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Spring Handbags -Save vs. Splurge

Spring Handbags -Save vs. SplurgeI have been wanting to do a Save vs. Splurge post for quite a while. I have also wanted to look at some spring handbags.

So, when I got an email with someone asking about spring trends for handbags, I decided it was time!

As far as trends go I always feel like you can carry any style handbag and it seems to be “in style”. But if you want to make sure your bag is on trend then carry a saddle bag. I see them everywhere.

Add fringe or a tassle to a handbag and you are really on trend.

Crossbody bags and top handle handbags are very stylish. Color is always in and I have seen blue, coral, yellow, pink, and mint to name a few.

Okay, let’s get started with Save vs. Splurge. Let me begin by saying I’m a saver when it comes to handbags. But not everyone is and I see a lot of fashion bloggers carrying the Chloé handbags. Most are $1000 and up. (Yikes!)

I did look at them at Nordstrom and I even touched them but that’s as far as I’m going to get to a Chloé handbag. Unless of course they want to gift me one. Ha!!

My weakness is definitely shoes. I could spend a lot of money on shoes which is not smart because I think handbags last longer.

I do want to purchase a more expensive classic handbag that I can keep for a long time. It’s one of those pieces they say every woman needs. (I’m not sure I need it but I wouldn’t mind adding it to my wardrobe. It won’t be a $1000 handbag.)

Spring Handbags -Save vs. Splurge

Top To Bottom

1. Target Chain Strap Crossbody Handbag ($24.99) 2. Chloé Leather Crossbody Bag ($1,850)
3. Target Saddle Crossbody Handbag ($34.99) 4. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag ($650)
5. Target Mini Satchel Handbag ($29.99) 6. Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel ($695)
7. J. Crew Bucket Bag ($168) 8. Proenza Schouler Perforated Leather Bucket Bag ($1,275)
9. Oasis Triple Compartment Cross Body Bag ($42.77) 10. Rebecca Minkoff Studded Convertible Crossbody Bag ($695)

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So what are you? A saver or a splurger when it comes to handbags?

Do you like this kind of post? I’m thinking about doing it with spring shoes!

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Beauty For the Heart~~I sometimes complain about the snow. But truthfully I love every season.
After a few months, I am always ready for the next season to appear.

Right now our grass is brown but in a few short weeks, I will wake up and look outside and our grass will be green again. It seems to happen overnight.

Some people would give credit to Mother Nature or to a big bang theory. but not me. I will give credit where credit is due.

Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let them be signs to mark the seasons, days, and years. Genesis 1:14

When the grass turns green and the trees start budding, I will once again be in awe of how God created such a beautiful world!

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

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  1. I love the handbag comparisons. The struggle with the expensive ones if you get tired of them and they are not worn out…I am seriously considering a Target bag listed here and I have not bought any from there before. Thanks for this blog-it blesses my soul and my wardrobe! Today in Dallas we are 72 degrees..woohoo..we are ready for that spring fashion here!

  2. I really like the save vs. splurge post! I say definitely do it with shoes too. I am always tempted by higher priced handbags even though it’s tough to spend the money. It comes down to how it makes me feel when I carry it and how long I think I’ll use it. If I buy a $1000 bag and carry if for several years (interchanging it along the way of course) then it is less cost per carry and that’s how I justify it.

  3. Thank you for being one of ‘us’ .. haha! I would never spend that much on a handbag … even though I do love them 🙂 I’d rather spend my $$ on shoes and clothes! Have a great day !

  4. Thank you for being one of ‘us’ .. haha! I would never spend that much on a handbag … even though I do love them 🙂 I’d rather spend my $$ on shoes and clothes! Have a great day

  5. I like the expensive ones, but I’m a saver. So when I see an expensive one on clearance I’m all over it. Thanks for this post. I really like your posts because the things you share are affordable.

  6. I love this post. I would love to buy expensive bags, but the truth is that it just does not fit in my budget. Thankfully there is an alternative so that I can still look stylish. Loved the beauty for the heart, thank you for your blog. I read it every day.

