Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Spring 2018 denim trends are all about the details! I wear jeans almost every day, so I am excited about the trends coming our way, and I can’t wait to try them.

No matter your age, there are some wearable trends to update your jeans collection this spring. Higher waists and straight or wide legs are dominating the season.

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Here are five denim trends for spring 2018.

1. Tulip hem jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Icon tulip hem jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

10-inch high rise tulip hem jeans

2. Embroidered Jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Embroidered slim straight leg jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Adriana embroidered ankle skinny jeans

3. Side Stripe Jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Reese patch jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Taylor straight leg jeans

4. Cuffed Jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Josie cuff leg straight jeansSpring 2018 Denim Trends

Cuffed boyfriend jeans

5. Straight Leg Jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Marilyn stretch straight leg jeans

Spring 2018 Denim Trends

Edie high waist crop straight leg jeans

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Which style is your favorite for spring?

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  1. I LOVE that higher waist and straight leg jeans are coming back. I never stopped wearing straight leg but struggled to find higher rises. The skinny jean just isn’t a good look for me. I think the embroidered jeans can be pretty if not too over the top. The tulip jean is different. Not sure I like the side stripe one though. 😕 And while I think cuffed jeans can be cute I’m not too sure about those super wide cuffs. But who knows … I may just try them all and see… 😮

    Love your BFTH.


  2. I love the embroidered hem! I am not one to buy the frayed hem jean. I just can’t do it. I feel that if I am spending money on good jeans they should be finished. I am just old-school that way. I did cave and buy a pair of distressed jeans. When my adult daughters saw them they were so surprised. They quickly reminded me how I would not buy them jeans with holes when they were in high school – Lol. Love your posts – keep up the great work!

      1. When we have gone on cruises black pants and a dressy top is plenty for the fanciest of dinners . The men usually wore black tennis shoes for the entire trip , and it worked fine.

        Take exercise clothes because there are lots of fun ways to exercise on the ships.

        Take a sweater or something in case it is cool in some areas of the ship.

        Have a wonderful time..

  3. Because I have a thicker calf I have continued to wear straight jeans and like the higher rise as well. The longer tulip jean might work but would need to try it on to see. I have a hard time with the wide leg cropped jeans but haven’t tried them so won’t say never 🙂

  4. I was doing some of these last spring. I have some embroidered jeans, but those Super high waist (mom jeans) ugh!

  5. I am super pumped about the embroidered jeans – I love that look. Guess we will have to see how they look on. I prefer the ones with the pattern on the leg/pocket as opposed to the cuff.

  6. LOVE the new tulip jeans! Really cute without looking like trying to hard.

    Will only wear high waist (but DEF NOT with shirt tucked in because I have a short waist) so it’s not really obvious that they’re high rise jeans.

    Not digging the embroidery jeans — I see two types of women usually wearing these — really young, and..well, the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m in the middle, so I feel when I wear these I look older, cuz it looks like I’m trying to look younger lol.

    So happy straight legs are coming back — too many women wearing skinnies who shouldn’t be….just sayin’…

  7. I recently bought a pair of the side stripe jeans. They were really cute on. I hope to get alot of use out of them this spring and summer.

  8. Only pair on my radar are the straight leg Marilyn jeans. But that’s because NYDJ is my only style…. simply because I cannot find any others made like them. I have too many extra bubbles and rolls yet so I need the comfort of their higher waist jeans.

  9. I think the only style i can really see myself wearing would be the tulip hemmed jeans. I’m definitely not a fan of the embroidered jeans. The embroidery on the hem reminds me of the “peddle pushers” I wore when I was little and what my grandmother would wear in the summer. Love your style!

  10. Well ….I think I’ll be sticking to my slightly distressed jeans and skinny style along with the high low hem I just bought at old navy( didn’t pay a lot as they won’t be around forever I’m sure😉) I see where the two ripped knees is in… I picked up a pair the other day. Will you be styling some? I would consider the tulip hem look but other then that I don’t care for the other styles they look to outdated… but that’s just me!!! I do look forward to seeing what you do with these styles I’m sure you’ll hit it out of the park as usual 😀
    Have a great day. We are enjoying some nice mild temperatures for a break and for February:)

  11. Have been wearing my straight leg jeans throughout the “skinny” phase so glad they’re making a comeback (although they are always a classic). I already have 2 pair of the wide cuff jeans and I’m interested in the tulip and side stripe versions, if I can find them for my curvy hips (I normally buy Loft curvy fit).

    1. I too do not have a boyish figure and that prevents me from ordering clothes from online stores because brands are not friendly to us with hips.

