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Spring Shoes – Save vs. Splurge

Spring Shoes - Save vs. SplurgeToday is another Save vs. Splurge post and it’s on spring shoes! I couldn’t wait to do this post because as I have mentioned, I love shoes.

It was fun to look online and see all the different styles. I picked these styles mainly because I am seeing them everywhere.

I follow quite a few style bloggers on Instagram and these styles keep popping up. The nude and tan color flats, heels, wedges, mules are by far what I’m seeing the most.

Okay, let’s get started!

Spring Shoes - Save vs. Splurge

Top To Bottom

1. Old Navy Mules ($32) vs. Tori Burch Mules ($350) 2. Chinese Laundry Lace Up Flats ($60) vs. Stuart Weitzman Lace Up Flats ($328) 3. Ivanka Trump leopard flat ($99) vs. Shoes of Prey leopard flat ($239) 4. Sole Society Pump ($79) vs. Manolo Blahnik Pump ($745) 5. Michael Antonio Wedge ($59) vs. Stuart Weitzman Wedge ($445)

I wore the Michael Antonio Wedge in my post on Friday.

Here are a few more Save vs. Splurge shoes.

Spring Shoes - Save vs. SplurgeTop To Bottom

1. Halogen T Strap Pump ($99.95) vs. Valentino T Strap Pump ($995) 2. Marc Fisher Wedge Sandals ($89) vs. Stuart Weitzman Wedge Sandal ($445) 3. Marnie Gold Flat ($29 get $10 off with Spivey522 ) vs.  J Crew Gold Flat ($158)

Some of the Save shoes were a little more than I wanted them to be, but I struggled to find cheaper ones. Of course compared to the Splurge ones they are a good price.

What do you think of these spring styles? I will be showing some of the Save ones starting March 1st in my spring series.

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Beauty For the Heart~~Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. -Corrie Ten Boom Psalm 31:14 says, But I trusted in you, O LORD: I said, You are my God. 

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

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  1. I Love Shoes also Cyndi :-)…..I lean more towards the “Save” when I’m buying shoes. Thank you for all you do when preparing g these posts…..I really enjoy each and every one of them. You are the cutest

    God is so good,

  2. Love this post. I have recently been buying up shoes like crazy. It seems as though I was in a rut with shoes. I didn’t have anything trendy. So I decided to update my shoe wardrobe because my outfits are pretty basic for summer and this would give the outfits a new life. I love the styles you have chose. The lace-up flats are definitely on my list to get. Also, the Michael Antonio wedge, (so cute on you) but it is out of stock right now. I go for the save category because I also love shoes, but sometimes I don’t even wear them out before they look out of style. It seems like styles change so quickly now.

  3. So many shoes and only two feet to wear them on!
    I am liking the ankle tie trend, but am hearing the fake version (meaning you do not have to wrap and tie) is the better way to go. Otherwise the thin laces – often leather – or fake leather, will work loose Also if you have any issues with veins the “fake” tie is better for you. My UPS guy will be by later today with the Ivanca Trump version, which are “fake”, and sold at Nordstrom I am sure there are other stores that sell them.

  4. Oh how I love shoes too! Thanks for rounding up some budget friendly options! I’ll tell you, I’m totally on the lace up flats trend and I’m really loving the studded t strap flats too. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the passage. I can’t remember when I bought spring shoes. Maybe I will try this spring. Thanks again. Bless you.

  6. Lucky you having an office full of clothes and shoes. I agree with a previous lady, I wish that there were some nice shoes with just a small wedge. At 5ft 2ins in too small in flats!
    I think that your weather must be similar to here in Spain. It is sunny and warm at the moment, don’t know how long it will last. Funny month February.
    Looking forward to 1st March.

  7. I’m definitely a saver and actually, out of the eight pairs shown, I like five on the “save” list better than the more expensive options!

  8. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Love the post and looking forward to March 1st. Love these shoes… you always have such good taste….Blessing

  9. Thanks fun to see
    Still love my leopard flats and cream flats from target!
    Thanks to your advice last year!
    Would also love low navy wedge!
    Prayers off to bible study!

  10. Thanks for sharing this, I love shoes and purses and definitely need to save in that area! I’m online right now trying to find a specific 2″ wedge, I dream things up and then try to find a matching shoe, lol. Have a great day! Does anyone else do this? BTW your website is running so much better now, before I could hardly get it to work some days.

      1. It’s working perfectly for e now, as well. I almost gave of visiting you because it was so frustrating, ot just slow-loading, but crashing my computer. Thanks for the effort.

  11. Hate to be the party pooper but God didn’t design our feet to fit into those pointy toe shoes or to walk at those inclines. I learned the hard way. Now..I’m lucky to just find a pair of shoes I can walk in without terrible pain and my toes have bumps and knots on them. Take care of your feet girls. It can make a huge difference in your future! (And I’m no where near being an OLD lady…I just hope my feet hang in there!)