  7. I really like the format of this post! Really nice to see the visual comparison side by side and the price…sticker shock!!! 🙂

    I have a hard time spending that kind of money on a nice bag. I would need it to be pretty transitional as I would keep it and use it for a long time! Unfortunately I get sick of things too quickly for that kind of investment.

    Thanks again for your posts.

  8. Definitely would buy the least expensive ( notice I didn’t say cheap😉)
    But like others have said ,I like seeing what options I have to look nice but not spend a lot of money.

  9. I will spend more for handbags…but haven’t spent more than $800 yet… I have ten or twelve that are up to twenty two years old- and I still use them! I do take care of them so they last ( spa day for them to clean and condition!) but I don’t spend a lot on shoes or clothes because I don’t keep them as long. I have gotten some as gifts so I didn’t buy them all either. I find coach and dooney and bourke are worth the price…not Kate spade or Michael kors…just my opinion-I do sew a lot because quality is important to me and I have made my own bags as well as clothes especially trendy ones because I find I can make it less expensively with better construction as well as personalized…it’s great to see everyone’s different opinions!

  10. I used to spend a lot on handbags but now I don’t. I grow tired of them too quickly. I have sold many of my Coach bags on eBay and won’t do that anymore. I like to change my bags all the time, so I really appreciate your post today. I don’t know if you have a T.J. Maxx, but I find some great bags there for reasonable prices. The only bag I won’t let go of is a Gucci my Dad brought back from Italy in the 1980’s. It still looks beautiful!

  11. I love this post. I honestly can’t believe there are that many people out there that can spend over $1,000.00 on a handbag! I guess I’m somewhere in between the Save vs. Splurge, with my spending more toward the Save category. I don’t own a bag to go with every outfit. I usually have one for each season and use those for several years. I do have a few (about 6) that I use for special occasions. I never have spent over $300.00 for a bag and that was only once. I’m usually in the $60.00 – $120.00 range. I do love leather!!! It is my weakness.

  12. I bought a bag at a TJMaxx online “outlet” over a year ago, it was coral…….it was all leather and had been expensive…it’s a beautiful bag….can go crossbody or not and it has a light interior so I can find everything…..the best investment I have ever made…..cost the price of a “big box store” bag and shows no sign of wear and I have dragged it all over for 17 months…..I was worried the coral would be on it’s way “out” but not yet….Yeah!!! In another year I’ll probably be tired of it but it never hurts to look long and hard for a nice leather bag, cheap!. I admit, I am a bag snob and just don’t like the way a vinyl bag feels. I like all the spring choices you showed today……so I’ll keep my eye out for a future bag purchase but I stick pretty close to classic styles with no “doodads” or wild hardware. That way they rarely go “out of style”.

  13. I just can not justify spending two months house payment (or more) for a handbag. I won’t even spend big bucks on clothes and shoes. I love to look nice and put together but I don’t buy unless it’s on sale and you won’t find me paying more than $50 for a handbag and that better be leather. But to each their own.

  14. Purses are my weakness and I love Target purses! My dear friend purchased one for me for Christmas that was featured on your blog!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog today – both words, scripture and pictures. It’s amazing how we can find less expensive handbags that look almost identical as the more expensive ones! I love the way you showed the comparisons!
    I, too, love every season and am thankful to live in Indiana where I get to enjoy all four seasons.
    Thank you for all of your writings. I know it takes time to research everything, write and post. But I really enjoy reading them everyday!

  15. Hi! I think this is a great idea although $1000 plus bags are out if my reach. What about $250 and up bags? My Kate Spade bags last forever and are in that range!
    Great post! Thanks

  16. What a great post Cindy! I am definitely a save type of gal. I like change too much to limit myself to a very expensive bag.
    Have a great day!

  17. I agree with Joy. So please continue to do type of post I love to see the options and I’ve already picked out 2 bags from Target that I wouldn’t have even thought of. And looking forward to seeing the shoe post!

  18. I’m definitely a saver. If I was inclined to slurge on something, it would NOT be a $1,000 handbag!!! I have a stepdaughter who thinks nothing of spending $500 on a handbag, but one of her sisters buys similar bags at TJ Maxx for $100 (which I won’t even pay) so I just can’t wrap my head around spending that much on a purse!!! I love this post!

