it affects her as most of the time she does not respond. I did notice earlier in the week that someone mentioned negative comments about snakeskin and she replied not to come back as she was featuring it on Friday’s post, ending with a haha at the end of her statement. Really surprised as this seamed out of character, but it is what it is …

      Having said all that above, here is my (negative, sorry)comment. The skirt seems a bit too long for the sneakers. Mid calf is a difficult length to pull off. Perhaps just below the knee would work better. Also that faux leather top doesn’t seem to work with it. I believe pumps would be the best option for the blouse – the slingback seem clunky and boxy.. agree with others who think it should not be tucked in….

      You always looks so nice, so please don’t take these comments to heart…

      1. Jessie, you are right this is my line of work, and I put myself out there, so getting comments from women who don’t like something I wear is part of the job.

        As far as my comment about not coming back, I was just giving her a heads up; I’m not sure how that could be taken as mean. I meant it funny because there was more snake print coming.

        Have a great Friday!

        1. Some people just find snakeskin too creepy crawly! I love it! A lot of women bring their most closest and honest friend with them when they go buy a dress for a special occasion, or even just casual shopping, and want the honest truth about what does and does not flatter their body type, as things sure do change as we grow older, So your supporters of your blog are those honest friends, that have made your blog what it is today. A blog full of fashion sense and wisdom that lets me look my very best, and full of confidence when I walk out of my front door. So thank you, to you Cyndi and all your fellow fashionistas. Bless your hearts😊

        2. I understood your “don’t come back Friday ” comment, it wasn’t mean but could be misconstrued that way; it may have been better stated “you may want to skip Friday’s post because there will be more snake print.” I have never seen you post anything mean!

      2. “Well I’m wearing the sneakers today with the outfit. Haha!! I love them, each to their own,🙂”, is the comment Cyndi made in response to one of her fellow blog supporters about the snakeskin skirt with her white sneakers that may have come across a bit snarky. My guess is the blog supporter would have possibly rather had Cyndi interested in her comment, and maybe discussed other options that would have looked much better on the majority of us over 40 gals. The majority of her supporters seem to wholeheartedly agree, that that outfit with those bright, white sneakers simply doesn’t do the outfit or Cyndi fashion justice. It was just a bunch of us gals letting Cyndi know that we all make fashion mistakes occasionally, but she can absolutely wear that outfit if she pleases, but get ready for the opinions of others, and what people believe to be constructive criticism, as we all know how good Cyndi looks, and gets it right most of the time! Cyndi helps us look fashionable, even with a few bumps in the road, and we assist her to keep up the great work!!!🙂

  15. The skirt is beautiful, but with those sneakers a definite miss! Not a good look unfortunately, as the skirt is too dressy and the blouse as well, but the heels definitely work! Some style combinations simply belong on the runway for fun. The square neck blouse looks odd on you, as it seems to just eat you up. Maybe it is because the skirt is so high waisted, and you are quite petit on top. I am glad you do what you do, as it is fun, and very constructive to us 40 and up gals to see what works and what doesn’t, most especially when it comes to trends. Thanks Cyndi!🙂

  16. I am looking forward to your styling of flare jeans next week. I have a few pairs that I was considering donating when I purged my closet last week but for some reason held on to them. Now I’ll see how you style them to see if I want to keep them I can’t wait. Thank you for all you do to keep us fashionable..

  17. I’m not a fan of either outfit. Maybe if the skirt was shorter. Just too much snakeskin for a maxi. Maybe a white tee would soften the sneaker look. I don’t like either top. The one that is tucked in makes it appear you have a tummy which we all know you don’t. And i don’t like those black shoes. Look like old lady klunkers. Sorry, this is a miss for me.

  18. That skirt is beautiful and the sneakers are cute! I probably would’nt wear them together, but someone else might! Thanks for showing us !

  19. Cyndi! The skirt is darling and I love it with the black blouse and black heels! That outfit is perfect for church, work or special occasions. Super cute. What made you not go with the pant?

