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Spring 2015’s Most Wearable Trends

I am seriously giddy about spring fashion this year! I’m ready to start showing off some skin! Just kidding. 🙂

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends
I don’t know about you all, but I usually struggle with my clothes in the spring. Summer, easy, fall, I’m excited about boots and scarves, winter, I bundle up! But spring is tricky.

So, I’ve been looking at spring trends and I think I’ve come up with Spring 2015’s Most Wearable Trends for us, you know us women over 40. 🙂

Let me say there are some trends that we shouldn’t wear, period. When I see those popping up, I’ll let you know. They are saying culottes are “in style” for spring and I’m not going near them at this point.

Spring 2015’s Most Wearable Trends:

1. Boyfriend jeans– Yep, I know some of you do not like them but they’re back. I think the key is not wearing them too big.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends
2. Sneakers– I have to admit, I’m not a sneakers fan but I’m going to try and style them this spring in a way that I hope will look good for women our age. We don’t want to wear these with mommy jeans and an over sized t-shirt.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends

3. Shirtdresses– Love, love this trend. Comfortable dresses with a cute pair of sandals and you’re good to go!

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends

4. Gingham-I’ve mentioned this before but it looks like gingham is going to be stylish for spring and summer and I’m glad.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends
5. Yellow seems to be a popular color. I would love to have a spring coat in yellow.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends

6. Military greens– This color looks to be in style and the military jacket is going to be a great jacket to have for spring.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends
7. Black and white– I’m not sure there’s ever a season that black and white isn’t in style.

Spring 2015's Most Wearable Trends
What do you think about the spring trends? Quick Question: Would you rather I do a month of spring fashion in March or in April???

I’m headed to Nashville today with sister, if you want to follow us I’ll be snapping pictures on Instagram.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I’ve been studying 1 Corinthians 13 this week. I have several of my Mom’s bibles and I use them often.

I noticed she had written this by 1 Corinthians 13:

  • Love must be spoken.
  • Love must be show
  • Love must be grown. We have to tend to it.
  • Love is a commitment.

Let’s love well today! 


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  1. Im not a sneaker person either unless Im working out… in those big clunky running shoes… I have been wanting a pair of low chuck taylors for years and havent made the jump.. this spring I just might have to do it 🙂 I pair of Pink, Green or Yellow maybe?

  2. I love keds or vans canvas sneakers in colors. Wear with no socks…sprinkle baby powder in them to help keep feet dry! ;-0 Would love to see spring fashion ideas in March, that is usually when I am shopping for clothes and crying for Spring. (live in Wisconsin!) Have a happy day!

  3. Sneakers? Ugh! I wear sneakers for two things exercise and yard work. LOL There are too many “cute” shoes in the world to wear than sneakers. Think I will continue to skip this one.

  4. Good morning, I’m looking forward to Spring also, I would like to see your Spring Fashions in March, and looking forard to it I might add! I have Noticed a lot of the shops are already getting their spring and summer clothes in, have a great time in Nashville, I will definitely be following on Instagram, have a blessed day

  5. Bring on the spring in March–can’t wait!! The temperatures may not be spring here in Canada by then, but it will be spring in our hearts!!

  6. Hi Cyndi! I’m looking forward to seeing your spring fashions. We moved from Texas to Minnesota three months ago! Crazy! I will probably need ideas to make it spring in my heart when it doesn’t feel like it outside ha ha! I’ve seen cute sneakers with ankle pants and short-sleeved stylish little sweatshirts… I think it’s cute and sorta “Brady Bunch!” But, I’m not sure that look would be good on a 40 something. Anxious to see what you do with them! Blessings Krista

  7. i love the “husband” jeans and I just bought some at Old Navy on clearance for $8. I’m 51 and I had my 17 year old daughter with me so I asked her … Yes or no and she said she loved them on me! Also, just bought a pair of slip on Keds and have gotten HUGE compliments! I can’t wait to buy most of these trends but I especially love the gingham shirt! I am a mom of 4 kids….27, 25, 21 and 17 and they love that I keep up with the fashion trends! I also work at a high school and the parents and kids are super sweet to say that I am “trendy”. I say your only old as you think you are! Go for it Cyndi! Would love to see your spring styling in March! Have fun with your sister!

  8. Thanks for the spring fashion update and what to look for as I add to my wardrobe.
    I love that your mom’s words (written in her Bible) are being shared. A wonderful legacy!
    Have a great day and come on spring!
    Heather in Ontario (ready to thaw out!)