  19. I could never spend $1000 or more on a purse; and even if I could, I wouldn’t. That just isn’t the world I live in. Maybe it’s my “age and stage,” but I find myself moving in the opposite direction. Consume less. Spend less. Be content. My clothes, shoes, and purse in no way define me.

      1. me three!!! I would never spend $1000.00 in a purse…even if I was rich…..
        the save purses are so cute and affordable!!! 🙂

  20. I’m a sucker for these kind of comparisons!! And I don’t love to spend a lot on handbags…even if they are “classic”. I get tired of them and want a new one—and I rarely go back to one of my old ones (clutches are a different story—but I just inherit most of mine)! Can’t wait to see the shoe post! jodie

  21. Great post, Cyndi. I love the save and splurge comparisons, but my favorite part is “giving credit where credit is due”. Love that.

  22. I love a nice purse/handbag. 🙂 I’ve been looking for a new one for OVER a year. I like to buy nice ones (think $200-$400 and then take at least half of…I love a bargain) It’s so hard to find a good bag that doesn’t already way a ton before you put all your “stuff” in it. It’s way to much effort for me to change my purse at the last minute on my way out of the door. I did just recently get a really cute black saddle style bag at Forever 21 for $25. Yay me!! I like to keep a smaller crossbody bag for when we take a day trip into the city. (San Francisco) I’ve noticed several of the ones you talked about in Target…guess I’d better take a second look 😉

    1. Hi Lisa…..I live in Sonoma county!!! I had to say hi to a fellow West coast gal! I agree it took me over a year to purchase my last purse AND I found a deal.
      Great day to all.

  23. I am not a splurger on purses. I tend to get tired of them. I don’t get rid of them, I just switch them a lot. I usually have about 5 or 6 for each season. I must admit I am a purse-aholic! Every store I go into, I can usually find at least one I like. Doesn’t mean that I always buy one. Well…sometimes!!!

  24. I have own one designer bag. My husband gave it to me. I have never own one. Thanks again for beautiful passage.

  25. Love the post! I thought I was a surge gal until I saw the price of those bags…YIKES is right! Lol, I thought $300 WAS a splurge! Those prices are just crazy. I would grow tired of it long before I ever got my money’s worth. Thank s for your daily posts, I always look forward to them. Have a blessed week!

  26. Love today’s Beauty for the Heart! Can’t wait to look outside the see that first hint of green, meaning spring’scoming! Interesting reading everyone’s take on handbags. I have a small variety of patterened handbags, most of which were sale ones from Coach. I have found that the local consignment shop I use, is able to resell them at a good price for me, when I get tired of one. I a few nice basic leather ones, black & brown. My daughter just gave me a beautiful Kate Spade black quilted looking one. My husband gave me a nice brown/tan Michael Kors signature one for Christmas. So if I want to be On Trend, it will be an inexpensive version! And today, some of the faux leather handbags are very realistic looking. Also at my stage of life, 60, I’m leaning towards having just a few basic ones, hence sending some bags to consignment. I’ve lost that interest in changing out handbags, and find that I want to spend my money on travel & eating somewhere nice!

  27. I love the post. I would have to go with the lower price bags but I do like the color
    of the splurge bags. One night I was channel surfing and one of those
    ” housewives of “somewhere was on & it grabbed my attention bc they were discussing bags. One girl thought it was crazy to splurge on bags and the other one told her to bring $10,000 and maybe they could get 3 bags for her but probably 2!! My husbands heart would have
    stopped immediately!!

  28. Great comparison post Cyndi! I don’t spend a lot of money on my handbags because I like to own too many of them. I can’t wear cheap shoes, but I can carry cheap purses. Like you, I enjoy the different seasons, and am in awe of the beauty God created. I am beginning to not like the warm months as much because we have too many bushes and shrubs that require routine pruning. Owning 1.5 acres is good & bad! Have a blessed day!

