Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky Brand


I love this time of year with the warmer weather and all the flowers blooming. It makes date night extra fun because you don’t have to wear a coat and this year’s spring trends are so cute.

Today I’m teaming up with Lucky Brand to share a spring date night outfit. Lucky Brand has that laid back bohemian vibe going with most of their clothes which makes it perfect for a casual date night.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky Brand

This bohemian inspired off the shoulder top is soft and comfy. While it is an off the shoulder top, you can wear it on your shoulders too.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky BrandI’m a huge fan of pearls and this simplistic pearl bracelet can be added to so many outfits. It’s a classic piece of jewelry.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky BrandThe Jaleela wedge is one of my go-to wedge sandals. I can’t wait until our weather warms up enough to wear them with shorts.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky BrandWhen I’m out to dinner or going to a movie I typically like to carry a small clutch. Just something to carry my phone, lip color, and a small compact. This clutch is the perfect size and I love the added tassel.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky BrandSpring Date Night Outfit with Lucky Brand A good pair of black jeans are a must for me and while I have a few pairs of black jeans, I didn’t have any with a frayed hem. Lucky Brand is known for their amazing jeans. These black jeans have a high rise which is a slimming feature.

Spring Date Night Outfit with Lucky BrandLucky Brand has 50% BOGO offer on denim starting on 5/4 and runs through 5/10.

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Beauty For the Heart~~Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do. We live in a fast pace world, we want what we want now and do not want to wait. But, waiting on God is what He requires of us who have put our hope in Him.

Isaiah 40:31-1 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

If you are in a season of waiting, take heart, God is working and he will renew your strength.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndy,
    What type of clip/band do you use to pull her hair half back with? Thank you for sharing that and this outfit is a cute one for sure! I love black and white outfits always!

  2. I love your style! I purchased a pair of black jeans from Loft but they faded rather quick. Any suggestions as to where to find black jeans that are a good price point that do not fade too fast?

    1. Hmmm you might have to pay a little more for black jeans. Something that helps is turning them inside out when you wash them. I do that with all my jeans.

      1. Thank you for replying!! I will definitely take your advise! Where do you find the best black jeans?

  3. You may have a laid-back personality but you sure don’t live a laid-back life. LOL
    Constantly busy and going. Whew! You make me tired.. 🙂

  4. This is such a cute outfit – I’m always a fan of black and white – my closet is a testament to that :).
    Thank you for the reminder to wait for God’s timing. My family is in the midst of lots of waiting these days…waiting for a job opportunity for my husband who lost his job after 27 years; waiting for my daughter to finish college (July – yippee!!); waiting for her to also find a full-time job opportunity using her degree. I know all things work out as they should – Romans 8:28 – but I struggle with the waiting.
    I hope you enjoy your Florida vacation – sounds like fun!!!

  5. This is look is great! Every time I read your post I just realized today that to myself I say, “she’s so cute!” Love your blog! I’m a pastor’s wife also and love your style. Thanks for all you do for us on here to bring these ideas to us.

  6. What a nice outfit Cyndi! I can’t wait to see the clothes you have lined up for Florida. I hope y’all will have nice weather. Enjoy the time with your sister! And yes, it is so hard for us to wait, but He knows what He is doing.

  7. Love the outfit and I especially love the way you have styled your hair today. It just looks great!!! I’m going to see if I can find any other posts you may have on how you fixed it. Really looks good on you!!

  8. Really like this outfit, love the OTS top and the frayed hem jeans, I really needed to hear Beauty for the Heart today, I always look forward to your posts, your blog is such a blessing! I hope y’all have a fun and safe trip to Florida! Have fun this afternoon at your sister’s house!😊

  9. I just found your blog last week and I love it! I already had several fashion blogs I followed, but yours is the first that has felt age appropriate to me. LOL. So, thank you for that!

  10. In Florida this week. Perfect beach weather. Not to hot yet! The beach is a delightful place to slow down and renew our strength. The beauty of the Lord is evident in the place!

  11. Darling outfit! I love Lucky brand clothes and accessories! I have Lucky’s larger cross body handbag in that same print and I love it! In fact I’m carrying it today! Blessings on your day!

  12. Oh my, that is just absolutely adorable!!! When can I borrow it??? With the clutch to match it is just the perfect outfit for almost any event, love it! P. S, since I’ve started following your posts daily and trying to add in pieces my 31 year old daughter is daily raiding my closet and wearing the outfits to work, I think that is the best compliment I could ever receive, and she says she gets so many compliments!! Thank you Cindy!!

  13. Great Look……but you always look great. Have fun in Florida. I haven’t been there since May 1986. My first born was only 6 months old. LONGGGGG time ago. I live on the West coast, so who knows when I’ll get back there. Will be excited to see your pictures and hear all about it. I don’t have instagram, so please put on your blog like you said.

  14. Love everything about this outfit. Really cute. I also like the way you styled your hair. Perfect for Florida. Look forward to seeing your outfits on vacation. Thanks

  15. Hi Cyndi, I love that top. Love the whole outfit. What size are you wearing in the top?


  16. I live in central Florida 61 mies from Disney, what part of Florida are you visiting, can’t wait to see the pictures on the bog since I don’t have Instagram.

  17. Well, you can imagine my surprise when, with coffee in hand, I opened your blog this morning, looked at your shirt, then looked down and realized we’re wearing the same shirt!!! You certainly rock it a lot better than I do, but that’s okay! the shirt is beyond comfortable, not see-through at all, and as you mentioned, it goes with a great many things. great look on you!!!!

  18. Hey. I know its late. I have a question hoping you and husband can answer. Is there a scripture in the Bible that tells the rapture is pretrib?

  19. I love the new frayed hem trend! It is such a cute and simple way to be trendy without looking too trendy. Make sense? I have a teenage daughter so I have to watch trying to look too trendy(: Love this spring look!!

    1. I think it helps that I don’t wear them down very low and probably depends on the top. This one stays pretty well.