Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)Welcome back to 25 Days of Winter Fashion! Jo-Lynne and I have teamed up to bring you 25 winter outfits, and today is Day 22!

Let’s get festive with this Spread Joy TopThis top is fun to wear during the Christmas season and I think we need to spread some joy!

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)The fabric is so very soft! It’s made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon which gives it a little stretch.

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)I added my red hunter boots but black or brown boots would be cute too. With the weather we are having, I could wear my chuck tennis shoes.

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)When I wear a t-shirt, I like to wear a cami underneath it. The cami I’m wearing helps to slim and smooth.

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)

Spread Joy Top -25 Days of Winter Fashion (Day 22)

Outfit Details: Spread Joy Top (I’m wearing a small)//Red Hunter Boots//Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Black Cami

(Use discount code Spivey914 to get $10 off a $20 or more purchase from Glamour Farms.)

Now head over to Jo-Lynne’s and see what winter fashion she is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Do you remember singing this song? “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart….”

What is joy? Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be alright, and the determined choice to praise God in every situation. -Rick Warren

Choose & Spread Joy today!

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  1. Praying now for joy to fill my heart today and to pass it on to all I meet. Great reminder the song. Sung it so many times in Sunday school and church as a child. I will be humming it all day. Love the shirt, too!

  2. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E I might have to order this tee!! I did order the skinny jeans from Nordstrom, should get them today. Hope they look as good on me as they do on you. Merry Christmas!!

  3. I definitely remember that song!!! Sang it at Bible Camp way back when I was in middle school…that’s the only song I remember from there lol.
    Super cute top!!!!

  4. Way cute! Love the added red with your boots and Starbucks cup.
    One of my life’s motto: Don’t ever let anything or anyone steal your joy!!

  5. I love the top Cyndi! Yes, I remember singing that song. The ballet company our 16 year granddaughter is part of is doing a condensed version of The Nutcracker next weekend. She has various parts in all of the performances, so we are looking forward to that. And my husbands birthday is on the 18th. Today I get the cast put on my left hand. If I’ll be able to start using those fingers, I’ll be singing songs of Joy for sure.

    Have a joyous weekend!

  6. HAHAHA! Yes! I remember singing that song!! We were even taught a “Methodist” verse to it at VBS:

    I’ve got that chicken-eating Methodism down in my heart!

    I still can’t believe they added that verse. LOL

    The top with the red Hunters is spot on! Love it! Have a wonderful time tonight!

  7. OK. ‘Tis the season to shop for OTHERS, but hey…I just couldn’t resist. This was my first Glamour Farms purchase. Can’t wait to get it! You look absolutely adorable. Thanks for all that you have taught us – for beauty on the inside as well as the outside. xxxooo

  8. Cute outfit! I have a random question, is there any kind of “gadget” that will keep skinny jeans from riding up and bunching at the knees with boots? I was think some sort of elastic with clips that clipped to bottom of jeans and and wrapped under your foot. Crazy question I know!! Any answer will be appreciated.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas from Mississippi!

  9. Very odd coincidence, that you mention that particulars song! Just day ago, while dressing girl that song popped into my head…the lyrics at the Church of Christ, would “I have joy, joy, joy deep in my heart…heart..deep in my heart, and if the devil doesn’t like he can sit on a tack!”
    I that is just one of many stanzas, but I chuckling at the memory of those lyrics!
    Good memories of growing up in church!!

  10. LOVE THIS!!!!! So so cute!!!
    Man I want some red Hunter boots!! Oh well- too many things on my ‘list’…
    (Yea- this week it’s crazy warm, could totally do the tennis! Last night I even had on flip-flops!! 😜)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. You always look amazing. I love this. Your ideas are wonderful and I’m slowing feeling great about dressing daily, even on a casual day! Keep it coming and God bless.

  12. Hi, Cyndi! Back in September, I bought a pair of solid olive colored rain boots from TJ Maxx and had them monogrammed with my initials in hot pink, which are totally adorable! But I’ve been eyeing those red Hunter boots since you’ve been styling yours, they look great!

    I have read a few of the reviews and other customers suggested sizing down one size due to them running a bit big. What do you advise? I noticed, too, they’re only available in whole sizes. I normally wear an 8 but for my TJ Maxx rain boots I had to go down a half size since they ran a little bigger, also.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to reading your blog every day! Keep up the wonderful work!