Spring Fashion- Pretty In Pink

Well, it’s official, you all have got me looking at handbags in a whole new light. I posted my picture on Instagram yesterday with the Aimee Kestenberg handbag and everyone loved it!

It’s obvious to see that a lot of women have a thing for nice handbags. My husband is not going to be happy with you at all!! Don’t worry I’m not going to go crazy but I do think a nice leather handbag every once in a while will be fun.

It’s pretty much countdown around here for March 1st when our 27 Days of Spring Fashion begins (I don’t post outfits on Sundays).

I have seen so much cuteness all over the internet and if there’s one color I see everywhere, it’s pale PINK. Pink handbags, pink coats, pink shoes, pink tops and the list goes on.

I’m not sure if I look good in pale pink but I can add it as an accessory! Today I’m sharing some things I like for spring. Some of them you might be seeing soon!

Spring Fashion- Pretty In Pink

1. Modern stripe boatneck tee//2. Wedge //3. Dillon-Fit Striped Shirt//4. Clutch //5. Leather strap watch//
6.Leopard flat//7. Sunglasses//8. Lip gloss

What do you think about pink? Do wear it or not?

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Beauty For the Heart~~“For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.” Matthew 12:34b (NLV) This verse reminds me that what I say, and how I speak reveals what’s in my heart!  I want my words to be words that reflect the fruit of the spirit.

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

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  1. I love pink on other people, but it doesn’t work on me at all. Total wash out. Pale pink and pale blue are supposed to be the “colors of the year”, which explains why you will see them everywhere this year. I can take them in small doses, but I much prefer rich and bold colors. That probably has lots to do with the fact that I look terrible in pastels. C’est la vie. Ya’ll enjoy your pink. I’ll be over her cuddled up with my RED. <3

  2. Pink and Red are my favorite colors. There are so many shades of pink that I bet you can find one you love with your skin tone.

  3. In my younger days, I think I wore quite a bit of pale pink, but since I’m older (and fatter), it’s not a color I have in my wardrobe. I’m trying to eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight over the next few months and maybe I’ll try adding pink in for the spring. I cannot imagine you not looking in ANY color, so I think you should try the pale pink:)

  4. I LOVE pink! I wear it all the time, and not just the soft pink that is everywhere right now. I just ordered a soft pink purse (top handle). IMHO, pink is flattering to almost all skin tones, especially as we age. My mother used to put pink light bulbs in lamps around our house. She said it’s more flattering. LOL

  5. I don’t wear pink. Not my color. I am more of a coral person. Ready for spring also but we have not had much winter. 60’s today. Love your blog.

  6. I will stick with hot pink-I like it better for me.. It does give us a spring feel to have pretty pinks..I hope all the littles show up at Easter Sunday in pinks.

  7. LOVE your new web design. It’s beautiful! I do wear pale pink. There is something unapologetically feminine about it that I like.

  8. Pale pink…..LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad it’s in. I just purchased the awesome boatneck striped tee. Gap is running a 40% off sale online as well. Thanks for sharing!! I think pink would look beautiful on you!!!

  9. I like pink, but really washes me out. Prefer more vibrant colors. That said will probably add some pink this spring but like you, I would probably add some accessories to brighten it up. Love your blog, especially “Beauty for the Heart”.

  10. I love hot pink! With my olive skin it tends to look better. 🙂 I only buy leather bags but I’m not a purse gal. I always get them on sale also. I have a luggage and a black crossbody and will probably invest in a fun colored bag for summer. These days I need my hands free to help with the grand babies. Love your beauty for the heart today friend!

  11. Hi Cyndi,
    I’ve been following your styles for about 6 months and can’t wait for the days and seasons to change to see what you will do next! You have inspired me:) Thank you for being a woman of grace and beauty. I am a pastors’ wife and our family served as missionaries to Cuba almost 20 yrs ago. I was so happy to hear of your missions trip because the Cuban people have always had a special place in my heart! The last few times we traveled there, I would go to Goodwill a few days before and buy comfortable skirts, shorts, and tops, wash them, wear them on the trip and then leave them with the local church in Cuba. I know it sounds silly but the needs are great and it always broke my heart that I couldn’t do more. Thanks again for all you do! -Anna

    1. I don’t think that’s silly…I think it’s a wonderful idea. Even the teens who go on mission trips do that or shop their own closet for things to leave behind.
      I, too, am a pastor’s wife. I had the privilege of going to India twice. I love how it made the world seem smaller and I loved worshipping with other believers. They sang songs in their Hindi language; what an experience to worship with them.