  12. I like the tulip hem the best. I kind of hope you style a pair of jeans with embroidery. I am eager to see how this trend looks on you. You have such a great way of making trends less scary and feel totally wearable. The only way I would try the embroidered look is if I saw you do it first because I trust your judgment when it comes to this stuff. ☺

  13. I am always a slow adopter of trends like high waist vs. low waist. I wore high waist long after they weren’t cool any more, and once I got into the swing of a lower waistline, I have come to love them. My perfect rise is just at or slightly below the navel. I think it’s easier to get them to fit without such a dramatic difference between the waist and hip measurements. Also, I think about Trinny and whatshername–the British fashion ladies–showing how, from the rear, high rise jeans just make your behind take up way too much visual space proportionally. Sigh….. But I do love all of these other trends. I saw some awesome and beautiful embroidered jeans in a J Jill catalog late last year. Hope they’ll maybe still have them or something similar–they were really done a very casual, yet subtly elegant and on trend way.

  14. I have a pair of skinny jeans that have a high waist. It took me a bit to get used to them, but now I love them. ( They hold everything in, which is nice. ) I like the tulip hem jeans as well. Not sure about the wide cuffed, wide legged jeans…… I honestly think it’s how a person is built, and a persons personal taste.
    I can’t wait to see how you style some of these jeans…. you have great taste!

  15. The styles are great if you have long legs.. I still like boot cut with heels to lengthen my legs ! It’s funny the higher waists use to called “mom jeans” !

  16. I have a cute pair of embroidered jeans and love them with a cropped top. The embroidery is on the upper front pocket/thigh area and not overly done. I think the positioning of the embroidery must be considered for different body types. I like the straight leg a lot too. The side stripes and tulip, maybe. The cuff jeans are a definite no! Unless you’re tall and long legged I think it’s going to appear frumpy.

  17. Love all the looks, but how about some that are affordable. I can’t spend that kind of money on jeans..any that have the look but not the price?

  18. Hi Cyndi…..I purchased a pair of embroidery jeans about a month ago and I’m loving them! They make me feel feminine with that touch of “flowers” and color. I also like the straight leg jeans with either a flat shoe or a higher shoe…..all depends on where you are going. Thank you for your time and blog every day💗

  19. The new tulip jean was a great surprise. I think I’m really going to like it. I purchased some embroidered jeans from WHBM this fall and love them. But I too thought the photo with that the embroidery around the hem looked very frumpy.

  20. Love the straight leg and cuffed. Thoughts please on boot cut? I think they look so much better on curvy gals, but what do I know? : )

  21. Out of fear that some of the trends won’t last after one season and budgetary constraints, I will only purchase the high waisted straight leg jeans. Great Beauty For The Heart!

  22. I am definitely a straight leg jeans person and an ankle jeans person. I cannot get into the embroidered jeans or the big cuffs. I guess time will tell. Didn’t think I would ever wear bell sleeves and now I love them!! Happy Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday! haha

  23. I wear mid-rise dark jeans without rips or unfinished hems, though the degraded jean look is great on others, they are not for me. I wear skinny, straight and boot cut jeans, depending upon the activity or event. High rise jeans cuts into my waist when I’m leaning forward in a sitting position and I become very uncomfortable in booths at restaurants or sitting on high top stools or even driving for long periods of time. Does anyone else have this experience?

    1. I totally agree with you about the high waist jeans cutting into your waist while sitting and being very uncomfortable. Sure, they hold you in a like a girdle and smooth all of the lumps, but they definitely aren’t comfortable! I remember when low rise jeans came out and all of us were thrilled at how comfy they were! I will stick with my mid rise jeans!

    2. I thought I’d never leave the high rise Jean many years ago but once I tried the mid rise I haven’t been able to go back. When I’ve tried them I feel cut off almost like the waist is under my armpits.. so no more high waist for me..😉

  24. Hi. I just recently participated in the online YL EO class. Thanks! What was the FB group you recommended. There were several by the name of the group.

    1. Hi Lori, The facebook group is called Dream Catchers. I’m not the admin but it is for people who have signed up under anyone in this group. I hope that makes sense!

    1. I see the “mom jeans look” as jeans that are not form fitting, hit at the waist and are looser in the front (remember those pleats, and gathers?) and also how it’s styled. That type of jean with a tucked in polo shirt or preppy collared dress shirt (wow…bringing back bad memories).

      I wear a lot of high waisted jeans, because I’m really short waisted, have more of a straight up and down figure and long legs. If it’s lower waisted, they slip down. BUT, I never wear shirts tucked in, and I favor skinny jeans…so that IMHO is my take on the difference 🙂

  25. Just returned from a Riyal Caribbean cruise. Depending upon the cruiseline, you will see a variety of attire. This trip was extremely casual. We like to up some so we did. Its your trip so do what makes you happy. Breakfast runs the gamut of shorts and tops to lounge wear, Lunch depends upon where you dine. In the dining room, nicer slacks and top is fine. Cafe you will see everything. Dinner was the surprise for us. But do your own thing.