    1. Well, I ws struggling to put tops and shoes with those pants so I felt like if I was struggling, other women would too.

      I am styling some next week though but they’re not as obvious snake print as the pants in my Instasorites.

      Have a great Friday!

  20. Well the snakeskin print certainly brought forth many opinions! Thank you for sharing! The skirt would overwhelm my petite frame, but I love both outfit concepts! The ideas & trends you share are a terrific springboard for inspiration when putting clothes together. I appreciate your efforts! Most importantly I appreciate your commitment to sharing your faith. Blessings! 💕

  21. I really love the skirt. I like the dressy look with the heels, it’s so cute and very chic. I would wear that skirt with the exact sneakers you have on but maybe with a short-sleeved t-shirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt….something a little more casual. I love that peplum top but I feel like it’s just a little too dressy with the silky skirt and sneakers. A more casual t-shirt really helps pull off the sneaker with a skirt look. I love your posts and can’t wait to see what you where every single day♥️♥️♥️

  22. I rarely leave a comment on this blog because if you have a differing opinion or constructive criticism, it is viewed as negative and unkind to Cyndi and then you are “scolded” by other women and sometimes even Cyndi for being “mean”. Jo-Lynne Shane is a perfect example of a blogger that welcomes readers’ opinions and suggestions and it’s often through the comment section that new ideas originate. If the comment section is just to flatter Cyndi and agree with one another, I think this blog has become too sensitive and too quick to point the mean finger.

    1. I agree, and was thinking the same thing about Jo-Lynne Shane, as she takes constructive criticism, and makes it work in both our favours, and pleasantly takes the time to work together with her supporters and come up with different, and at times better fashion styles and solutions that really work with us over 40 gals!🙂

      1. Karen, you stated it perfectly. This should be a safe forum where you can agree to disagree. Constructive criticism, voiced in a kind way, should be acceptable. These comments are in no way an attack on Cyndi. Let’s be kind to one another.

        1. I mostly agree.. Most of the differing opinions are stated very politely, almost apologetically at times. The comment box says “Tell me what you think!” And we are all entitled to our politely worded opinions. I ususally don’t make comments without adding a disclaimer at the end that we all have different preferences. But it’s usually not Cyndi saying it, if she says anything I feel it’s in a lighthearted spirit. Which can be hard to convey in writing

  23. To me, snakeskin speaks
    More dressy. With that being said, I vote no to sneakers with that skirt. However, some skirts can be worn with sneakers if they are a denim or casual and shorter.

  24. I don’t mind the snakeskin print at all, but the sneakers are a no-go! I was also not a fan of the black blouse and heels, the blouse looked dowdy and the shoes too clunky, maybe a single band heel would work better with that skirt?! Thanks for sharing though and letting us see the different options:)

  25. I like the skirt with sneakers , I just bought a similar skirt from Winners. I may try it with either black or white sneakers and a tie front t-shirt. 🙂

  26. Can’t say I’m a fan of either of theses looks. For some reason I think they make you look older!?!? I would wear the sneakers with something else😊

  27. I really like the snakeskin skirt with the black peplum top, but the white sneakers make me think that someone forgot to bring dressier shoes to wear after a long trek from the parking lot to the office! Rarely do you ever have a miss with an outfit, unlike many of us, so please keep showing us the fashion trends! Some trends will be hit or miss, so thank you for taking the risk! You are a gorgeous woman, and I look forward to seeing what you are wearing each day!

  28. These outfits are cute…but not a fan of the sneakers and skirt. Save them for a casual day!

    Love reading your posts.

  29. Lol don’t stress girl snake print is fine if you like it !! Each to their own !!
    If you have ever had a sweet dog bit by one and never owned a gun in your life till that happened had a 2000.00 vet bill bought a gun then shot the snake you would not want to wear that print ever!! Thank goodness I have not had a tiger or leopard up here cause love that print and trend😂