  9. I love it all! However, I am sitting here in Connecticut looking at the snow falling. My back deck has about 15 inches piled up, so it is hard for me to picture cute shorts and capris! Grrrr! I need you to remind me that Spring is coming!! 🙂

  10. The sneakers are everywhere here in OKC and we’ve had some crazy warm weather already so I did purchase a pr of the slip on leather kind that have a small platform type sole. I’m 57 and not one to wear tennis shoes but these work with leggins and a longer top especially when it’s too warm for boots in the spring. You are right about that bright yellow Cyndi. Loft gals said it’s going to be in their stores soon.

  11. Writing your mom’s words of wisdom in my journal today, Cyndi. The Lord has been teaching me about loving others–REALLY loving others…not just saying I do. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  12. Isn’t it special to ‘hear’ your Mother’s thoughts, hold and read her bibles? Btw, you look so much like her in the picture from Sunday’s post! Such pretty ladies. We are all ready for spring, so getting your inspiring ideas in March helps us plan ahead and be ready!
    Have a nice time with your sister, good memories for you both.

  13. I vote for spring fashions in March. It gets us in the mood to prepare for spring. By now I’m sick of winter and certainly don’t want to shop anymore for winter.

  14. I love, love your mom’s expression of love!! Thank you for always sharing what is in your heart and a scripture!! Ok, to fashion, I live here in Texas and would love to see your spring fashions in March and April. It is 50 degrees now and going to warm into the 70’s this weekend! 🙂 Have fun in Nashville!! Blessings!

  15. You are so right about spring being tricky. There are some nice styles here to look forward to. I would like to see “a month of Spring fashion” in March. It would help me get ready for when spring hits us full force in the middle of April. It’s hard to think about spring right now though, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground and another storm expected this weekend. Thanks for being so committed to your blog. I look forward to it everyday, especially your “beauty for the heart”.

  16. I think you are 100% on track with your Spring posts today. Loved every look and comment! I will have to be selective about the tennis shoe look as size 8 1/2 tennis shoes are challenge to look femine and cute unless exercising. Love is a wonderful feeling to share!

  17. Hi,

    I am new to your blog, but was wondering if you have ever posted about how much you budget for your seasonal wardrobes? Maybe that might be too hard with everyone having different incomes and expenses, so maybe an idea or rough estimate on how many outfits, pieces, shoes, etc. you aim for per season? For people who are more in a rut, it might benefit to know what to aim for as to not keep wearing same outfits over and over. Plus, from a Christian standpoint (again knowing this will be different for different people) but what seems reasonable in respect to an amount? I know these may be difficult questions, but I think even if you can kind if touch on them it would benefit us all.

    1. I think that would be a great topic for Cyndi to share with us, clothing budgets! I always love this blog both for the fashions and for the Beauty for the Heart! March would be great so we have time to get some new items for when spring actually arrives. Keep up the great work!

      1. I would also be interested in this topic balancing the financial side of clothing purchases and treating ourselves with not being selfish

  18. It’s funny how many of us said we’re not sneakers people….yet I see so many around. Well, I’m not either but I do have a pair of bucketfeet I won which are artist designed ones….and they have clearance on some!!! Have fun in Nashville—shopping? Jodie

  19. I vote for spring fashion in March. 🙂

    I will definitely do the gingham, bright yellow, boyfriend jeans, and sneaker trends this spring. I love the way The Pleated Poppy styles her chuck taylor converse shoes. She makes wearing sneakers look awesome. I hope to purchase a pair of white converse this year. I wear Nike, Saucony, Addidas daily for workouts, so I’ll try the non-workout footwear versions for fashion.

    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Gingham….oh how happy I am I finally bought into this one! I’m so on the search for a purple gingham to wear for baseball games. And I finally gave in last fall and purchased some converse and I absolutely LOVE wearing them with my boyfriend jeans.

  21. I love the sneakers! I’m not quite 40 yet so maybe that’s why! 😉

    I agree with you Cyndi on the culottes. I’m 5’3″ and certain they would NOT be flattering on me! I think my legs would be swallowed by drapes!

    Looking forward to your spring fashion month….get us excited and eager for spring and do it in March.

  22. The first day of Spring is March 20th!!! So, I would really enjoy seeing a month of Spring fashion in March. Sneakers are the one thing I won’t be wearing. They look horrible on my feet, ha! However, I do love shirt dresses and gingham. I saw a cute gingham collared shirt in Target this week. I’m looking forward to seeing your Spring styles. Have fun in Nasville with your sister!!