  26. Hey Cyndi – regarding cruise wear – don’t miss out on formal dinners in the fancy dining room – there’s so little opportunity for that in today’s world! Cocktail dresses there. For the formal night, they really DO wear floor-length gowns – another opportunity NOT to be missed, and buy the portrait the photographer will take. There will certainly be photo ops GALORE for your blog all over the ship and on shore! You’ll love not having to carry a purse or wallet around on the ship. My experience was that the shore excursions were usually a rip-off, and you can book the same thing on shore for much cheaper. The one exception to that was in Puerto Rico when we kayaked to the bio-luminescent lagoon – I’ll remember that for the rest of my LIFE! Most of the real estate on a cruise ship is devoted to selling alcohol – where their highest profit margin is. If you like an adult beverage, and your cruise line lets you carry on wine, etc., take advantage of that – you’ll save a lot of money. Don’t miss the shows – usually great entertainment. Have a wonderful time! We look forward to the photos and stories.

    1. Most women don’t wear cocktail dresses in the dining room on “regular” nights. You will see all kinds of attire; more people are becoming increasingly casual and ignoring the suggestions for clothing in the dining room. I usually wear a dress that’s more casual, a skirt or nice pants. Floor length gowns are in the minority on formal nights, especially in the Caribbean. You will see many cocktail dresses, some dressy pants outfits and some long gowns.

  27. Cyndi. When I clicked on the box to get to the detail on your cruise wear it took me to the info you posted yesterday. Did anyone else experience that?

  28. I couldn’t get todays post either! LOVE your blog Cyndi and always get so much out of BFTH! God bless and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

    1. I’m not sure why I don’t get regular post either. I hate when I miss out. Love her and all the great info she shares. She’s such an inspiration to me.

  29. I luv the embroidered jeans, skinny jeans and distressed jeans, l live in jeans when not in scrubs.
    I wear them with heels, flats and boots. Lately I have been trying Nygard slim jeans in their skinny style. They have stretch +++, they are pull ons with great waistband to give u a nice smooth look. These are great for travel. You look great getting on the plane and off. Dark wash is my go to.

    Luv your posts, always interesting info.

  30. I wear jeans almost every day too. Even though I have other options, I just love wearing jeans. Looks like maybe I should pull my straight leg jeans to the front of the line. There are a lot of cue details available from what I’m seeing. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! (have you found a house yet? The one’s you’ve been looking at are GORGEOUS!) XO

    1. Hey, Lisa. I have seen a couple of comments about Cyndi looking for a new house. Where can you see this? I have checked her instagram, blog and these emails and not seen anything about it. I thought they had just moved into a new house. Just thought I would ask. Thanks.

      1. Hi Susan! I’m pretty sure she mentioned it on the blog a while back, but if you’re like me, I miss a post here and there. She’s shared some houses they’ve looked at on her Instagram story. Happy Thursday!

  31. Concerning your request for cruise suggestions…per my personal experience take a bottle of Dramamine with you. I have never experienced motion sickness in my life so I didn’t think that would be a worry and didn’t purchase any. Boy was I wrong and an entire day of my cruise was ruined because of it. I just had to take one pill every morning and I got along great for the rest of our cruise. Another suggestion would be to mark or flag all of your luggage so that it is easy to pick out in a room full of luggage. It was suggested to us and we were so glad we did. We had an awesome time and have a lot of great memories! Hope you have a wonderful vacation too!

    1. We go on a cruise each year and I’ve noticed an increasingly casual dress code in the dining rooms. Nice tops and a dressy casual look are the norm at dinner now and on formal nights , either a cocktail dress or dressy top and pants. Rarely see a long dress anymore.
      We don’t buy the ship’s excursions ; too overpriced and we don’t care for the bus rides and group thing. We try to book a guide ahead of time for Europe and usually find one that we negotiate prices with at ports in the Caribbean.
      Spa packages are expensive ; they usually cut prices toward the end. Irons are no less ne’er allowed , but most clothes lose their wrinkles if you hang them in the shower on the clothesline and turn on the hot water long enough to generate steam ! Take advantage of the shoes ; they are typically quite good. Take a wrap to the shows; usually chilly in the theater. We prefer late seating so we can enjoy staying in the various ports as late as possible on shire days ; on “at sea” days , we still prefer late seating g so we don’t gave to end our fun to go inside to dress for dinner! If you planned for early seating and want to change , usually the matre de will accommodate you if you go see him the day you board and request the change. Take your tennis shoes to walk the ship’s deck to get in your exercise ; the gyms are usually pretty good, too. I like to take advantage of the free activities such as yoga classes and computer classes! Have fun!!!!

  32. I didn’t get the information on the cruise wear but a repeat of the Spring denim already posted before. Did anyone get the cruise wear information. I’m confused.