    1. Amen, Joyce! Sometimes even taking care of them doesn’t help; genetics hands some of us a short straw. My mother has terrible feet, and I seem to have inherited them. Bunions make wearing shoes very problematic. No heels for me. 🙁

    2. Joyce, my feet are not in horrible shape, but I totally agree with your comments. I have high arches, paper thin feet, and very weak ankles, so most of the ‘in style’ shoes do not find a home in my closet.

  12. Cyndi, You have such a great sense of style, and I love reading/viewing your posts. I think you should enter the Redbook magazine’s cover contest for style awards. If you’re interested, go to redbookmag.com/bestdressed to read about the contest.

  13. I was so glad to read that mules were coming back in style this spring. I found the cutest pair at Payless that found their home in my closet. I’m so excited for warmer temps so I can start wearing them!

  14. HI Cyndi.
    OMGoodness, I would never pay out that much money for a pair of shoes on the “splurge” side… I love shoes though, and love a good bargain. I can’t wait for your Spring fashions! My daughter is going to a weekend camp retreat in April, so we are busy buying her some Spring clothes/ shoes too. Have a great week!

  15. PS. I bought those cute black boots with the gold zipper(online) that you styled this past Jan. and I love them! I’m equally excited to see how you style your spring shoes!

  16. Well, Cyndi, I like seeing what is fashionable, but like Joyce, my feet require special attention. I do wish more of the shoe companies made shoes that give us good support, don’t squish our toes, or make us walk like we’re in toe shoes. I have paper thin feet, high arches, and weak ankles, so all of that plays a part in the shoes I can wear. I have had to pay over $200 for a pair of shoes, but it’s because of how they’re made and the support they provide.

    I can’t wait to see the clothes that you and Jo-Lynne share for Spring!

    Have a blessed day!

  17. I like to save but that being said I have to have comfort in shoes. Splurge to me is $100 though and not $500. I got some Pay Less pumps about a year ago and they are very comfortable so was fortunate there. Sales are a good way to splurge and save. 🙂

  18. I see a lot of adverts for Sole Society, and I see that you’ve featured them, here. Are you a fan? I’ve never ordered from them, but the shoes look so cute!

  19. Hello – I love all of these, but I too, have to wear “sensible” shoes. I ordered the Michael Antonio wedges and LOVE how they look but I am not sure if I can wear them (by the way, Zappos.com still has these in tan if anyone else wants to order them). I looked through your posts from last summer and loved the sandals with the lower wedges and would love to find some of those for this summer! Your blog is my favorite blog and the only one I read on a daily basis. Thanks for working so hard on fashion and continuing to point us to Christ! Enjoy the Kentucky sunshine today!

  20. Funny I was just pinning some mules and trying to find something in a 2 inch heel or wedge which is the most comfortable heel for me to wear all day. Love the leopard flats! they are on my list as well as the Sam Edelman Gigi sandal in leopard I’m determined to get them this year – holding out for a sale though!

  21. Hi Cyndi, like everyone else, I would love to see some shoes that are cute AND feel great. I’m just so done with shoes that hurt my feet, need weeks to be “broken in”, etc. I also recently asked Alison to consider showing some shoes that real women can wear. Kitten heels, flats that have some hidden support, etc. I love all of these looks, and would pay $300 if they felt amazing.

  22. I love these styles! I have to buy comfortable shoes. I need the support, and the cheap ones always hurt my feet! I like Born shoes. I have heard Tieks are amazing..but I am still not ready to bite that $300 bullet.

  23. I love all of the shoes on your post. I too, am really wanting the lace up style. The metallic flats are also on my radar. I bought a couple pair of booties from Payless, after you styled some boots from Payless. I was so pleased by the comfort, and style from this shoe store. I love the high end brands, but my budget often doesn’t allow for many. I appreciate how you post and style shoes for different budgets. As a show lover, it’s so helpful to find shoes at a variety of price points.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  24. I love all of these shoes! But with a bad back and plantar fasciitis, I can’t wear any of them. 😟 Such a drag! I wish they made pretty shoes like these with support.

    I do splurge on shoes, (it’s relative $$), I often choose Born for their support, comfort, and beauty. And of course, Dansko.

    Great post!

  25. I am loving many of these shoes! Uh oh…ha…the Ivanka leopard flats and the gold flats, Sole Society, and the Marc Fisher wedge sandals! I appreciate the time you take to search for these “save” shoes so that we are able to afford them! Personally, many of the “save” shoes look better than the “splurge”! I can’t wait to see your and Jo-lynne’s spring fashion ideas! How surprising your Beauty for the Heart quote is from Corrie ten Boom. Just today, I received an email about her Holocaust story is the inspiration for an upcoming ballet performance to be held at The Center for Rural Development.

  26. These are some great compromises but baby! those high end ones just have “the look”, don’t they? But alas I am too practical and could NEVER even THINK about buying a pair of shoes for $700, OR 900.! $ 158 would be a splurge for me and I’d want to keep them forever. Great suggestions! Thanks for doing all the work finding them and sharing!