  23. March for sure! My husband and I both retired last year (59) so we re on a budget to some degree. Could you keep us buget conscious people in mind when you’re putting together outfits. I appreciate you so much and always look forward to seeing you each day

  24. I vote for March so I can have my spring wardrobe ready if possible. Can’t wait to see how you style the sneakers.

  25. March definitely – I’m ready for Spring clothes this year. Thank you so much for sharing your mother’s notes. It reminds me that we are all heirs to the witness of those in faith who have gone before us.

  26. I’d love to see spring fashions in March. I’m anxious to see how you coordinate with the sneakers! I’m not a sneaker person either, but they can be cute and youthful. Have fun in Nashville! Love your inspiring blog, fashion and spiritual.

  27. I am up for spring fashions anytime! I am also looking for “age appropriate” shorts. The only shorts I own are for exercise. I am always the girl in the skirt or jeans at the BBQ. I have a “sturdy base” and not a clue about how to wear shorts in my 40’s. Help!!!!

  28. Sadly, March is still winter here in Minnesota (statistically our snowiest month). But I’m certainly ready to think spring by then!

  29. March (and spring???) is “next month” already!! Start in March.

    I keep seeing that cheery yellow, too and would love to wear it – maybe for Easter? (maybe just a scarf?)

  30. I vote March too! Although I live in Utah it already feels like spring outside! I am anxious! And Boyfriend jeans are my favorite but I’m usually able to size down so they are not too baggy and sloppy looking – Thanks for your inspirational thoughts Cyndi!

  31. Looking forward to your sneaker looks. Foot surgery a few years ago makes it almost impossible to wear anything but sneakers and flip flops. You are my first stop in the a.m. Love your style and spirit.

  32. Ha! Believe it or not, but Sam’s (yes, the warehouse store) had pastel gingham button-downs last Spring. I bought 3! One for me, one for my daughter, and one for my D-I-L. All different colors. I had them monogrammed and gave them as a little Easter present. Neiman’s has one on clearance now. It’s a gingham fishing shirt—a little pricey, but monogramming is included. FINALLY! I bought a pair of this type of sneaker at the end of the summer, different brand. Whoever shared the Sperry link, so cute!!

    Is anyone else afraid to share this blog with too many people because then they’ll know where you get your ideas? LOL

    Praying for travel mercies, Cyndi! Have a blessed time in Nashville. XOXO

    1. Brandye….Too funny! Shame on me but I thought the same thing about sharing Cindi’s blog! I have to say that I have shared it with my close friends so I’m not so naughty after all!! 🙂

  33. It will be 76 today here in central California (wish we could get you snow-covered gals’ snow out here, our drought is awful, quite serious) so I vote for March or as soon as possible to kickoff your Spring fashions. Excited with your featured trends – boyfriends back, sneakers (just bought some leopard print ones), gingham, yellow is my favorite color and I can always put black and white to good use. On the budget idea agenda and with your styling expertise, maybe do a Walmart or Kmart or thrift shop outfit on $40-$50, or less. Said it before and I’ll keep saying it “I LOVE YOUR BLOG”!

  34. Love your Spring finds….especially the gingham!! I have a top like the one you pictured waiting in the wings for warmer weather!! I am also in Minnesota and it’s abit on the chilly side today! We’ve had an unusual January (warm and no snow) so I’m alittle worried about what February and March could bring! I’d love to see your new style ideas for Spring in March! I, too, am not fond of the sneaker look….except my New Balance tennis shoes for working out!

    Have a wonderful time in Nashville with your sister! Jealous!! I’ve always wanted to visit North Carolina!

    Brenda in the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota

  35. I struggle with spring wardrobe too. I always have a couple of extra unwanted pounds from my winter hibernation and I’m extra pale (although I’m planning on treating myself to a couple of spray tans this spring). I love your boyfriend jeans, they fit just right-not to sloppy or big. I’d prefer seeing a month of spring fashion trends in March…I’m a Pennsylvania girl and spring can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned:)

  36. I am so glad that you are talking about Spring trends. I have been looking for some ideas, but haven’t found much out there about Spring yet. I did notice the gingham trend from photos I have seen from fashion week. I have seen Talbots spring catalog and they are using corals and pinks, which is a color palette that I think will be popular as well.

    Keep those posts coming. And, since you asked, I would prefer a month of spring fashion in March!

  37. I bought a pair of the iconic converse last year. My daughter got married and we all wore them. She and her three young girls had white high tops with with satin ribbons. So cute! I must admit to only wearing them once since as I don’t find they have enough cushion for me. I might try the Sperry ones mentioned above. They look comfy and would be great on the boat.
    I wear capris and would like to see you style a couple of pairs for casual and a bit dressier, please.
    I pick March for spring fashion. We already have buds on the trees and the hellebores are in bloom. Bring it on!