  29. I do not spend a lot on purses. I usually find one I like for the season and use that one only. I am practical when it comes to purses. Thanks for the post. I am looking forward to your spring ideas. Also, thanks for the reflections. I live in southeast Texas and this week we are experiencing weather in the 70’s during the day. So, I’m getting excited about Spring. Blessings.

  30. I have a neck issue so I carry very small cross over purses. I like the purses at Charming Charlie and Kohl’s. Have to live within my budget.

  31. I think nowadays people spend too much on bags just so they can say “look I own a xxxxx bag”. Now I realize that many of these designer bags are probably better quality – but with changes from season to season and year to year I just can’t justify spending that much. But I do think it is nice to splurge (and I don’t mean $1000) on something designer once in a while – say every 5 years or so? Lol. However – as with everything – to each his own.

    Love the “spend vs splurge” comparison! Keep those coming.

    God bless everyone.

  32. Love these kind of comparisons. I am a saver when it comes to bags and shoes (so I would love a spring shoe post like this). Also love the bags you picked out they are really good comparisons. I have to check out Target- I always think they have a nice selection of handbags. Thanks for the info!

  33. I am a saver…but I love to see posts like this to see how my bargains compare in looks to the “splurge” models 😊 I love stylish things, but never pay full price for any clothing or accessories. The closer to clearance price I can get, the happier I am!

  34. Hi Cyndi, I love a great purse that is on trend but I don’t care to spend the big dollars either. I work at TJ Maxx and when new purses come in…I’m all over it!

  35. Purse addict here! Love the comparison post! I love cute cheap purses and expensive ones equally. Own many I call “church purses” because they are fun to wear with particular outfits or to certain events. Also own expensive purses I carry daily with business attire which are worth the extra money from a quality standpoint (expensive to me is a few hundred bucks on sale for half or less).

  36. I love the save splurge post! Brahmin is my weakness! I have a fall/winter one and a spring/summer one. They were gifts from my husband. I have some inexpensive bags that I use when I don’t want or need a big purse.

  37. I used to have a collection of inexpensive handbags that took up a lot of space in my closet. What I found was that I rarely took the time to change handbags unless a wedding for formal occasion called for it. So I gathered them all up and took them to a ladies shelter. Now I own four really nice Michael Kors handbags that I do change out often. And I have more room in my closet for shoes and boots! Which people comment on so much more than my purse!

  38. Love this type of post. While I generally am not on the “splurge” side, your comparisons help me spot a good bargain with details I love from the higher end products!

  39. I am with you! I have two Coach bags that were presents, but I like to have more options! I love the selections!! I was wondering, if you saw my question about the Julia tunic??? When i went to Glamour Farms they were not showing it.

  40. I love posts like this and look forward to seeing your shoe comparisons! I have been on both sides of the fence for financial and bc I use to like variety but as someone else stated, I gave away my cheap purses and have invested in 2 seasonal purses and love them and feel proud with them. I still like an inexpensive summer purse and usually chose a straw purse…they wear out but since I don’t spend much, I don’t expect much! I haven’t graduated to better shoes…I hate breaking in a new pair of shoes and they ALL hurt in the beginning! I have a bunion and very sensitive feet. I wish I could wear sandals year round!

  41. Love the save vs splurge bags and look forward to the shoes. Like the other ladies above, I owe 2 or 3 very nice bags from Coach and Michael Kors which are timeless pieces in black and tan but also enjoy changing out with color which I usually go the save route.
    Another great post!
    Blessings – Sandi

  42. Love this post! I would love to have a really good handbag but I won’t spend the money on one. I do tend to splurge when it comes to my shoes because I have to be able to walk around comfortably (and hopefully look good at the same time). That does not mean that I have all splurge shoes. I did splurge on my Dansko clogs because they are easily the most comfortable flat shoes that I have ever owned. My solution is to check the clearance racks; especially at Macys and Nordstroms. They have splurge-worthy shoes that are usually very reasonable and not too horribly past season.

  43. I like seeing posts like this with comparisons. When it comes to handbags, I’m more of a saver. I keep mine to a minimum, 2-3 to keep my wardrobe portable.