  12. I 💕💕 pink and it brings us closer to spring seeing the newer outfits. I have been purchasing a few of your recommendations (I have on the fringe sweater today from Banana Republic) and I just received my polka dot sweater. Thanks for your inspiring quotes and please continue to keep us on the edge of fashion.

  13. I love your hair! How do you style it now that it is longer?You have inspired me to grow my hair out and be able to have a part. I have the same hair as you. Poker straight and I too have to color it every 4 weeks. I love your style.

  14. Pink is not a color I wear. I just don’t like it.

    Nice handbags have been my weakness since I was a very young girl. I now choose a nice purse as my souvenir from places I visit. Today, I am carrying a draw-string bucket bag I got on a service trip to Honduras in 2009. I watched the craftsman make another bag so it is nice to have met the gentleman who made mine! A classic purse can be utilized for years.

  15. I love wearing pink and always have. And I receive a lot of compliments when I do wear it. I am very fair skinned with silver hair, so the softer shades of pink work for me, where the yellows and greens make me look sick,

    I hope you’ve had a blessed day!

  16. I think light pink is such a pretty color but don’t think it looks good on me, can’t wait to see how you style it! Looking forward to the new look for your blog. Have a great evening!😊

  17. I love pink! In fact I saws some great slacks at the LimitediI may just have to asd to my wardrobe! Love all if your pists. I’ve received such inspiration through your blog with fashion and grace.

    Thank you

  18. I absolutely love pink! I appreciate how you showed different items, but also items with different price points. I live in a suburb outside of Indianapolis. Our only Nordstrom, is up on the north side of Indy. I often order, but wanted to try on a few things this time. So, I called and they’re holding a few items for me to try this weekend. I’m so excited for spring! I think you’d look beautiful in light pink. But, I’m with you, not all shades of light pink are the same. So, as much as I love pink, I’m going to try a few items on in store.
    Thank you for sharing tips, and trends with us.
    You truly are a beautiful person! Inside and out!
    You inspire me daily to be a better person with your beauty for the heart. I can’t wait to hear about your mission to Cuba. You and your husband rock! 🙂

  19. I LOVE pink…I wear it so often that I often tell the sales women at my favorite store to NOT let me leave the store with more than one pink item at a time! Looking forward to see how you style pink for Spring and Summer!

  20. I love pink, but I look better in a hot pink. I’ve got a cute top from Glamour Farms that’s a pink stripe, that I’m looking forward to wearing.

  21. I do like hot pink but not a fan of pastels. I just received an order from Loft and one of the items is a hot pink blouse. I haven’t even opened the box yet. Eek! I do love a good leather handbag but those can often be found without spending a weeks wages. 😉😉 I do try to take the time to find one that I really like because I don’t like to change handbags very often and a good bag will last several years. I just got a nice, brown, leather Fossil bag for my birthday. 😊😊

  22. I LOVE pink but brighter is better on me. The soft baby pink or the blush pink are pretty colors but really wash me out. I really like those wedges, and if you have purchased them I’d be interested in knowing how true to size they run. I can see wearing those a lot ! 😃
    Looling forward to march even more now.

  23. I love pink. Usually a brighter pink, but can wear pale pink once I get some sunshine(if you know what I mean). Pastels are not my favorite, but I can do pink in any shade…it’s a girl thing!!!
    On the purse topic…I just purchased a Kate Spade crossbody bag. They were having a secret sale and I got it for almost 75% off. Still it was more than I usually spend on a purse, but Kate makes me happy, so I splurged. I bought the purse in black so it was a practical buy…at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!

  24. I love pink. I like pale pinks not hot pink. I love the new look of your site. I am ready for spring. Michigan has been very cold and we had an inch of snow so pink reminds me spring is around the corner.

  25. Yes a nice leather bag is a great investment everyone so often – especially if you happen to find it during a great sale!
    Yes I’ve been seeing a lot of pale pinks too and I think accessories or mixed in a print would be best for me also. Can’t wait to see your Spring Countdown starting March 1st.

  26. Hi Cyndi,
    I love the new design!!! It possesses a more sweet look with attention more toward a feminine design. YES, I am ready for Warm breezes, bright sun, and Spring colors!!! Love the clothes items… Pale pink is not a color that I used to wear until a few years ago… and since trends (colors) repeat themselves… I will have to dig up some of those stashed away “pink” clothing items for this Spring.

  27. I wear any shade of pink because pink is one of my favorite colors. Love the pink clutch you featured as well as those flats.