  38. I vote for March. I like the boyfriend jean in white but since I wear skinny jeans I have tunic blouses. Not sure that goes well with looser bottoms. I bought some black sneakers last summer for foot pain so open to styling those. Love my military jackets and olive green. Not so much into the gingham or yellow but happy for others who wear them well. Thanks for this post and looking forward to what you will be sharing.

  39. I just love your blog. I participated in the Build Your Basics Challenge and it was life changing. March would be great. I live in Texas, so need spring clothes early!

  40. Hi Cyndi,
    I have been following your blog for about two months and look forward everyday to see what you’re wearing! I am a ‘young’ 58, and don’t want to look frumpy, nor do I want to look as though I’m trying to compete with 30 year olds – I’m not! Just looking for pieces to put together for casual and work! I really like your style. You’ve given us tons of great ideas! Like the Christian slant on things, too. I found you on Pinterest and quickly subscribed to your blog. Thank you!

    1. That’s what is so great about Cyndi’s blog… it reaches many age ranges if not for the identical outfit, some variation, not to mention all the Beauty from the Heart nuggets. Love reading this every day!

  41. March sounds great to me! I am so ready for warm weather 🙂 Thankful for sunshine, but it is chilly. Love gingham and will be looking for a button up. Can’t wait to see you style boyfriend jeans again…need ideas wear to shop for them. Thank you for sharing your Mom’s “love notes” It shows that you are so much like her! Have fun in Nashville…one of my favorite places to visit 🙂

  42. I’m excited for spring now! Thanks for the heads up on the trends and I would love to see you feature spring clothing in march too. Also, like other ladies mentioned, I’d also love your thoughts on budgeting…for our outer selves

  43. Cyndi
    I am expecting my very first Stitch Fix box next week. I’m so excited! Thanks for your wonderful blog, you are precious!

  44. I so look forward to your blog everyday. I love the great outfits! I vote for a March spring outfit month. I also have a hard time with this time of year. I also love your daily bible verses. I’m so glad I found your blog. It’s great to have ideas for mature women who want to stay up to date with fashion.

  45. March would be a good time for the spring fashions! Can’t wait for warmer weather! Really love your blog. Found you on Pinterest while looking for age appropriate outfits. I’m in my mid 40’s but have a hard time putting cute casual outfits together as I wear scrubs to work during the week. Absolutely love getting your emails daily and have actually duplicated best I could several outfits! Thanks so much!!

  46. I’m kind of excited about the sneaker, maybe I should say open to them lol. I also can’t wait for your input on shorts. The past two summers I have not been able to find shorts that aren’t too short or too long. LOVE the possibility of a shirt dress! This is so much fun now that I found your blog, thank you!

  47. I love cute little sneakers. Like the ones you are showing…will have to go shopping for some. Culottes are not going to be in my closet…they were too many years ago and not coming back for me. I do love the boyfriend jeans and just bought a pair from INC (Macy’s). I like them not too baggy. I do not look good in yellow and yet, I love yellow…maybe some crop pants in yellow…away from my face will work. Talbots has lots of cute spring clothes this year. Thanks for the preview of clothes….would love to see more in March.

  48. Hi Cyndi!! I’m really liking the gingham, especially the shirt featured here. I feel the same way you do about black and white, I like it, I wear it, never a “fail”. I’m right behind you on those culottes. With my 5’2″ frame, the majority of that being my torso, try to get am image of that fashion “NO”!
    I’m entertaining other choices, I really haven’t thought about Spring very much yet, guess I better get started! Be Blessed!

  49. I just started following you and I love this blog! I feel the fashions are just rright for me. They stretch me a little out of my comfort zone but I have gotten many positive comments since I began dressing a little younger and more stylishly. Your devotions and Christian encouragement give me a boost in my day. Thank you!

  50. Thank you for sharing some spring trends. It is fun to have some fashion ideas to use when traveling to a warmer climate in the winter. I really enjoy getting a “sneak peek” at the trends for the coming season as it is fun to watch for these trends when shopping and is great when you realize you already own some of them. Also, thank you for sharing encouraging words and scripture. There is always something that really touches my heart.

  51. Hi Cyndi, well for those of us here in the southwest, I say jump right in. :). It’s suppose to be in the 80’s this weekend. A bit too early for me but it won’t last long …..praying!

  52. What a nice website! You did a wonderful job showing some very cute, wearable, ladylike fashion trends for Spring. The boyfriends with the cute top (mind sharing where you picked that up) was very sweet. It’s as if you take some of the rather ugly immodest fashions and tailor them for ladies to wear. Thank you so much! Just lovely.