  44. Cyndi I absolutely love all your posts. I enjoy having much more targeted items that I go shopping for. Thanks for doing all the “shopping” for me. Love this purse comparison post. About as close to an expensive purse I get to is a Vera Bradley which I like for travel. I’m not much of a purse switcher but of course I don’t want them to last too long because then I can’t justify buying a new one. LOL.

  45. I enjoyed this comparison. I’m really not a splurger but I do buy a pricier bag occasionally. But not too expensive when I do. Would love to see the shoes. Thx!

  46. Great Post Cyndi! I guess I’m a splurge girl BUT I’m very particular about my purses and it usually takes me a long time to pick one out and even longer to buy it . My daughter and I have a laugh when I ask her to go shopping, she will always ask “are you purse shopping? if so, no, I’m not going”. A splurge for me would be $200 or less – and that would be the sale price. I scan Dillards and Belk whenever I’m there and have gotten some great purses. I justify it because it’s something I use everyday, and well, I’m lazy and not someone who will change out a purse often. I’m the same way with my shoes/boots; I love nice ones but will rarely, if ever, pay full price. I have a good friend who would never spend more than $50 for a purse – she can walk in a store, see one, grab it and go – which causes me to break out in a sweat. I admire her quick decision time, but I just. can’t. do. it. :-).
    Thanks for showing us all the options out there in all the price ranges!

  47. I like to save. That way I can replace each season. If I paid a lot I would feel like I had to have it forever. 🙂 I like to stay around $50. I usually don’t change with every outfit.

  48. I’m a save when it comes to purses. I like to change them out often. Winners is my go to store. Now….shoes. I splurge, as they must fit well ( narrow feet ) and be comfortable. Love shoes!!!

  49. Love your Save vs. Splurge post and look forward to more. I’m heading to Target for one of your featured purses.

  50. I splurge on handbags but nothing close to the $1000 bag you mentioned. I own a few Michael Kors handbags and absolutely love them. I am not one of those people who change their handbag to match their outfit although I wish I was that organized to do so. So I usually carry a handbag for each season. Can’t wait to see you shoe “save or splurge”!

  51. I think the most I have paid for a splurge has been about $150.00 for a Michael Kors bag. One I bought at TJ Maxx and the other one was on sale at a Michael Kor’s store in an outlet mall. Both great leather purses that I can carry forever as they are very classic. I also love The Sak online. Great leather purses that I again found on sale, also very classic. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Some times this is what I ask my husband for for Christmas, Mother’s Day or my birthday. Over that amount of money for me would be extravagant, but if it’s within someone’s budget I say “go for it and enjoy!”. Lol

  52. Cyndi, I love splurge versus save posts! Hope to read more on your blog. I think they help us look trendy without breaking the bank.!

    That’s my two cents.

  53. Great post, Cyndi!! Thanks for the visual comparisons 😊 I’m excited to see your shoe post! Blessings to you

  54. I love Kate Spade bags but I can’t bring myself to buy a handbag that expensive but before I retire I just might make that purchase. Great post.

  55. I love this post! Yes, definitely do more Save vs Splurge posts. This info is very helpful and I hope to see more. I am on the save all I can side of purchasing items to keep my closet updated. I do have a few splurge items that are usually gifts as well. I enjoy the mix! Thank you for sharing your faith and fashion!

  56. Love the passage.
    I bought a Dooney bag years ago . I had nightmares that night so I took it back because I knew I could not afford it at the time. I try not to spend more than 50.00 dollars at the most for a purse.
    Hope you are ready for some sun I know I am.

  57. Great post, Cyndi!
    As I have aged (60!!) I find myself buying better quality and more classic handbags. I know what size and style I like, so I tend to look for those at places like Coach Outlet, department stores and QVC (love my newest Aimee Kestenberg!) I’ve been giving away my “trendy and cheapy” bags to my daughter or to charity. There’s something about carrying a soft, well-worn and well-loved handbag, just makes me smile every time I put my hand inside! But I’ve never spent over $250 for a bag and I ask for these items as gifts for birthday and Christmas!! Also love Vera Bradley…I’ve been know to coordinate my outfit to match my VB bag! HA!!

