Spring Handbag Trends 2014

Spring Handbag Trends 2014
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about spring fashion trends, spring shoe trends, spring nail color trends and spring hairstyle trends. So today I thought I’d share some Spring Handbag Trends.

As most of you know, pastel colors seem to be making a big comeback so of course we’re seeing that in handbags too. I have to admit, I love to pop a bright bold color with my handbag so I’m not sure I’m loving the pastels.

I’m sure like every trend, it will grow on me and by the end of the season I’ll embrace it. We’ll see!

Here are some handbags for spring 2014~~

spring handbag


floral handbag


coach handbag

vera wang handbag

bow handbag

pastel handbag

pink handbag


Some other trends are the mini handbags (they’re getting smaller), and floral handbags.

What do you think about the pastel handbags? Do you think you’ll be carrying one?

Beauty For the Heart~~My niece posted this on her facebook page and I liked it.


Have a blessed day!

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  1. I think the pastel bags are very pretty. They don’t scream or compete with your outfit. And I think they’re very ladylike. I will do pink.

  2. Love the pastels. I’ve always gravitated to these colors. Thanks for sharing economical purse options for this trend. Looking forward to shopping for my spring bag, thanks to your inspiration.

  3. I think the pastel purses will be nice if they are the right color. So much better than white! I’ve seen the B-Collective by Buxton Perforated Sequin Satche at Kohl’s and it’s very cute. Might go get that, in fact. 🙂

  4. i have to say that i prefer the bright pop of color in my bags as well, but i have never met a purse i didn’t like. in saying that, i have a bag that is very close to the last pale pink one and i love it. however, i find that i don’t really carry it much. also my clothes tend to be more jewel in colors rather than pastel too.

  5. I really liked the light blue one until I chceked the source and saw the price. $385 is a bit steep for me. I like to change purses too often to spend tons of money on one. I will keep looking. I had a pretty yellow one a year ago. Might go back to that one for the spring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m like you cyndy, not a fan of the pastels, however they may grow on me too :-). Thx for the posts. It’s always nice to see what the trend is. Maybe I could like a yellow…. Hmmmm???!

  7. I’m still loving the brighter bags and I’m seeing them in the stores too so maybe I can stick with those! 🙂

  8. Hi Cyndi.

    I am not a fan of pastels, although I do own a light blue Bruce Makowsky bag that I purchased in 2009. I may pull that one out again. It is a large bag, and everything seems to fall to the bottom. I would like to buy a bright yellow bag for summer. I also already own a white bag, which is also a Bruce Makowsky. His bags are nice, but they are really heavy. I’ll have to see what TJ Maxx has on sale.

    Like a couple of others have said, I prefer the jewel tones for purses, shoes and clothing.

    Thanks for sharing. We may all decide we have to have a pastel bag! 🙂