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Spring/Summer Handbag Trends for 2024 | Timeless Fashion Finds

Hey ladies, today I want to share some of my favorite handbag trends for the upcoming spring/summer season in 2024! One of the trends for spring/summer is styling woven and natural materials, not just for handbags but for all accessories. From earrings and sandals to shoes and handbags, showcasing more natural straw designs is a must-have for the fashion-forward.

One of my favorite things about entering the warmer months is dressing in more coastal-chic outfits. If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out my previous blog post, Coastal Chic Style for Spring/Summer.

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Tote Bag | Straw Handbag | Shoulder Bag | Natural Bag | Envelop Clutch | Elegant Purse | Bucket Bag

Women’s Spring Handbags

spring/summer handbag trends 2024, neutral tote bag, women's tote bag from kohls

1. Tote Handbag

Top handle tote bags are here for the spring, and we will continue seeing them throughout the year. If you’re looking for a new handbag to elevate your workwear style, this neutral tote bag from Kohl’s is perfect!

spring/summer handbag trends 2024, tote bag from kohls

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spring/summer handbag trends 2024, woven handbag, straw woven bag from Amazon

2. Straw Handbag

I love this new spring/summer trend! The straw handbag is the perfect accessory for your coastal look and will easily add tons of dimension to any look. It’s the perfect vacation bag and we will be seeing this trend throughout spring and summer.

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spring/summer handbag trends 20224, shoulder bag, nude simple statement bag from Amazon

3. Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag has always been a favorite, but this season, we will be seeing it in a more feminine and dainty style, and I couldn’t be more excited! Similar to the fall, this handbag will be more clean-cut and wide but with small touches of feminine elegance.

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spring/summer handbag trends 2024, natural handbag, natural woven shoulder tote bag from Amazon

4. Natural Material Bag

A warm-whether classic that will be and already is everywhere this season is the natural fiber handbag. These embody spring/summer trends perfectly and come in many different colors and styles.

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spring/summer handbag trends 2024, envelop clutch, envelop crossbody from Amazon

5. Envelope Clutch

Typically, we see clutches as more of an evening event accessory, but not this year! If you’re meeting friends for brunch or going on a lunch date, the envelope clutch is small and compact and the perfect addition to any look. It’s a classic handbag that’s versatile and perfect for daytime and nighttime looks!

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spring/summer handbag trends 2024, elegant clutch, elegant statement purse from Amazon

6. Elegant Statement Purse

I love finding and styling elegant, feminine pieces, and this marble statement bag from Amazon is exactly that. Another example is this crossbody that’s elevated and includes natural fibers – two trends in one.

This one is currently sold out, but I’ve included several options below!

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spring/summer handbag trends, bucket bag, woven bucket bag from Nordstrom

7. Bucket Bag

Lastly, the bucket bag. As I stated before, the bucket bag trend was introduced in the fall, but for the spring/summer, we will be seeing it in a more natural light. With natural fibers and woven designs, this is the perfect accessory for any coastal look. I love this mini woven one from Nordstrom – it’s small enough to grab and go as well as right on trend!

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