  58. Hi Cyndi,
    I’m very particular about my handbags, and usually find one and carry it most of the year. I prefer black or brown and leather. But on occasion I do carry a “colored” handbag like green , or white in the summer months. I do love a good bargain and my mother in law often buys the brands of Giovanni and Gucci handbags for whole sale and I get a choice of them. I even have a couple Prada handbags(one Spring green) from her collection. I only use these handbags on occasion. and use my regular leather ones all year long. I keep my handbags forever! I do love my purses as well as my shoes!

  59. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post!
    I am a middle of the road shopper, I adore Fossil. For the past 4 years, I have exclusively purchased from them. I would not spend $1,000 on a purse, no.
    I do love my shoes though, much to my husbands dismay!

    1. I just pickedup a beautiful Kate Spade purse yesterday…. Could not pass up the 60% off sale, even on clearance handbags. I LOVE shoes & purses. I would rather buy clothes on consignment or at thrift stores since styles & trends change so quickly and save my money for great classic handbags that last forever and stay in style.

  60. Love this post Cindi! I have a saver’s budget but a splurger’s wants! Truth be told the 1 time I splurged on a bag, a friend spilled food on it and it never completely came out. I’ve discovered I’m just to hard on my bags to be a splurger. Now shoes are a completely different story, I can’t seem to resist a new pair of whatever. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your blog! Hope your day was filled with blessings!

  61. I loved this post!! Love love love my designer handbags, however the funds aren’t what they used to be, so I will be picking up a few colorful bags for summer. I love seeing them beside the designer bags.
    Question: Have you done or could you do a post regarding what to wear to a job interview? Skirt vs pants?? Hose?? No hose?? especially with it being Feb. Open toe? Closed toe? Heel? Wedge? Accessories??
    This could be helpful to many who are changing careers or jobs. Thanks!!

  62. And – these are not even the expensive bags. . . Thinking of Hermes which start at around 10,000.00 and go wards to 100,000.00
    There are many brands between there!
    I have discovered a few online 2nd hand sites, I am not too proud to purchase and carry a pre-loved bag. And – when I tire of it, I ship it back and get 50% of my selling price. Its no longer shameful to purchase and wear/use items that had a prior owner.
    Let me back up here . . . I grew up dirt poor and our Granny bought us items at the Good Will. Not a good experience at school.
    For years I refused to ever have anything that was not brand new. With time, I got past that and realized my absurd pride was only hurting my wallet.
    Some of the sites have new with tags, or what looks to be brand new and just never used.

  63. I’m with you I love a good shoe. I can pretty much justify the cost of a great shoe especially if a score a sale! I do have some great bags but I’ve never spent over $200 dollars I guess that’s my limit and I’ve been known to buy a great previously owned bags too!

  64. I not fond of leather handbags. I find them heavy. I’m happy with faux leather bags, and I even like some nylon bags. This isn’t a splurge category for me.

    I bought the Nordstrom saddle handbag you recently featured. I love it! I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it, and it’s a great value for the price.

  65. Great post! I’m a Coach Girl…I love their purses and shoes. I also have several Vera Bradley, Guess, Nine West, and Ralph Lauren. My most expensive purse is a $600 Coach purse I bought at Nordstrom for $300 (was given a $250 gift card). I would never personally pay more than $200 for a purse and it would be for a gift, like Christmas or a birthday. I looooove looking for purses at TJ Maxx, Marshal’s and Ross.

  66. Love this post! I’m more of a shoe person myself, but I do love a nice handbag. I only buy a handbag when Dillard’s has their trade in event in the Spring and the Fall. At the same time, they do wallet and watch trade in too. They then donate the traded in items to a charity that gives them to women in need. I can’t remember the charity but it is a good cause.

  67. For myself, it depends on the quality of the leather. Some of the cheaper handbags are rock-hard and feel/look cheap. Your comparison shows that you can purchase less expensive handbags that look comparable to the $1,000+ handbags. I probably wouldn’t make the jump from a $25 bag to a $1,850 bag, but instead would find something in between. Typically around $300-500 when I am going to splurge.

    I see you have the spring shoes comparison done, time to go check that out!