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Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Hi, ladies! It’s the last week of January, so why not start thinking about spring? We still have a lot of cold weather, but warm weather will be here before we know it.

Today we’re going to talk about some fun spring trends to consider adding to your wardrobe this season.

The spring trends this year are all over the place. Disco collars, spring leather, and jungle prints, to name a few, but I decided to share the trends that most of us might wear.

So here are 8 spring trends I think you’ll see a lot of this year.

1. The Shirtdress– Whether print or solid, knee-length, midi, or maxi, the shirtdress is a timeless item to have in your spring and summer wardrobe.

2. Tie dye prints are going to be popping up everywhere this spring/summer season. Yes, we have worn it before, but you can easily wear it again.

This spring, you will see an updated tie dye look that will bring fun and versatility to your wardrobe.

It doesn’t have to be over the top, this shirt has some subtle tie dye.

3. Neon– This is another blast from the past, but I love neon colors. They’re bright and cheery, and I will add some of this to my spring wardrobe.

4. Polka dots– I love this trend, and it’s an easy one to add to your spring wardrobe. You’ll also see enlarged polka-dot prints this season for a fun look.

5. Puff Sleeves– This is probably not a surprise because we’ve seen them this winter, but this trend is carrying over into spring and summer.

6. Floral Prints– The floral prints are still trending this spring. Two prints caught my eye, one is a tiny floral print, and the other one is a rose print.

7. Denim Trends– It’s no secret that the straight crop jean is trending. You’ll also see bootcut, flare, vintage, and distressed.

8. Square Toe Shoes– I will do a whole post on spring shoe trends, but I want to mention the square toe trend. I keep seeing it more and more.

There are always some crazy trends that I don’t think the majority of women will wear but these trends are wearable.

What are your thoughts on this year’s spring trends?

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Beauty For the Heart~~Whether you’re an NBA fan or not, I think the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other families in the helicopter crash stunned us all.

These moments make us question why, why them? But it also reminds us that life is short. None of us know when our life on this earth will be over.

Today, hug those people closest to you, tell them you love them. Call that friend you’ve been wanting to catch up with. Forgive, show grace, and remember that you have the opportunity to shine His light today. This day.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Good morning! I love the neon and the shirt dress but I just can’t get into those cropped straight jeans. Maybe they will grow on me in time…hmmmm!

  2. Well – one thing for sure it, almost anything goes as these are all over the place. I do like the cropped straight jeans but I also like that all the others are in style too – we can all agree to wear whatever type of jean looks best on us personally 🙂 and that I can get on board with.

    1. Cyndi,I love your posts every day !! All the trends are good to look at but like you say , sometimes we stick to the ones we like .. as for the casualties with Kobe and his daughter 😢and the rest of them on board , God has a season for everyone of us .. May God give their families peace that surpasses all understanding.. have a Blessed Day to you and your family

  3. Thank you Cindi for all the latest
    fashion trends! Some really pretty
    I’m really interested in the process for your kitchen cabinets. We were going to have ours done last year but backed off because they were going to take all our cabinets down and put them in a facility where they would be spray painting them. We didn’t have a good feeling about it so we backed off on the
    project. Please let those of us know the
    entire process if you can so people
    who are interested will know.
    Greetings to you from sunny Florida! 😎

  4. I love everything but the florals. I’m just not a floral person 🤣I didn’t think I would like the straight crop jeans but I tried some and bought them. It turns out they are my new favorite 😍
    The death of Kobe and the others has broken my heart and reminds us that Life is but a vapor. Thanks for the words in BFTH

  5. I know this was just an introduction to what we will be seeing but are the cuffed cropped jeans heading out or out already? I hope the sneaker shoe is still around I’ve got my eye on an animal print pair😉. I’m also seeing them on a lot of other bloggers. Just curious

  6. BFTH, such true words, Cyndi! I’m looking forward to Spring shopping! I like all of these, especially neons. They are happy colors! Not sure I will be buying any tie dye. Notice I didn’t say never😉

    1. I really like all of these trends especially polka dots and florals! It’s always fun to see what’s going to be trending in the upcoming season.
      I’m feeling so sad for the families left behind to mourn the sudden passing of their loved ones. Your BFTH is such a good reminder that only God knows how many days we have on this earth and to live our lives without regrets.

      1. Thank you so much for including beauty for the heart. I love hearing your thoughts/ Bible verses and appreciate you using your platform to spread the gospel! Also love seeing all the upcoming trends!

  7. I love your pics! I could wear them all. I too love polka dots and small florals. And I am really excited about the square toe shoes. your BFTH is very touching today. My heart breaks for all of the families in the crash. I try to tell my friends and family daily that I love them. Life is too short. We need to embrace it each and every day.

  8. Love neon and polka dots. Still have both in my closet!
    Yes, we were all shocked by the deaths associated with the helicopter crash. Life is actually very fragile, so it is important w to know where we all stand in our relationship w/God and eternity.
    Praying for those dear families.

  9. Cyndi on a side note I know you’re a big essential oil user. What is the best one or ones for premenopausal symptoms like night sweats? If you don’t mind sharing:)

    1. I would love to know this as well. I started using Progessence Plus a few years ago after you mentioned it on your blog. Do you still use oils everyday? I don’t have hot flashes anymore (had them for 2 1/2 years). The Progessence plus did help some with the hot flashes, but now that I’ve stopped having them I’m wondering if I should continue with the oil as there may be other benefits of using it? I ran out of it a few months ago and am trying to decide whether I should keep using it.

  10. I like the shirt dress, polka dots and cropped straight leg jeans. And, some florals, if they are on a dark background. I’m not sure I’ll invest in square toe footwear as it never seems to stay long.
    I’ll leave the exaggerated shoulders, neon and tie dye to others.
    It’s fun to find what’s trending and put your own spin on it.

  11. Hi Cyndi! I loved this post! You picked out so many cute pieces I’d love to wear. I’m so glad puffed sleeves will be back as I have a puffed sleeved top from last spring/summer I adore and can’t wait to wear again. Polka dots have been in for a while and are such a classic print, I’m happy they will be back this spring. Not sure how I feel about neon…I may have overdone it in the 80’s and just can’t go back there. LOL. Have a blessed day!

  12. Love them all- looking forward to spring! And thanks for the reminder to shine His light while we can because life is precious and you never know what tomorrow brings!

  13. Ummm…what in the world is a disco collar?? I have images in my head of a disco ball-like necklace. I don’t think that would be a good look for this 55 year old.